1. wack

    Anyone know anything about Mercedes CDI engines and 4Matic gearboxes

    Bought a Cat C 2015 220CDi 4Matic a year ago,it was a cat C because the previous owner seized the engine up at 2900 miles so the engine was replaced by a specialist, it had to go to Mercedes to have all the software replaced and updated , it's been fine up until now,i've put 5000 miles on it...
  2. raigraphixs

    Mortal Engines (14 December 2018)

    Universal will release Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh’s latest production on Dec. 14, 2018 (US). Jackson and Walsh have been developing an adaptation of the 2001 Philip Reeve Scholastic book series for quite some time with their VFX protege. Mortal Engines is set in the future where Earth’s...
  3. xrtc

    Home Automation Engines

    Hello World, I am doing research in the context of Home Automation, to be more specific in the existing automation engines. Any kind of engines either standalone or parts of home automation systems are my research goal. I want to experiment with them, shortly if possible, so an important...
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