1. G

    Monitor Audio Gold 200 vs Acoustic Energy AE509

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to listen to any of them. I don't think the Monitor Audio Gold 200 needs to be introduced. Not many people know about Acoustic Energy AE509. This is a pretty good speaker in principle, received very good reviews, not bad to read about it, it is rated good...
  2. S

    Sub £400 TV that has best energy rating & is cheapest to run?

    Or could be a second hand one for sub £400 I am worried about future electric bills with the price hikes and have the tv on quite a lot. Therefore which TV will be most economical when using it? (I don't use stand-by mode, I turn it off when I am done, so no need to give stand-by measurements...
  3. Stuart Wright

    There are no cheap energy tariffs. Message from Martin Lewis about cheap energy prices

    So sticking to the capped rate is best at the moment.
  4. Helix Hifi

    Acoustic Energy

    Can someone tell me if this speakers are on the warm side of neutral? I am considering this speakers with my Marantz PM8006 amp. Considering AE in the same price class as the Oberon 5, Oberon 7. Do AE use soft dome tweeters or not. I am confused which driver technology they use. Thanks!
  5. Harkon321

    Energy Companies collapse - wait or switch?

    I believe four companies have now folded, including People's Energy who we were with. Bulb looks like it could be the nest one to fall. My account is in debit for £150 so I'm losing any money through credit. Advice is to wait until Ofgem appoint a new supplier, but my understanding is that...
  6. Harkon321

    People's Energy cease trading

    Our gas and electric bill had gone up recently, so I logged in to check latest bills. Website says that People's Energy are ceasing to trade and Ofgem will allocate a new supplier. Currently have a debit balance of £150, so presume I'll need to clear this before moving. Anyone else with them?
  7. ChrisMxt

    LG M227WDP Energy saving mode?

    Hello, I need some help turning off the Energy saving mode on a LG M227WDP. I recently bought it for the kids room but every 5 minutes or so the screen will dim significantly and then return to normal brightness. I have tried changing picture settings, changing HDMI cable & changing power...
  8. password1

    Why do Hi Fi separates not have energy efficiency ratings?

    I'm on the look out for some kitchen appliances and discovered that the energy rating scale is being changed. So I looked into it to see what the changes are. Apparently its certain appliances initially from March 2021 (such as fridges and washing machines) with a 'phased period' where products...
  9. zaparil

    Yamaha RX-V4A + Acoustic Energy Aegis EVO 1 = good choice?

    My whole life I've been listening to music and watching movies on my PC with a 25 inch monitor and midrange 2.1 speakers plugged into an onboard audio. Now I have a 55' TV and I started thinking about upgrading the sounds. I still want to use my PC as the source (force of habit). My goal is a...
  10. SaMoNe1986

    picture quality damage by " Adjustments to the EU energy regulations in 2021 have been made " for the q95t

    this " Adjustments to the EU energy regulations in 2021 have been made " has actually reduced the picture quality of my q95t , before the 1497 firmware everything looks perfect : colors , brightness , sharpness , but after the 1497 firmware , the tv looks dimmer , colors faded , the cause of...
  11. C

    How do you work out energy rating of a tv?

    I got my new LG TV last week and something is bugging me. I have go 4 stickers telling me the energy rating of the TV, 2 little ones and 2 big ones. 2 of them tell me the energy rating of the TV is A (one with union jack on, one with euro flag) and then I have 2 tell me its a G rating , again...
  12. C

    REL T7i or Acoustic Energy AE308

    Hello, I recently bought a pair of Acoustic Energy AE309, which I love. I would like to complement them with a subwoofer to have some bass extension, but in a musical way. I hesitate between the REL T7i (one front 8 inch driver and one 10 inch passive down firing speaker) and the relatively...
  13. M

    Acoustic Energy aegis evo 7.1

    Hi I have a Sony 1080 amp and above speakers with floor standing fronts and evo centre speakers it sounds good but I have to have volume loud to make centre voice speaker/ channel clear. I have used the 1080 mic to set up and also raised volume of centre speaker a little. is above normal or...
  14. Profanum

    Dynaudio Xeo 20 vs Acoustic Energy AE1 Active

    Not considering the wired/wireless and price difference, which of these speakers sound better? I own Dynaudio Xeo 2-s for last year and I love them, however I saved some to upgrade to the next level. Any other suggestions for HiFi active pair under $2000 will be appreciated, especially with...
  15. RBZ5416

    Octopus Energy

    Thought this was now worthy of it's own thread rather than tagging on the bottom of the Bulb thread. I switched from Bulb due to them playing silly buggers with DD amounts as documented in that thread. I only use electricity & Octopus came out very slightly more expensive than Bulb. But once...
  16. barnyd

    Some advice required on selling my Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 floorstanders

    Good afternoon everyone, Thanks in advance for any engagement with this thread :thumbsup: Ill try and keep it as simple and brief as i can : i am (sadly) looking to sell my Acoustic Energy Radiance 3 floorstanders. We have recently moved house and my new 'music room' is unfortunatley a lot...
  17. M

    Movers busted connector on my Energy Connoisseur C-5 speakers

    Hi all, I just moved cross-country and our movers damaged a lot of our stuff, including the wire connector on the rear of one of my Energy Connoisseur C-5 speakers. They are older speakers (2005-ish), but still excellent. Here's a description if you're unfamiliar with them: Energy Speaker...
  18. M

    How much energy do you use?

    Morning All, We got our smart meters fitted last week and have since been anal about what we’re using and when. What “standby” usage does everyone achieve? I managed 80w during the weekend, that’s with CCTV, router, switch and an access point all running. Also, surprised at how much of a...
  19. 3

    EV Energy Tariffs

    Hi We are looking to interview existing EV owners about their charging habits and their thoughts on dedicated EV energy tariffs. Each interview will typically take 45 to 60 minutes The interviews will be held on 20th and 21st May They are conducted over Google Meet There will be a quick...
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