1. kah22

    Question iPhone will only let me make emergency calls

    My friend lost her old iPhone and bought a reconditioned iPhone 6s Plus to replace it. Because she is in lockdown between having her old phone blocked, buying a new one and then getting the sim a period of time passed. The replacement sim started working a few hours ago, I was able to call her...
  2. Stuart Wright

    All road vehicles should have autonomous emergency braking

    I think all road vehicles should have autonomous emergency braking. I can't find any stats on what percentage of accidents are rear end shunts, but I think it's a lot. These would be significantly reduced with AEB systems installed. Having driven a car with an AEB system for 9 months, it's...
  3. shahedz

    Alternatives for British Gas Emergency homecare cover

    My renewal quote has gone from £198 to £240. (it cover Boiler breakdown, leaks and electrics) I am not very impressed with their experience. £65 excess each time. Used them twice this year. 1) leaking valve 2) leaking pipe- they sent one of their guys round who couldn't fix it as he didn't...
  4. snaithg

    Home Emergency and Breakdown Insurance

    The time is virtually upon us to renew our Home Emergency and Breakdown Insurance. We are currently insured by Homeserve (Through Affinity Water) and are quite happy to renew with them, but ONLY if the price is right (which it isn't at the moment). At renewal we probably want full cover for...
  5. J

    Question Emergency solution at a University

    Hello, I am trying to set up a emergency solution for the AV part of a class room. The solution should be able to be connected up within like 5min. I am not quite sure what products to use. What kind of products would yo guys recommend for the following? - Projector - Case for it and a PC - PC...
  6. J

    Emergency help.

    Hi I have a mini emergency here, I have a 400-500 budget for a 2nd hand receiver. I have a chance at either a Arcam AVR380 for 400 with a 6 hour drive to pick up, or a Yamaha RX-A3010 for 350 with a 3 hour drive to pick up. Which one is the better deal? Would the drive for the arcam be worth it...
  7. MSW

    Anybody never carry c-cards in favour of Apple Pay and Emergency cash

    Im fed up with carrying a phone and a wallet (I always carry cash in trouser pockets but hardly have any anyway). I have tried dual c-card & phone cases I.E Twelve South Book Book but never got on with them. I don't yet use Apple Pay as my phone iPhone is older type but, I am looking to buy a...
  8. L

    Question Emergency - mould on MDF - what to do?

    I'm mostly moved out of our old flat, today came time to move the TJL 3W's. And... horror. Mould inside the bottom "plinth" area. Any recommendations on what to do to treat this problem gratefully received.
  9. C

    Question Creating An Emergency Recovery USB for an Upgraded Windows 8 to 10 Laptop

    We have 2 laptops both of which came with Windows 8 and both of which have been upgraded to Windows 10. One is a Dell and the other a Lenovo. Both came with lots of crapware. The first thing that we did when we got them was to create a Recovery USB, as recommended by the manufacturer, for each...
  10. The Dark Horse

    Emergency button on iPhone

    I thought I'd share this for all you iPhone users, it might come in handy if your in an emergency or even if you lose your phone. How to create an emergency ID contact on your iPhone that can be accessed when the device is locked
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