1. B

    Prolonged email notification

    Hello, I'm looking for a tablet that will be used in a restaurant to receive orders via email. I need a tablet that offers the following : - Tablet that can be set to never sleep - Pop up notification when emails are received - Prolonged and loud chime notification, ideally the chime would...
  2. Harkon321

    Unifi AP - Disconnecting email notification

    Over the last couple of days I’ve set up a second Unifi AP. It was far from straight forward, issues with disconnecting and then going in to isolation mode. I’m not convinced the cable to the upstairs AP is 100% as plugging with a patch cable straight in to the switch resolved the initial...
  3. B

    Question Outlook - BT EMAIL Settings HELP. Outlook not working

    Hi , just wondering if someone can help me. BT Email recently updated their email settings but now I am having trouble using Outlook for my BT account ( email address. What's strange is that the account works fine on the Windows Mail App but not on Microsoft Outlook. I followed the...
  4. Dony

    Changing internet providers - email address

    I've been with BT for over 20 yrs but due to poor value for money on all their services (broadband, phone, BT sport and a BT mobile) I've decided to close my account and try a new approach. The only issue I have with cancelling is losing our various email address' which I've had for years now...
  5. Bacus

    Question Changes to Virgin package email ??

    So I got an email today of VM saying my package has been changed. But I haven't contacted them to alter anything on my package from them. Here is part of the email I received today. Has anybody else received something like this ?? Thanks for making those changes to your Virgin Media package...
  6. broona

    Question Can't log in to my Sky/Yahoo email?

    I haven't been with sky for a while, but I've kept using their email as it's a nice short and simple email address to remember. It's worked fine until the weekend, when I got the following message :- 'Account problem We apologise for the inconvenience, but we have encountered a problem with...
  7. Athalwolf

    iPhone 6s email push option gone.

    My company email for years would Push to my phone but now it does not. If I go to Passwords & Accounts/Fetch New Data (set to Push) I see my company email and my options are Fetch or Manual. I used to have a Push option there as well. It is not only the company email account but also a personal...
  8. andrewt9763

    Strange email supposedly from my sisters email address

    Email with my sisters email but not her,appears it’s come from Anyone any idea on what the scam maybe? Cheers
  9. logiciel

    Sky CEO email address

    Any got the current one?
  10. J

    iPhone order by newest email

    How do I make my new iPhone 11 pro keep a setting to always show the newest e mail first. Never had the problem on my old iPhone 8. I have gone into settings/mail and under threading only have "most recent message on Top" turned on, but every day or so it seems to drop them down toward the...
  11. U

    Lost email account on iPad

    I've a company iPad, which I use to access my work email account. Couple of weeks back, my iPad do a software update, after which I could send or receive emails. My IT department, I have to do a reset on the iPad, which will mean loosing all my data/pics stored on it. Does this sound right? I...
  12. sykotik

    Origin Access ( scam email? , but showing up on my account )

    Bit of a strange one this , got an email today , saying that i " You've redeemed an Origin Access Membership Code" the email address is from " Origin <[email protected]> " Hi sykotikman, Thank you for redeeming your Origin Access subscription code. For recurring members, your reoccurring...
  13. Getgaff

    Gumtree messages - buyer wants my personal email address

    I have a potential buyer for an item listed on Gumtree but they’re insisting I give my personal email address rather than communicate via the Gumtree messaging system. Something doesn’t feel right but I can’t figure out what the scam (if any) is. Needless to say I’ve not out given any personal...
  14. Clem_Dye

    Question Decent provider for email hosting?

    I've had two domains managed by ClaraNet for some years now, but recently, they've suffered two major service outages (the second is on-going as I type this). I've had no access to emails for some time now, and typically, I've been waiting for something urgent which has probably been bounced...
  15. Bob Hawkins

    Unable to edit "Delete from server" in Samsung Email app

    I have a Galaxy Tab A running Oreo 8.1. I wish to check or change the option selected in "Delete from server" but cannot find a way to access it in the Samsung Email app. Going to Settings>Cloud and accounts>Accounts and tapping Email shows the email account, "Sync account" and a tab, "REMOVE...
  16. P

    Cant Access Email Account

    Ive been using Hotmail acc. for years, for some reason its asking me to sign in name and password which I cant find as its been years since since I had to. I have lots of important stuff archived. If I create a new account will I still be able to access all the old account. I'm in a state of...
  17. D

    Answered Creating another email account with EE

    Hi all, My Parents have changed there ISP from virgin to EE, when they did this my mum used her Gmail email address for the account. But now my mum and dad both want EE email accounts setting up. How do I do this? I have been through there website a few times and I can not find a way to do this...
  18. dUnKle

    Question Windows 10 email

    Hi Ive just started using the inbuilt Windows 10 email program rather than the web mail page for my provider (1&1) It downloads emails fine, however (and im guessing this is a setting issue) If I delete an email, say on my ipad, it still remains within the Windows 10 program and also, none...
  19. C

    Office 365 for Business Email Question

    Ok troops, After migrating the bulk of my company emails (users) to Office 365 for Business I now have an issue with adding non-user emails without the need to assign the email a license at £9.40 each. While I am happy to pay for people to access the service I would feel a bit hard-done-by if...
  20. T

    Question Telephone that sends voicemail by email

    Can anyone please recommend an analogue, wired or DECT, telephone with an answering machine that is Wifi enabled and can send a voicemail message or notification by email?
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