1. W

    Anonymous email accounts ?

    I want to send 4/5 emails to a business contact in the US who I think has told me their company can do work they really can't do, I want to ask them as a fake customer what they can actually do. I'm in the UK on a mobile internet connection and so the emails must look like they are from the US...
  2. P

    Can you use the nest hub to send and receive email

    Can the Google nest hub send or receive email, either natively or through an app so that it has an alert when a new email is received? Not just through a Web browser.
  3. M

    IMAP Email Error - How can I get rid of it?

    I constantly get the error message "Your IMAP server has closed the connection". Until I click on it I can't use my email client (Microsoft Outlook). What I've done so far: Open Outlook. From the Tools menu, I select "Email Accounts". I select the email account that I want and click...
  4. -gonzo-

    Hide My Email

    A bit of a weird one, just had a look under Hide My Email and see I’ve got two assigned before I’d even installed iOS 15. One being Reddit saying it was created 22 April 2021 and the other being Vue created 24 June 2021. Anyone else seeing similar as I can’t work out how those dates are even...
  5. M

    How much space does email take up on my hard drive?

    I'm doing some housekeeping and trying to manage how much space is taken up storing email on my hard drive. My ISP has recently sent me an email telling me that I need to reduce the amount I have on their server (I have an IMAP account). They tell me that I have 1.3Gb on their server. If I go...
  6. M

    What's the best way to archive email?

    My ISP, as for many others, limits my storage on their servers. I have opted for an IMAP account as I like to use several devices to access email and I value the single storage space concept. However, my ISP will remove ("archive") my email from my webmail once it gets over a certain size...
  7. S

    Do I need Outlook to access my Hotmail email?

    After about 10 years, I need to buy a new laptop. I've done this. I also need to purchase Office to put on it. I only use Word and Teams and to be able to access my email which is hotmail (outlook). Do I need to buy the Office package that includes Outlook? This is more expensive than just...
  8. Kronenguy1664

    An email from Currys (a first timer)

    I went into my usual branch of Curry's the other day to get a new lapto (which I pick up next week). They'd phone/email me to say when I can pick it up but I got an email telling me Hello. Good buy. Thank you for your purchase. What does this mean?
  9. plinky

    Rolec Wallpod email address

    Hi I moved into a new build a year ago that has an external rolec wallpod fitted. I’m looking at getting an electric car so been trying to get the rolec working. The light flashes blue on the unit so that appears fine but when trying to register with the app it says it can’t find...
  10. B

    Best friends wedding Friday and just had isolate for 10 days email, anything we can do?

    Its one of my best friends wedding Friday and its been delayed 18 months due to covid, anyhow finally going ahead this Friday but today we got the dreaded text me and the wife saying we have to self isolate for ten days after coming into contact with someone Saturday who has Covid. Is there...
  11. M

    Email confusion! How to get my email to my laptop?

    .....OK so this is what I'm trying to do and what I've got set up: I'm trying to get my email to arrive on my laptop, as it does on my desk PC and my phone. For years I've just dealt with email on my PC using MS Outlook and then when I got my Andriod phone, I managed to get it to receive...
  12. D

    Synch web-based email with Thunderbird email "client"?

    Would very much appreciate advice before I spend a lot of time looking into this further and attempting to set it up. I use a web-based email system, GMX, with which I'm blissfully happy. However, I read of instances where users have had their GMX email accounts suddenly and inexplicably...
  13. C

    Scam email address

    Folks needs some advice or help, I had an item for sale on Gumtree , and i got a text message asking if it was still available but they said please reply to this via email and stupidly I did , not sure what to do now as my surname is in my email address. I now know it was a scam email address ...
  14. Scott28

    Office 365 / Outlook Email Signature

    Computer geniuses of Av Forums, Hoping that someone amongst us can help with my problem. I have a business email that I host through GoDaddy - Office 365, long story short i want to add a signature that will persist across all devices and online O365, firstly is this possible and secondly...
  15. R

    Junk email issues

    I don’t seem to be able to stop legitimate mail going into junk, I’d even go to the extreme of getting rid of the junk folder totally but there seems no way of doing either ... anyone help please ?
  16. JonnyTester

    Question Android email client for filtering alerts?

    Is there an android email client which can alert me only when emails have been received from certain email accounts
  17. B

    Currys - contact email address

    Hi does anyone know of a curry's contact email address. i ordered an item and its still not arrived after two weeks. struggling to get in touch with them. any ideas?
  18. D

    ZOOM email meeting invitations?

    Would appreciate advice/suggestions on the subject of sending Zoom meeting invitations. Several times, I've organised/scheduled a Zoom meeting and sent email invitations using the text provided by the Zoom email invitation system but when the participants receive the email, the provided link to...
  19. L

    Problem with email on my phone

    I have a Samsung J3 Phone which I have had for about four years and it has been fine but there is a problem with the emails as I have stopped getting them and am also unable to send any.I looked up the problem on Google and something about Sync was mentioned but I did not seem to have the...
  20. S

    Unable to connect to imap server in Thunderbird after new installation on another laptop

    Maybe I've got this wrong, (I've little computing expertise) but I've installed Thunderbird on my new (to me!) laptop, and having configured it apparently correctly, the connection to the imap server times out after 100 seconds or so. I've installed Windows 7 (at my own risk!), Firefox and...
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