1. D

    Question Just got Eltax Atmos speakers now to get Atmos sound

    Hi recently acquired some Eltax atm to dip my toe in the atmos world, i went through Audessy set up on my denon xv2400 and set the speakers as front atmos and adjusted crossovers and volume as per advice of these forums. i then downloaded some atmos test files from the digital theatre website...
  2. B

    Eltax Monitor Atmos Speakers - ceiling mount?

    Hi, I've been looking for some ceiling mountable Dolby Atmos speakers and bought some Eltax Monitor ATMs as they say wall mountable on the description. However, they don't have any fittings to mount them to the wall (or ceiling). Any suggestions for how I could mount them or is it back to the...
  3. Doodlethepoodle

    Question Upgrading Eltax Liberty 5+ floorstanders

    Got the HiFi bug... Got a Tannoy EFX 5.1 system with small satellite speakers and a 100w sub. Where I live in North of Scotland there is no places inside 100 miles to demo any speakers and secondary, I'm wanting to buy used anyway as this is not my main hobby. The Eltax Liberty 5+ have a...
  4. worcesternaf

    My 2020 Lockdown Garage Cinema

    Hi guys/gals. During lockdown i converted my single garage to a dedicated room. I Have a build thread in my sig. Thought it would be cool to show it off in here also. Its a 7.2.4 Atmos setup in a 2.4wide x 2.3high x 4.9long. Its not 100% finished but getting there. Have plans for future upgrades...
  5. B

    Eltax galaxy speakers

    I have just bought a little kenwood stereo a kenwood UD 500 its amp rating is 30w +30w is it ok to connect to my eltax speakers there 8ohms same as amp and will the stereo be OK if i whack it up
  6. shoestring25

    Question whats the difference between an eltax atomic 10.2, A10 and a 10 inch eltax sub

    right ive seen three eltax subs ones an eltax atomic A10 ones an atomic 10.2 and ones not atomic its a a 10 inch eltax sub whats the difference?
  7. J

    Question Eltax Chroma speakers

    Hi everyone I’m currently using Cambridge audio Minx 11 speakers for my 5.1 setup with a x201 subwoofer and some Eltax upfiring atmos speakers. I’ve just seen someone offering a set of Eltax chroma speakers. 2 floor standing. 1 centre and 2 bipolar surrounds for £50. I don’t know a lot about...
  8. J

    Question Eltax Atmos speaker placement

    Hi everyone. Just scored a pair of Eltax Monitor ATM For £60. I had planned on adding some front height speakers but ultimately decided against it. Since these were so cheap I didn’t think twice. My living room is small that’s why I use (and am still really happy with) 5 Cambridge audio Minx...
  9. Misguided

    Question Eltax Monitor 3

    A mate of mine is selling his Eltax Monitor 3s, he bought them about 15 years ago on my advice, I used to own a pairing really loved them. I’m thinking about taking them off his hands but don’t really know what price, he doesn’t either and he’s a good mate so I want to give him a fair price. Any...
  10. M

    Question Active subwoofer on system with no line out.

    I have an Eltax 16029 active subwoofer that I have previously used on a system with a dedicated sub/pre output. My current receiver is an Onkyo HT390, which doesn’t have a line out, just speaker terminals, including ones for the sub, which is currently attached to the passive sub it came with...
  11. D

    Mission 780se/ Eltax III

    Currently have a pair of Mission 780se speakers that I use to listen to vinyl and CD. I do like the speakers quite a lot!! However, someone I know is selling some as new Eltax III's. Will the newer Eltax III sound better than my old Missions? Am I better off keeping the missions?
  12. Donnacha

    Question Wharfedale DFS vs Eltax HT for Bipole Surrounds?

    Hi was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Wharfedale DFS (specifically 18) vs. the Eltax HT2 as bipoles for rear wall surrounds? I want to try out some bipoles and I can get either pretty cheap, but didn't know if one was better than the other (I'm guessing the Wharfedales have a...
  13. Linkadventurer

    Question Eltax Liberty 712 Subwoofer makes Loud booming pop sound when going onto standby

    Hi everyone :) I have recently purchased an old Eltax liberty 712 subwoofer. ever since I have plugged it in, Every time the subwoofer goes to standby from I get a very loud booming pop and it makes me jump through the ceiling every time. I know this can't be good for the subwoofer... Or my...
  14. JonnyTester

    Question Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos Speakers

    Do any of you own, or have heard, the Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos speakers? I just spotted them on their website and they look pretty good. Certainly an improvement on the boxy Onkyo Atmos speakers. But there doesn't appear to be any UK distribution for them, as far as I can tell.
  15. baffalop

    Crossover for Eltax Symphony 6.2

    My friend recently gave me a pair of Eltax Symphony 6.2 floor speakers - unfortunately he couldn't find the crossover to go with them. So I'm trying to find something I can use to get them up and running, but I can't find any information on the crossover frequency or any other parameters. Is...
  16. P

    Question Speaker upgrade...Q Acoustics 3020 or 3050 or Cambridge Audio SX80 speaker upgrade

    Hi I am looking to change my current speakers and could just do with some advice. Ok my current set up is: Cambridge Audio Azur 640 amp Cambridge Audio Azur 640c V2 Cd player Eltax Liberty 5+ Speakers (in beech) I am more than happy with the Amp and CD player, so I am just looking to...
  17. S

    Recommend amp for my Eltax X-treme 400 speakers

    Hi, I have bought some Eltax X-treme 400 speakers for £30. Specs are: Music Power: 400 watts Sinus Power: 200 watts Impedance: 4-8 ohms Freq response: 35-20.000 Hz I understand that there quite powerful and I want to an amp to give them a good match but I don't think I really want a nightclub...
  18. Christian75

    Amp and speaker combination query

    Hi I am a new member and would really appreciate some advice. I have 2 amps and 2 sets of speakers and I'm struggling at the moment and need to sell and amp and speakers but don't have any time to listen to them. I have and Arcam Alpha 3 amp, a Cyrus Straight line amp, b&w dm100 speakers I'm...
  19. L

    Eltax Speaker - need tweeter

    Can anyone help please? I have Eltax 180 Speakers that I have used quite rarely but the tweeter on one of the speakers is definitely not working properly. Having unscrewed the unit there appears to be no damage. The centre cone is also undamaged. The Eltax website states they no longer stock...
  20. S

    Question Upgrade from 5.0 Eltax Monitor III's - Sub or replacement?

    Currently running a 5.0 setup, with 3 Eltax Monitor III's up front and two Bose 2.2 Series ii as rears. My AV receiver is a Denon AVR-X2000, my room is 4.5x3.3m, 110in screen (Benq W1070) 4.3m from seating position. Almost exclusively used for AV, very occasional music use. I've been relatively...
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