1. M

    Harmony Elite Home Automation Buttons

    Hi all, seems like a simple problem, but can't find a way of doing it. The light/socket buttons are set so Press is on, Long press is off. How can I swap these commands round. I can't see a way of editing them on Windows software or mobile app. I want to long press on, short press off. Thanks...
  2. dUnKle

    Question Harmony Elite - Changing Order and Delays

    I have had Harmony remotes for years (at least over 10) so im guessing my question is possibly me just being dumb and missing something thats changed as swear it used to be simple How can I (a) change order in which devices are switched on / off (b) change order inputs are changed and (c)...
  3. RobTi

    Question Faulty ultimate replacing with elite help

    hi all, so my ultimate and hub are no more and are getting replaced with an elite ( from manufacturer)is there anything good or bad I should know while sitting waiting for possibly a few weeks delivery at this time of year
  4. Tase

    Question Harmony Elite and Echo dot

    Hi guys, Bought an echo dot today to go with the remote but after initially working I now cannot get Alexa to change channels at all. All she keeps saying is “i could not find any enabled video skills”. Not sure why I need video skills? I have the Harmony blue skill all set up and the remote...
  5. W

    Question Harmony Elite - no channel numbers

    I received my new Harmony Elite yesterday and had everything set up and basically working. A notification told me it needed a software update so I returned it to the stand, but since then I cannot see any channel numbers whilst in the Watch TV activity. I can swipe to the page where they should...
  6. A

    Harmony Elite Apple TV skip tracks on Airplay

    Apologies for the specific set of criteria! When I Airplay music to Apple TV (4th gen) from my phone, I can use the siri remote or remote on my phone to skip tracks backwards and forwards. However, I can't for the life of me work out which command facilitates this in the Harmony commands. I've...
  7. J

    Question Need to replace Pioneer Elite SC-05

    My Pioneer Elite SC-05 is beginning to show its age and needs replacement. I don’t know what to do. Specifically: I use my receiver mostly for movies I care more about sound than the latest tech. Tech ages quickly; a good amp does not I always loved the warm sound of the Class D amps, but now...
  8. thatone

    Question Newbie alert, Google Home Mini and Harmony Elite.

    Just dipped my toe in the world of home automation with the above purchases. Picking up the Google Home Mini tomorrow, and the Harmony will be with me, middle of next week. I have a smart tv in the lounge, and a standard in the bedroom, both Pany's and the bedroom one will have a newer...
  9. T

    Logitech elite with the homehub £139.00

    Enjoy I've got mine coming :-) https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B014GXQOJ2/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. DemonAV

    Question Any Harmony Elite compatible HDMI switchers about?

    Hi guys. As above really. Looking for a HDMI switcher that I can program into my Harmony Elite as part of a Harmony routine. So when I activate turn on TV or turn on NowTV the Harmony hub/remote will turn the switcher onto its correct input. TV & NowTV will be sharing the same HDMI input on my...
  11. C

    Pioneer Elite Receiver SCLX502 - General Questions

    Hello everyone, I am new to the avforums and have a quick question about the Pioneer Elite Receiver SCLX502. I picked this receiver since it has the majority of the current features and it has little more watts per channel. Plus my price range for a receiver is around $1,000. Listed below is...
  12. NorvernRob

    Problems setting up Harmony Elite.

    Morning all. So I’ve bought a Harmony Elite, and ready to throw it out of the window! I’ve tried to set it up via the app, but I get a message saying the remote needs an update and I need to do it via a PC. This in itself was massively annoying as I don’t have a PC! I’ve borrowed a laptop...
  13. Paul Iddon

    Review: 4K Nextbase 612GW Elite Dashcam.

    I was lucky enough to be the first person (outside of the manufacturers) in the UK to own the latest Nextbase dashcam – the 612GW and here is my review. This is a step up from my previous model (412GW) and an improvement over the 512GW – both of which offer 1440p recording (2K resolution)...
  14. walshy77

    Question Harmony Elite AVR issue

    I got the Elite at the weekend and have set everything up ok.....it works well enough EXCEPT I have to have my cabinet door open for it to operate my Denon. I have the hub inside the next cabinet ( as recommended) and the RF transmitter on top of the cabinet above the AVR..but the remote will...
  15. Sloppy Bob

    Harmony Elite and Hub help...

    As per title I have a Harmony Elite remote and Hub. It was pretty easy to setup and has worked fine since I got it. Battery ran out completely last night and was left to charge overnight. Now it just comes up with "You have to use the Harmony app to pair this device", so I do that, it tells me...
  16. Meridius

    Question Xbox One Elite Wireless & Xbox One S Controller WifI Help

    Hi all I have the old Xbox One day one edition and I have had problems with dropping controller from day one and I have owned 2 controllers in that time and both do it. I have found out the problem is due to weak wifi signal from the controller to the xbox as I have my xbox in a tv cabinet with...
  17. jonniewotsit

    Question Harmony Elite IP Control?

    Hi, Have just set up a new cinema room with sony projector and fixed screen. The projector is fed from an output on a blustream 4x4 matrix located in a loft room next door. The matrix inputs are two sky+hd digiboxes, sony blu-ray and sPro IP CCTV NVR. Also have a 7.1 NR676 onkyo amp feeding the...
  18. Naaktgeboren

    Harmomy Elite Activity Issue

    I have a Harmony Elite controlling 4 devices with 4 activities set up. Everything works very well although the initial activity of the day never seems to work properly. First thing in the morning I'll select the 'Watch TV" activity and the equipment will turn on although it never finds the...
  19. redboy1

    Question Harmony Elite not sending command

    When i press my 'use PC activity' It does not always switch the tv to hdmi 1. Always works i press HELP though!?!?!
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