1. R

    Activities start with Harmony app, but not from Elite Remote

    Hi all, I'm about to give up on my new Harmony Elite remote and hub. I've come from programming iRule and Open Remote, but thought I'd give Harmony a try... Activities work perfectly if I use the Android App, but if I try to start an Activity from the Elite remote touch screen - nothing...
  2. A

    Question Harmony Elite IP and IR issues with Sony Smart TV

    Hi Been using a Harmony Elite & hub for sometime now (long time Harmony user, 3 previous generations), but just replaced 12 year old LCD Sony TV with new Sony OLED Smart TV. Only the TV is in my lounge, all other hardware in a cupboard in another room, and all has been fine. Old TV was...
  3. Tommynsx

    Elite screen or equivalent

    Hi all. I'm trying to find out where to buy elite screens cinegray 3d materials or equilvent only. I can build a frame. I would like 180-200" diagonal .thanks
  4. Roohster

    Bargain Expired Harmony Elite £129 Amazon Prime Day

  5. B

    Harmony Elite Question

    Afternoon all, I have completed my humble wife friendly home cinema which involved going back to bare brick so I'll post up soon in the gallery section to show the transformation. However, now its completed its given me time to have a mess about with my new toys, one of which is a Harmony...
  6. AlanX

    Question How to add existing room lighting to Harmony Elite control?

    I recently acquired a Logitech Harmony Elite, and have got it set up to control my AV set-up. I'd now like to add some lighting control in the same room, either as separate Activities or included in the AV switch-on/off sequences. I can see that I can incorporate Philips Hue products. But I...
  7. scott178

    Question Harmony Elite and Alexa

    Hi Guys Looking for a bit of help just bought a harmony elite but I’m having problems with voice control via Alexa. I have favourites set up and icons on the remote. Alexa will begin activities ok and will change channel if I say the number of the channel I want, but if I ask for a specific...
  8. chrisgeary

    Updating hue scenes on harmony elite

    Anyone know how to get the harmony elite to register an updated hue scene? I've tried refreshing the hue device, re-pair, renaming the scene - so far the only thing that works is recreating the scene from scratch. There must be a better way, anyone know how?
  9. S

    Harmony Elite power outlet buttons

    i was sat last night and thought, what are the point of these buttons? then i thought, wi wonder what other people use them for? I have hue set up so the light buttons (opposite side) are brilliant and very handy
  10. S

    Harmony elite channel icons

    so when i had the harmony one, i set up the channel icons in the watch tv activity and was easy peasy. ive set it up on the elite but in the watch tv activity, they arent there, when i scroll across, i get devices menu and then a number layout google has shown me how to change the icon for the...
  11. Atomicus

    Elite Screens AcousticPro-UHD - any good?

    I've been looking at the Elite Screens acoustically transparent screen, but am uncertain if it's a good choice? Does anyone have any experience with this model? My max size will be about 100" due to my room width of 2.4m. Aeon Edge Free 16:9 frameless fixed frame projector screen I also don't...
  12. G

    Harmony Elite and LightwaveRF?

    Another long shot but is Harmony Elite capable of controlling LightwaveRF lights, switches, relays etc? At the moment I control the LWRF gear either via the app on my iPhone or via Alexa when she feels like it! :) I know it can control Philips Hue but that is a much more popular system I would...
  13. G

    Harmony Elite and LG OLED55E6V

    I have a Harmony Elite arriving tomorrow to replace a boatload of remotes (8) cluttering up my coffee table and was wondering whether there might be a discrete code to select certain functions on my LG TV that even the factory remote doesn't seem to have? Tall order/long shot I know but the way...
  14. tenohfive

    Harmony Elite and Fire TV - steps

    I've recently setup my Harmony Elite. On activity I'm trying to setup is to get it to open a specific app on my Fire TV. It all looks theoretically possible but doesn't seem to be working in practice. 3 main elements - TV (on a smart plug - it's an old thing, not CEC compatible.) AVR. Fire TV...
  15. runeasgar

    Question Looking for tips to replace a Pioneer Elite VSX-52

    .. that has served me well for many years, but yesterday it finally gave up the ghost. Looks like the HDMI output is no longer functional, and I've done a lot of troubleshooting, but it doesn't seem like it's going to recover. It's been a crazy long time since I've researched receivers, so I...
  16. Qliver

    Question Would my setup benefit from a Aeon CineGrey 3D screen?

    Hi everybody, I am about to buy my first screen, a 100" 16:9 for my Epson EW TH-6700 projector (3000 lumens). I nearly bought a "budget" screen (ESMART GERMANY MIRALE GRAU 100" 16:9) on Amazon, but before I pulled the trigger I noticed the Elite Screens Aeon and I really liked how it has no...
  17. The Dreamer

    Bargain Expired Logitech Harmony Elite - £149 Amazon DotD

    Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control, Hub and App, works with Alexa I guess £149 is the new £139?:rolleyes:
  18. Jules

    Strange Harmony Elite / Hue issue since adding companion

    I had 3 hue lights working perfectly with my Logitech Harmony Elite/Hub for ages.... with each light mapped to a separate home control button. 3 days ago I added a Harmony Companion to the hub and applied the same button mappings relating to the Hue lights. However, since then the Elite has...
  19. lmccauley

    Question How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity?

    How do I set the Input on my LG OLED65B7 to Live TV in a Logitech Harmony Elite activity? I have the following activity set up: LG TV Power On LG TV Input: TV Arcam Amp Power On Arcam Amp Input: AV However, what I am finding is that the LG TV is setting the input to the first...
  20. dasmith

    Using Harmony Elite with Sky Planner

    I’m think of getting one of these but before I do I need to know if it operates Sky HD as the Sky HD Remote does. Can it select the planner and scroll pages etc? I need it to be a simple process for me to sell it to her in doors and the kids!!
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