1. Sloppy Bob

    Issues with Harmony Elite/Hub repeating commands from the navigation button.

    Hope someone can help with this. I have the Harmony Elite and Hub, it generally works fine, had the odd thing but it's one of these devices that once you've set it up it "just works" In the last week, the navigation button and only that button has started repeating commands, to the extreme. I...
  2. B

    Question hd media elite cvop-e133 firmware update

    hi all! i was curios if anyone knows how to update firmare for cvop-e133. i know is a very old device but still.... i know i have to download the firmware on a usb stick and then to go in menu and upgrade it. how to search for a compatible firmware version ?my box is identical to what you see here
  3. M

    Harmony Elite HTTP control?

    So, If i end up purchasing a Harmony Elite, can i do some advanced features with it? Essentially i have two pieces of kit that require HTTP GET's so trigger an action. One of them is an hdanywhere matrix which has IR, however it's placed far away in a rack. It does have IR on it but i was...
  4. JPanda

    The Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens curved fixed frame screen.

    Hi, Anyone any experience with these? Lunette 2 Series is Elite Screens I thinking of one of these with Epson TH-EW9400 in a light controlled dedicated theatre room. Welcome any thoughts on this.
  5. babybearbarker

    Question Game Elite changing

    Hi all, went in to use the 50% trade in at Game as an Elite member and was told this benefit is ending after Kingdom Hearts is released. Does anyone know anything more about this and if there is a replacement to the 50% trade in? I've googled but can't find anything....
  6. IrishPete

    Question Problem Connecting Turtle Beach 800 Elite Headset to PS4 Slim

    Hi all, apologies if this has come up before. I did a quick search but couldn't find anything. So long story short I'm having difficulties connecting my 800s to my PS4 Slim. Turtle Beach include an optical cable but the PS4 does not have an optical port. I've connected the optical to the port...
  7. S

    Question New Harmony Elite - Smart Activity Qs

    I just setup my new harmony elite with hub. My devices: Hisense 55M7000 smart tv Yamaha sound bar Virgin TiVo V6 cable box Echo dot So my question is related to smart tv apps. I would like to get rid of my tv remote altogether and use one remote only. My TV remote has a dedicated netflix...
  8. crashtaylor82

    Info Needed On Official Xbox One Gift Box

    Has any one come across one of this gift box. It is missing the elite controller and standard controller but i cant find this any were on the internet, Unless im just looking in the wrong place. Any help much appreciated.
  9. GrahamWellington

    Question What are your thoughts about Pioneer Elite SC-LX502?

    Hello, All, newbie here! First, I just wanna say "Thanks!" to the kind and smart folks that provide this wonderful website and for allowing me to join; I feel blessed!:) So, I bought a Pioneer Elite SC-LX502 the other day even though I don't know much (at all) about audio equipment and intend...
  10. ben16v

    Question alexa, harmony elite, denon 4300, spotify... cmon somebody must know!!

    hey, new to this home automation lark and have the above kit - already started looking at hue etc but that looks an even darker tunnel. what i need to know is which way to focus my desire for control? ideally i think voice over alexa to control the harmony (so i could use the actual remote as...
  11. Smudger1

    Question Harmony Elite & Smart TV sound

    I recently got a Harmony Elite and Hub from Amazon while it was on special offer, and it's working OK apart from 1 major bugbear. Whenever I use the Smart TV activity, I get sound through the TV, not through the amp. The Activity is set to switch on the amp to AV4 (arc channel) and switch on...
  12. KishB

    Question Fanatec CSL elite wheel?

    I enjoyed f1 2017 and already invested f1 2018. I've been eyeing up a g29 for about a year but never made the jump. In real life I have done a few track days in single seater and over the past few weeks I have somehow convinced myself that I need a Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel. It would be hooked up...
  13. The Dreamer

    Bargain Harmony Elite - bank holiday sale Amazon

    ...as per title - down to £129 again.
  14. H

    Pioneer Elite vs Marantz

    Hi all! Newbie to this forum. Anyone have an opinion on Pioneer Elite? Has their quality control become an issue since a Onkyo took over? Just wondering because I’m thinking of getting a new receiver. Thinking about Pioneer Elite SC lx 801 and Marantz SR 7011. Pioneers are noted for their warm...
  15. sharper

    Just got an Elite to replace my one of my Prontos - not good

    To say the software is flaky is an understatement. I have had sync problems aplenty. Devices all works ok except for a WD TV LIVE HUB MEDIA CENTER which has a power on problem WD TV LIVE HUB MEDIA CENTER problems I'm trying to set up an activity to switch between devices with turning anything...
  16. M

    Nike elite football shirts

    Howdy. I'm looking at buying the New elite Spurs shirt (I already own the standard away shirt for this season) but I don't know what the differences are and if they warrant the almost double price point. Has anyone bought an Elite shirt made by Nike for Spurs or any other club that has shirts...
  17. R

    Activities start with Harmony app, but not from Elite Remote

    Hi all, I'm about to give up on my new Harmony Elite remote and hub. I've come from programming iRule and Open Remote, but thought I'd give Harmony a try... Activities work perfectly if I use the Android App, but if I try to start an Activity from the Elite remote touch screen - nothing...
  18. A

    Question Harmony Elite IP and IR issues with Sony Smart TV

    Hi Been using a Harmony Elite & hub for sometime now (long time Harmony user, 3 previous generations), but just replaced 12 year old LCD Sony TV with new Sony OLED Smart TV. Only the TV is in my lounge, all other hardware in a cupboard in another room, and all has been fine. Old TV was...
  19. Tommynsx

    Elite screen or equivalent

    Hi all. I'm trying to find out where to buy elite screens cinegray 3d materials or equilvent only. I can build a frame. I would like 180-200" diagonal .thanks
  20. Roohster

    Bargain Harmony Elite £129 Amazon Prime Day

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