1. Dexy

    Xbox series X and ElGato

    Does anyone use an ELGATO with the xbox seriesx? Ive had an HD60 for years now and have started recording some footage, was looking at recording party chat or just my chat, does anyone know how this is set up?
  2. P

    Elgato Game Capture HD - edit mode play head locked

    I have been utilizing Elgato "Game Capture HD" devices to digitize VHS tapes. Seems to work well, some of the time. However, there is an intermittent issue. Scenario: I capture the video with the "Game Capture HD" app. The capture is successful. However, afterwards when I click the "Edit" tab...
  3. F

    LG TV, sonos arc, hdmi switch connected to a PC and can't get sound through elgato

    Hi I have a 4K60S+ connected to my PC. I am trying to capture sound and video from a games console. I can get video working no problem but can't get sound. I have an HDMI switch that has several games consoles as inputs. The output of the HDMI switch has a splitter on it. One HDMI feed goes to...
  4. T

    Xbox series x and elgato hd60

    Hi, I recently was given an elgato hd60 to try out with my xbox. Looking for some advice. Normally I play on a monitor displaying at 1440p 120hz but as the capture card only allows a passthrough of 1080p 60hz it forces my series x to display at those settings. Would it be possible use a hdmi...
  5. manxnorton

    Help needed with Elgato capture software (msi) constantly wont load

    Hi all, TBH I'm nearly deciding to send the item back, after hours and hours of trying to open the msi folder. After downloading i got installation directory must be on a local hard drive. as instructed on there web site copy path. but i couldnt see the copy path (after pressing shift) only...
  6. Jayc1976

    Xbox one s and elgato hd60s

    I'm looking for some info regarding the elgato hd60s. My son wants to do videos of him and his friends playing fortnite and also live streaming on YouTube. We have a pc but the specs are slightly off what elgato state are the minimum. We have usb 3.0 which is required. Gtx 750ti, i53470 8gb ram...
  7. Basildon

    Elgato HD60 Video quality issue

    Hello all, I'm using Elgato HD60 for couple of weeks already and recently I realized that a video quality is much worse trough the Elgato than connected directly to my TV. I found out purely by an accident when I quickly change HDMI connection. The picture quality is a huge difference...
  8. B

    Question PS4 Pro & Elgato HD60

    Why can I not get my Elgato HD60 to work with the Pro? There is sound on the TV and in the Elgato software but the display shows a black screen on both. I have unticked the HDCP box in settings, HDR is turned off and resolution is set to 1080p. It's been bugging me for the last two hours...
  9. Flashy

    Elgato Eve Energy help

    I got an Elgato Eve Energy smart plug the other day, my first foray into home automation. It's working fine with on/off commands via both iOS 10 (Home app and Control Centre) and the Eve app. But I can't get it to work with a timer. I've got an iPad and New Apple TV showing up as Home Hubs and...
  10. addyb

    Question Will an elgato hd60 capture card work with retropie (on a Pi 3)

    As title I'm going to be setting up a pi 3 as a retro gaming machine and just wondered if an elgato hd60 works with it for recording gameplay?
  11. J

    Question Elgato HD60 - PS3 help!?

    Hi all, I am not quite sure where to post this but I'm hoping someone could help me. I am having trouble setting up the Elgato HD60 with the PS3, I have read that you need to remove HDCP to be able to do so. I've been on Amazon and bought a splitter which a lot of reviews stated that the...
  12. PSM1

    Help setting up a Elgato GameCapture HD on a PS3

    I bought my son a Elgato Gamecapture HD for Xmas so that he can capture gameplay on our PS3. Currently struggling to setup the video output and need some help. Currently I have the PS3 outputting via HDMI straight to the TV. For the Elgato I need to change this to the component/Dterminal output...
  13. A

    anyone own the Elgato Turbo.264 HD Video Encoder?

    how significantly does it cut the encoding time of say an average 4-8gb MKV ? tempted to buy one if it makes converting my tv episodes and movies a lot quicker. any comments appreciated.
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