1. X

    Wanted BK Electronics 200 or 400

    Hi folks Hoping for either the XLS200 or XXLS400, ideally FF and in black. Based in Ireland so would need to include p&p. Cheers!
  2. K

    For Sale Custom BK Electronics XLS 200 Subwoofer - Birmingham - Collection Only

    Custom made BK XLS200 with the 275W Amplifier and 10" driver. The top of the cabinet has some marks from where a lamp was placed on it and unfortunately lifted the paint a little It includes the Neutrik cable and the power cable. Reason for sale is an upgrade
  3. W

    Conformal coating substitutes

    Hi guys, im new here, and new to drones. I recently bought a fpv tinyhalk II freestyle, and i want to give it a good protection against moisture from wet grass, but here in Brazil i was not able to find the so caled silicon based conformal coating, i just found some acrilic based ones, i dont...
  4. J

    Repurpose a JBL Sub333 to a powered sub

    Hi all I have found an old all in one JBL Sub333 5.1 box that worked when i put it away that has a sub in the bottom that i would like to reuse. I have a Yamaha rx-v677 that i need a subwoofer for. Can I repurpose the electronics in it or part of them into a powered amp. I have a copy of the...
  5. Jaeke101

    Home automation devices that works with RF 433Mhz

    Hi everyone, I have SAVVY Smart Home System installed in my home from ABOUT The system operates through RF 433Mhz, I have lighting control, Curtain control, Temperature and etc. Controller Spec: SAVVY CONTROLLER Input Voltage: 5V/1A Network Standard...
  6. G

    Question bk electronics high level cable

    Hi does any one know what cable is used for the high level input I'm doing up my house and want to build in the high and low level cables to a faceplate. the RCA cable im good with but don't know what cable i can use for the high level input. all my stuff is in storage and not easy to get...
  7. anygreg

    KEF & Chord electronics @ Cranage North west Audio show 2018

    Visited the UK’s North west Audio show Cranage Hall 2018 over the weekend, great show to be fair, good turn out with the event organisers going above and beyond. In my opinion putting a lot of other more established shows to shame, plenty of helpers dotted around the show helping direct to the...
  8. Ed Selley

    CES 2018- Chord Electronics Qutest DAC Interview

    I met up with Rob Watts and John Franks of Chord Electronics at the Venetian Hotel so they could tell us about the considerable technology of the Qutest DAC;
  9. Member 733392

    Question Sky Q - Stacking Electronics

    I'm aware the Sky Q box gets quite hot on top, but due to lack of space, I will have to put my small Blu-Ray player on top of it. The player is probably 2/3 of the site of the Sky Q box. Is this ok and does anyone else put other electronics on top of their box?
  10. Ejog

    A M Electronics Ltd - SCAM SITE

    Hi, Just a warning to anyone that sees a bargain on AM Electronics Ltd website. I was foolish enough to fall for it and tried to order from them, but when I got an email from them saying my card was declined & to please pay by bank transfer instead, the alarm bells finally went off in my stupid...
  11. PiperCub

    Answered What is the best British audiophile Hi-Fi Electronics firm?

    Just wondering what people think of this question. Clearly a wide question, but if you had to give one brand what would it be and why? The brand can be designed and/or made in the uk and be a high quality audiophile sound brand (note emphasis on sound quality). It can be a brand you own or...
  12. Arcam_boy

    Any electronics engineers on here?

    Morning. Apologies if this is in the wrong place but a desperate last ditch effort to try and get a circuit board repaired. I've contacted a few local companies but had no joy for some reason?! I've got a circuit diagram but totally lost now so wondering if anyone active or lurking would be...
  13. AutoMotiveTech

    Wire Rating

    I'm trying to figure out the wire rating as an old battery charger I use has had the wires fried. They have 60 strands and are 140 cm longs. I have searched online but cannot find a calculator for this, is there anyone that can help? The old technician said the way to do it was to count the...
  14. B

    All electronics after fire

    We had fire in our open plan kitchen. All electronic devices like TV, remotes, sky box , PC, PC screen, hi-fi etc what can be found in the living room and appliances in kitchen are now covered in smoke dust, soot Anyone knows what's the best way to clean them ? Are they safe to use ? I can...
  15. blue max

    Anyone 'know' electronics

    OK, this is a long shot, but thought I'd ask. We have an Apple monitor which started to play up by not coming back on when it went to sleep. This got gradually worse, until it just wouldn't come on. It was put to one side. My 15yr old son has taken it on himself to take it apart and removed...
  16. R

    Expedite Electronics contact info

    Hi Everyone, I bought a phone from Expedite Electronics just under a year ago (sept 15 2015). The phone arrived fine with no issues. It was an Lg G4 and it has gone into the bootloop bug, a known hardware bug: LG finally acknowledges G4 boot loop problem – and it's offering a fix | TechRadar...
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