1. lynx

    Converting a bike to electric, comment please.

    I'm considering purchasing a bike to convert, adding a bafang motor Products Now I'm about as far a departure from a cyclist as its possible to get and a motor will be essential for me due to size and inclines. Costco have an offer on a Barracuda rock, FY22 MVM12 England Member-only Saving 9th...
  2. S

    Electric shocks from rear of TV, normal?

    Hi guys, I have a new TV and noticed over the weekend that whenever my bare skin touches the rear metal back of the TV, I get small electrical shocks from it, like a sting. This effect repeatedly happens and doesn't go away after a few touches like my experience with static. I have spoken to...
  3. NeverEden

    For Sale Swytch Electric Bike ECO Conversion Kit (26")

    Swytch Electric Bike ECO Conversion Kit (26") - Used This is the Swytch 26" kit, this will fit your standard road or commuter bike, perfect for the city. The whole kit is used but is clean and fully working. I've also added my own waterproof fittings to prevent corrosion and to keep everything...
  4. Donnacha

    Wanted Electric Projector Screen in the 92" - 95" size range

    Hi - need to replace my existing screen as the motor has died and can no longer retract the screen. Before I look at new screens, is anyone looking to offload a 16x9 screen in the size range of 92-95 inch diagonal? Let me know. Based in York. Cheers
  5. kristianity77

    Understanding gas and electric bills?

    OK so now the bills have gone up etc I've started to look at what it's going to cost us and I'm gonna admit it. This stuff is baffling me and I know its me being stupid so need someone to point out to me where I'm going wrong. So basically I'm with British gas and they have been charging me...
  6. W

    For Sale Bosch GSB 18 VE-2LI Combi Drill. Black & Decker 18v Combi Drill. Fuzzworthy's Beard Shampoo. Encore Electric Guitar & Amp

    Sold elsewhere. Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer. It's in excellent condition as you can see and working perfectly, new set of 4 AA batteries included. It includes a 4gb Micro SD Card and everything you can see on the pictures. £285 £260 £240 inc delivery. Black & Decker 18v Li-Ion Combi...
  7. Goooner

    Electric Pizza Oven

    Been thinking about getting an electric pizza oven, I found another long thread but that seems to be about mainly outdoor ones, without reading all 95 pages am I better asking there? Anyone got any experience, recommendations? Seem to be plenty about at varying price points. Are they any...
  8. Goooner

    Electric Pizza Oven?

    Been thinking about getting an electric pizza oven, I found another long thread but that seems to be about mainly outdoor ones. Anyone got any experience, recommendations? Seem to be plenty about at varying price points. Are they any good for shop bought pizzas, for when you can’t be...
  9. thekilljoy

    Cordless electric mower

    I would like recommendations for a Cordless electric mower for a lawn just over 200m2
  10. alebonau

    Mini Cooper S Electric

    Picked up the Mini Cooper S Electric yesterday, in lovely chili red super impressed with the dealer, even though a demo, they still went to the trouble of detailing preparing the car so immaculately and with the full new car experience ! looks absolutely gorgeous in the metal ! cooper...
  11. petrolhead

    V High electric usage

    A bit concerned that my electic usage seems very high. Over the last year, according to Bulb, I have used 14000KwH !!! :( Jesus, you would thing I was running multiple homes. The average for a 3 bed semi with 2 people is about 3000KwH I am starting to wonder if my smart meter is not that...
  12. Autopilot

    Electric towel heater - which Shelly?

    I’ve got an electrician coming to fit an electric towel rail into one of our on suite bathrooms. I’m going to get him to fit a Shelly with it, but I’m not sure which would be the best one for the job. Anyone use Shelly for this kind of application? Any tips?
  13. panman40

    Anyone taken apart an electric sapphire screen ?.

    My sapphire screens “Clunk clunk clunk“ noise on retraction is getting worse so just asking if anyones taken one apart before to repair and what sort of job it is ?. Thanks.
  14. AMc

    Article: Secure boot for UK electric car chargers isn't mandatory until 2023

    https://www.theregister.com/2022/01/11/electric_car_charging_security_uk/ Not sure how big a risk random code is on chargers at the moment but I can only imagine it offers an interesting route into the car? The potential for public chargers to spread something unpleasant far and wide must be...
  15. R

    How many dedicated electric circuits for new build dedicated room?

    Hi folks - I've just completed on a new build house with 6x5x2.5m basement we'll use as a cinema room. It'll take a year or so to complete. I've read in a few build threads about dedicated electric circuits. How do I approach this topic? The long term set up will be 160inch screen, laser...
  16. P

    System to control boiler with radiators and underfloor electric heating.

    Hi. I'm renovating a small bathroom and want to do away with the radiator (for space reasons). I am planning to install electric underfloor heating (approx 1.2 m2). I want to install a system which allows me to; 1) Control the underfloor heating 2) Control the oil fired boiler for radiators 3)...
  17. N

    How easy is it to replace the actual screen in electric projection screen

    Hello, I've been unlucky with my screen purchase and I can see one way out... I purchased an electric screen from Visunext. They delivered, I installed. I noticed there was a mark on the actual material and they sent a replacement. The replacement has arrived with a casing damaged in transit...
  18. DJT75

    Electric Infa-red patio heater

    We have a new(ish) 26 sqm gazebo in our garden (7.2m x 3,6m). One of the king sides is pretty much up against the house and the other 3 sides have pull down blinds. I was hoping to get wall mounted heaters for it but they can’t be fitted on any of the sides with blinds, and we’ve not got enough...
  19. Dony

    Electric Driveway Gates

    Does anyone have electric gates or any have electricians on here fitted them? Currently we have a simple 3 bar fence and a wooden gate. These were always supposed to be temporary, but have lasted 17years. However, following some damage to my front boundary fence by Storm Barra, I'm planning on...
  20. J

    Tab tension or electric?

    Hi all, I’m looking to go for a 92inch Sapphire screen to go in front of my TV. I recently dabbled with a 100 inch manual pull down but the quality was shocking - ripples and bad curling. I realise I’m quite sensitive to that type of thing. I’m now uncertain as to what to go for - some...
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