1. mikim

    For Sale Seymour F115 Center stage Screen, Acoustic, 2.35:1, IR, Electric tab, XD screen

    Hi all, Posted this a few months ago but got archived as it didn’t sell and I didn’t keep it running. I am definately selling now as we have decided to build a dedicated cinema room in new house (first fix done :). Unfortunately the screen with case and drop bar are 60mm wider than the room...
  2. ShardsOfMe

    For Sale Höfner Shorty electric travel guitar with carrying case

    Höfner Shorty travel guitar with carrying case. Green metallic, short scale, single humbucker pickup. A couple of small marks here and there and some buckle rash to rear but otherwise good condition throughout. Retails at £129. £75 delivered.
  3. pachanga231

    Wanted Electric scooter

    as above preferably with warranty remaining.
  4. thedude

    For Sale Lansinoh 2-in-1 Double Electric Breast Pump

    Brand new in box. Seal not broken. Looking for £110 delivered Now £95
  5. C

    For Sale Epsom EH TW9200W and sapphire motorised screen

    Epsom EH-TW9200W projector and sapphire motorised screen. 2 x LG 3d glasses Epsom ceiling mount elpmb22 excellent condition, barley used. projector is in original box. Selling due to house move. collection only
  6. NeverEden

    Electric Shower too Hot or cold

    Let's get this out the way first, its a MIRA electric shower and we've had it for years and the bathroom is due a renovation in summer to which we will switch to a direct feed shower. Yes it's a MIRA and they get knackered easily! Right now, on the max dial it's either getting to scalding hot...
  7. panman40

    Sapphire electric screen clunking ?

    So my sapphire electric screen is making a pretty loud clunk, clunk, clunk noise when rolling up. I spoke to an engineer at sapphire a while ago who thinks it could be the motor and would send me a replacement to fit myself. However I can’t pinpoint the noise for some reason, the motorbis on the...
  8. B

    Screenpaint electric screen

    I want to paint my canvas Tab tension projection screen. It is done successfully on Youtube. My current screen has too much glitter. Is there a paint that can be applied without mixing? On waterbase? Living room White walls and ceiling. Epson TW9300 (5040ub) calibrated in eco mode. Screen...
  9. Scott Wright

    Bargain Electric Toothbrush Reduced from £29.99 to £14.99. Expires 25th December

    sonic electric toothbrush 50%off with Code: LD9FYQ3N Expire Date:2020-12-25 Code tested and working on 24th December. Please reply to let me know if expired before the 25th!
  10. P

    Celexon Electric Tab Tensioned Screen Automation

    Hi there, I have just purchased a Celexon Electric Tab Tensioned Screen. It has a control box wired to it which contains the IR receiver for the remote control. Ideally I want to set the screen up so that when the projector is switched on, the 12v trigger can instruct the screen to open and...
  11. Scott Wright

    Bargain Expired OKAI ES500 Pro Electric Scooter reduced from £613.99 to £368.39. Expires 18th December

    OKAI ES500 Pro Electric Scooter Code: XDJETNBF Reg.Price: £613.99 Final Price: £368.4 Expiration Date : 2020-12-18 Code tested and working on 15th December Please reply to let me know if expired before 18th December!
  12. shoestring25

    Whats the deal with these fast electric scooters people are using

    Whats the deal with these fast electric scooters people are using they seem pretty dangerous seen them cut off traffic pull out infront of cars and i literally saw someone out side my house earlier drive in to a pram with one :( how are these things even allowed with no check on competency of...
  13. H

    Electric Vehicle to Grid Technology at Parking Locations

    Hi all, If anyone has a minute would love to hear your thoughts on a University project I'm working on. We're looking at using vehicle-to-grid technology to utilise people's parked electric cars as an energy store, possible earring them money selling the energy back to the grid at peak times...
  14. S

    AV receiver electric power consumption?

    Hi, I have an Onkyo TXSR308 5.1 system connected to Yamaha NS300 speakers. It's fairly old but currently working fine. I intent to take it to Japan with me and use a step-up converter from 100-240v. The manual lists it as 340W power consumption. This sounds high and as I need to buy a step-up...
  15. P

    Used electric cars

    I am in full agreement with the environmental advantages of changing to an electric car, but like many people cannot justify or afford the expense of a new car. At the age of 80 I have owned quite a few cars, but have always bought used, with about 60k on clock. Prices have ranged from £125 to...
  16. A

    Electric car and dashcam

    Probably a daft question but do eclectic cars still run a 12V battery like ICE cars? If I left a daschcam running on electric car for a few days what would happen?
  17. A

    Question home projector and electric screen

    hi i would like a home projector and electric screen. i have a budget of £2k what would you recommend ? would it be ok to locate the screen in front of a large window?
  18. B

    Electric shock from back of LD Maui 28

    I recently bought two new LD Maui 28s that i connected to work in stereo for a gym. When I touched the back of the units yesterday i noticed a mild electric shock. Less of a shock than a definite electric flow, it was scary but not dramatic. I had an electrician in and he saw a voltage of...
  19. NatanBorba

    New electric vehicle or electrification?

    Hello colleagues, I live in Brazil and here, unfortunately, access to new electric vehicles is still very expensive, but we have some solutions for vehicle electrification, what do you think of this option? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  20. C

    Question da-lite electric screen to sell and don’t know what price to pitch it. Help?

    Have a da-lite electric 16:9 119 inch diagonal screen to sell and don’t know what price to pitch it at It was £1700 seven years ago. Help? Any thoughts anyone
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