1. Wulbert

    Setting up a budget home cinema for elderly relative?

    My 90yr old dad was so impressed with our big screen set up on a recent visit that he wants something similar for himself. He has poor eyesight due to cataracts and found the big screen easier to watch than his 27" telly. He's asked if I can help him get a projector and screen set up in his...
  2. J

    Looking for a simple amplifier for an elderly mother

    Looking for a simple amplifier, not chunky AV receiver, for my mother. Needs are: Decent quality. She has a reasonably decent old pair of Celestion Model 5 speakers, so something that drives them well. Optical input - plan is she'll run the radio and TV from the TV through to the speakers, so...
  3. B

    Looking for extremely simple camera for elderly parents

    Hi, I mean REALLY simple, something which maybe even has just a single button point & shoot. They cant get to grips with a smartphone for pictures. They are pretty computer savvy, so usb transfer no issue, just looking for the very simplest of point & clicks out there. when taking the picture...
  4. dogmom623

    TiVo-compatible remote for elderly mother

    I searched the forums to see if this had been addressed, but did not see any posts. Hopefully, I am in the correct forum...if not, please let me know! I hope someone "out there" can help me solve this problem, which is driving me crazy and causing my 96-year-old mother to be very frustrated...
  5. P

    Car for elderly, disabled

    I was looking for suggestions for a car for my elderly mid 80's parents. Currently they have an older Focus but ideally as my dad struggled a bit more with parking they would like something marginally smaller, certainly no larger. As their mobility issues increase, higher seating is a must and...
  6. L

    Question Help needed with setting up iPhone - dubious about advice elderly parents are receiving

    Sorry folk, I've used iPhones for years and bought them for my extended family I recently bought one from the forum for my mum, same model as my dad's, which they called Apple Support to help them get set up (transferring SIM, Apple ID) In the process of doing so, the Apple ID ended up with a...
  7. W

    Elderly mother and iPhone issue - resolving remotely, need some advice please!

    Hi I'm based in Scotland and we have a full scale lockdown and my elderly mother lives 4 hours away and she is telling me she needs a new phone due to texting issues(!) So in August last year she changed contracts. So new sim. I sent the PUK code so that her old number would be ported. I...
  8. C

    32” TV for Elderly Parent

    Not an exciting post, I’m afraid. I’m in the market for a 32” TV for my 96 year old mother. She only watches broadcast TV and DVDs, and doesn’t have internet! The set needs to be easy to use. I’m looking at the following: Samsung UE32T5300, £229 at RS. Sony KDL32WE613, £249 at RS. Would either...
  9. B

    Question Echo Show or Facebook Portal for elderly

    Hi all want to get Echo Show or Facebook Portal for parents - does anyone have recommendations? - Facebook Portal has advantage that anyone in the family with Whatsapp (which most if not all have) can just easily dial from their phone - without having to use the Alexa app. However the drop in...
  10. A

    Suggestions for phone for elderly person

    I am about to return a Samsung A20e which developed the black screen fault. The Samsung had replaced a Xiaomi Redmi which has a cracked screen. In terms of size both of the above were OK in regards to ability to hold/grip/use. Just wondering if anyone has experience with an Android phone in the...
  11. E

    what home security camera/ dashcam for elderly relative no wifi

    I need some advice for my relative. She has the blink home security cameras , but they dont do what she needs. Problem neighbour - windows broken, locks glued etc , she lives on a first floor flat , she is elderly , and does not 'do' technology , has an old ipad and no access to laptop, she has...
  12. S

    Panasonic 50GX800 or LG 49SM8600 for elderly mum

    I am replacing my mothers 10 year old Panasonic 37" TV which has started to have problems. Looking at recommendations and reviews the Panasonic 50GX800 seems to have the better picture quality but the LG 49SM8600 better smart features which I think she will find easier to use. She watches a lot...
  13. Garrett

    Supermarket Opening Times For NHS, Staff, Elderly & Vulnerable And The Rest.?

    Anyone working at the major stores can they name and post the opening times for the different categories. Been doing a search and I get conflicting info. Parents want to go to Tesco tomorrow and I seen both they open at 6am but elsewhere they only opening to the elderly at 9pm which means 3...
  14. PC1975

    How Can I Help Others?

    Hi, After seeing on the news that many elderly or vulnerable people are struggling to get deliveries of food I wondered if anyone can offer advice as to how to go about getting involved in helping others. Are there any official organisations that can be contacted such as local authorities etc?
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