1. Ilovewaffles

    Editing messages after sending

    I briefly saw something on the newsband on TV, about Apple thinking of introducing a new feature on iPhone, where you can edit a text after it has been sent. Surely that opens up a can of worms where messages are used as evidence in court, especially in cases of stalking, verbal abuse , rape etc...
  2. K

    Processors dilemma (video editing > gaming) i5 11400F vs Ryzen 5 4500 (just released)

    Hey guys, so I've just ordered my prebuilt PC, but I'm afraid I may've fudgeed up. My setup has a 3060 RTX card (unspecified supplier) & Intel i5 11400F but I also found a prebuild PC for the same price, which has the just released Ryzen 5 4500. It's so new, that I failed to find any benchmark...
  3. wf2022

    Video editing PC 2022

    Hi! Im looking for a PC for video editing, and use software like Premiere, PS, LightRoom. I've asked on a local PC store and they recommend me this options (that are around my budget): Option 1: Motherboard: Gigabyte HS10M H M-ATX S1200 CPU: Intel Core I7 11700KF S1200 11th Gen Rocket Lake...
  4. S

    Looking To Purchase New Laptop - Video/Photo Editing

    What is your budget? From what I've found available, absolute maximum of £1,200 but hoping less. What size laptop do you want? Around the 16" size. Currently have 17.3" but prices are ridiculous or the specs are too low. Do you have resolution requirements? Minimum of 1080, anything else is a...
  5. C

    Is Philips Pronto Professional editing software available

    I known its old and discontinued however I think the Philips Pronto is excellent and easy to setup with ProntoEdit. I recently brought a SBCRU950 but unfortunately ProntoEdit does not appear to support it. From searching around it appears it can be programmed by using Philips Pronto...
  6. B

    Pc build suggestions for photo/video editing purposes

    Hi all, Pc build suggestions for photo/video editing purposes are very much needed please? I have upgraded my current i5 usb 2.0 system to the max now and it’s time to move on! Ive been using photoshop cs6 for years for raw photo editing and have just got a GoPro and will probably take some...
  7. K

    Music Player with remote playlist editing

    Can anyone recommend an Andoid compatible music player that allows the creation and editing of playlists on a PC? Both the players I have used recently (currently Black Player) do not allow remote access to playlists. I find that creating and editing playlists on the phone itself is time...
  8. happychappy69

    Chromebook - photo editing spec

    I'm looking to buy a Chromebook, hopefully for under £300, is it possible to get one free this money and what specification am I looking for Many thanks
  9. Twin Flicks

    4k screenshot

    I hope I'm posting this on the correct area. If not I apologize, I'm new here. I am looking a way to take some screenshots from a 4K disc a client gave me from his company. I don't have a 4k drive in my PC. Is the best option to use a 4K capture card? Or is there a way to get a screen shot from...
  10. haiqu

    Simple 3D editing software?

    Just bought a JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder from Japan. It took a while to find a copy of the originally included Pixela software, only to discover that it's complete rubbish. A basic viewer capable of displaying 3D formats like Stereoscopic Player costs anywhere between EUR 49 and EUR 1200 depending...
  11. O

    LG OLED 55C1 Editing input names/icons doesn't last..

    When I edit the inputs by changing the name or icon on my new 2021 LG OLED 55C1 to Set-top box, PC, etc the changes stay sometimes for hours, sometimes days, but they always revert back to HDMI1, HDMI2, etc. No one seems to know what is going on and keep saying to wait for further firmware...
  12. T

    Irreversibly preventing file editing

    I have looked up how to prevent a file (e.g. PowerPoint) from being edited, but all solutions seem reversible. How can I irreversibly prevent a file from being edited?
  13. grumpazoid

    Budget TV for PC - Movies / Photo Editing / Gaming

    I use my main PC for the above uses but wish to replace my Samsung Syncmaster with a larger TV so that the whole family can sit and watch movies. Maybe Similar to this thread but I am concerned about viewing angles when close up. Also need near 100% RGB for photo editing. I guess if this is...
  14. gibbsy

    All in One for photographic editing.

    I tip toeing into this area of the Forum as almost a complete novice and wonder if anyone can recommend a 24'' All in One that has good colour reproduction for photo editing. I'll initially be running Nikon Studio NX then possibly Light Room.
  15. 10000maniacs

    Video Editing package question (mkv format)

    I am looking for a software editing package that will replace a poor quality sub clip with a better quality sub clip of the same thing within an MKV video file. Both the poor quality clip and the improved quality clip are the same vhs footage. The new clip has better picture and sound and is...
  16. celtic13

    NAS for 6k video editing and back up.

    I run a small TV production company and require some advice please. We have an iMac Pro which we use with FCPX / DaVinci Resolve for editing 4/5 minute taster and sizzle reels to show to commissioners. We shoot native 6K on a recently purchased Red Komodo, edit in R3DRaw then grade in Resolve...
  17. H

    Best Video Editing Option 2021 - Build or Buy??

    Hi guys I'd like to think I know lots about video editing and accompanying hardware... but then I come on AV Forums and bow low to the mega genius on here. That's why I'm posting a question that I suspect may be of help to other shoppers, people building their own rigs currently and, well, for...
  18. F

    Advice: Buying PC for video editing

    Hi Folks Have a friend who uses photoshop, illustrator, permier pro, after effects, and program called davinci resolve 17, she's looking for an new PC, asked me what spec to get? I've done a bit of research / looked at a couple of websites, and think the following will do ok with each of...
  19. ssbib

    Help Editing Picture

    Hi everyone. I am currently getting a custom steelbook designed for the Second Sight Dawn of the Dead release And I need to choose some artwork. I have found some stuff I like but I am struggling to find something for the back. I found something decent but it has a lot of unnecessary text on it...
  20. ScowlingYeti

    Question Faster Fortnite editing on Switch

    My son is looking to edit his controller and general settings in Fortnite on Nintendo switch to achieve faster editing - any ideas?
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