1. Venomx999

    Buying Off eBay, is it safe ?

    Any idea where to get a 3060Ti GPU ? eBay are around £600, even though RRP is about £420. Looks like it’s my only option due to the lack of GPUs around. If I was to buy off ebay would I be covered incase anything went wrong? I havent used ebay in years and dont even have an account but just...
  2. 1

    A bad eBay experience

    Hi all and Happy New Year. I made two fish orders on eBay. The first one was great. All the fish matched the photos in the listings and were separately bagged. The seller even wrote on the bags so I knew which females were which for each pair. The box was heat packed and padded with stuffing...
  3. D

    eBay 20% Off (Small Biz only)

    Accidentally stumbled across this. eBay have a 20% off coupon BUT before you start going there to search for a new iPad / iPhone 12 Pro, it's limited to certain small business. I don't know what qualifies. The page tells you. Shop small businesses & save 20% | eBay. Use code PICKSMALL. Ends 31...
  4. bruce-leroy

    Question Has anyone ordered from AllYourMusic (ebay) recently?

    I’m looking to possibly order some Shout Factory Blus from the above online retailer (Via ebay) but have forgotten if there will be customs/import duty if the item totals more than £15? Has anyone ordered from them recently? They are based in Louisville, Kentucky from what it says on ebay...
  5. duncfunk

    Ebay 15% off code @ Music Matters

    Just a heads up for anyone looking for music gear. There's a 15% off code running until 6th December that's valid at the Music Matters store. I was looking for a new midi keyboard over Black Friday but nothing came up. Ended up bagging a newly released M-Audio Oxygen Pro-49 for £30 off retail...
  6. V

    Ebay & Paypal Payment - Whats the scam?

    I'm fairly savvy when it comes to this kind of thing, and I'm equally intrigued... but a friend just bought a MacBook on Ebay for just shy of a grand. Only when he looked into it, did it start to appear fishy. - Listed as local to him, yet no talk of collection - Language was very broken...
  7. Cheap Gaming

    Buy a PS5 on Ebay for retail price. Its a picture only though

    Sorry if someone has already posted. Seen a lot of people on Ebay listing the PS5 and new Xbox and when you read the actual details they are only selling you a picture of the console. How low can scumbags go...
  8. fallinlight

    Help - eBay not abiding by their Money Back Guarantee Policy and Closed case in favour of Seller

    Re. High value purchase of near mint/ mint video games Marketplace: eBay Courier: Hermes Issue: Case decided in favour of buyer despite items not received. Dear all, I am seeking urgent help regarding an eBay case I opened that was closed in favour of the seller. Simply put, the items never...
  9. L

    Panasonic outlet ebay

    Just returned my gx800 to there ebay store, ditry screen, courier said you wouldn't be believe how many returns he does, drops them off one week then picks them up the following week, just a heads up if you're thinking of taking a punt on a unit
  10. B

    eBay - Selling to someone with zero feedback

    Hi, I didn't know where to post this, but want people's opinion on what to do next. I have sold an item on eBay for £1200. The buyer has been an eBay member for 3 years, but has never bought or sold anything, so has 0 feedback rating. Now he purchased my item and paid within 10 minutes. I...
  11. spikeyjac

    Another eBay 0 feedback thread...

    Hi all, Me again. I've just sold a football shirt (which is sold out) on eBay, through the Global Shipping Programme, to someone in Singapore with 0 feedback and joined in 2020. I'm annoyed at myself for not putting UK only to be honest, but completely forgot - I'm slightly worried about this...
  12. Bruvinski

    Question Buying Used PS Vita Games on eBay

    Hey, I have the OLED PS Vita model, now I want to buy some games for it on eBay, now I was wondering if some games are locked by region? If so how do I know what region my Vita is and what games to buy? Really need some help, thanks.
  13. thedude

    eBay 1% fees

    Now ive used ebay a million times but have they changed the rules or have i just finally read them. *Maximum fee per sold listing. Applies to final value fees on up to 100 listings. Item must sell within the first listing period. No insertion fees apply. Private sellers only. T&Cs apply...
  14. 1

    IYO, what would be a reasonable 'buy it now' eBay price for this TV?

    The touch screen feature doesn't work, but it works fine as a TV/monitor with HDMI ports. Clevertouch S-Series Interactive Touchscreen 84" I'm not selling it, but I was wondering what would be a fair price if I decided to. I'm really not sure tbh.
  15. A

    Question Why does eBay look like this?

    Ebay has started to appear like this on my MacBook. Really not helping my online shopping!! A few other sites don't load at all, but most of the Net appears OK. I have MacOS X 10.6.8 and using Firefox 48.0.2
  16. stanster59

    LG OLED55B9, £1049 Currys eBay store

    Saw this and thought I'd post ( personally I would never use their eBay store after previous dealings with them). https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled55b9pla-55-smart-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-oled-tv-with-google-assistant-free-5-year-guarantee-3519388
  17. DrPhil

    Another eBay saga

    I bought 2 sets of solar cables a few weeks ago. £65 each. The seller promised 2 day delivery, 4 days later no sign and I was in a hurry so I had to purchase locally. Seller apologised for the delay and promised a refund. I returned it using the label provided. Return was received on the...
  18. B

    Ebay seller 7833stevens

    Hello there. I just bought my new copy of Frozen 2 4K Digipack from a seller on eBay. The seller name is 7833stevens. Does anyone has bought from the seller? If you have, can you tell me how long they take to ship to Malaysia and how does the item condition when it arrives. Have a nice day😊.
  19. smurph306pug

    Question Refurbed desktops on eBay?

    I'm after a new desktop. eBay is full of i7, 16g ram, 240ssd for £350. Are these worth it or are they rubbish? I don't play games but I do need to run two monitors. Any help appreciated!
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