1. P

    Linn Nexus speakers purchased off ebay Help please

    Hi everyone, I love my Linn Kolektor, Linn Lk85, Monitor Audio Silvers set up, anyway reading everywhere how Linn sound best with Linn speakers i purchased a pair of Linn Nexus speakers on Ebay. I wired them up with Linn k20 speaker cable powered up and all I could hear was very low tinny...
  2. Paul Moran

    Bargain Entertainment Store on ebay - Buy 2 Blu-rays, get one free - 727 titles in offer

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/sme/theentertainmentstore/Buy-2-get-1-free/so.html?_seedid=152645938153&_soffType=OrderSubTotalOffer&_soffid=8557992306&_trksid=p2047675.m2197 Most of the titles are £7.99 each, so three will cost £15.98, about £5.33 each. I don't know how long the offer has been running...
  3. 3dbinCanada

    Pioneer CT-S99WR Dual Well Cassette Deck

    My first ever purchase on EBay was accidental when I asked for a lower price (not thinking the seller was going take it) and he accepted. So I bought this deck and figured what the hell and plugged it into my system. I was disappointed to say the least as tape speeds were different across both...
  4. S

    Samsung Galaxy S21 eBay

    Hi everyone, I'm bought a s21 off eBay from cheapest electrical it was a decent price, its description is 'grade a' 'like new' and 'opened never used' in the listing , had anyone purchased a phone off this company and was it as described? Thanks
  5. D

    LG B1 from Spatialonline via eBay

    Good evening, I’ve been eyeing up a 65 LG B1 for a few weeks now and have seen that there is a little sale going on over eBay for £60 off OLED tvs. That brings the 65 B1 down to £1338. Is this a good price? The seller is spatialonline and says it comes with a 5 year warranty. Has anyone used...
  6. B

    How to sell phone on Ebay with no stupid fees?

    Daft question, looking to sell something on Ebay worth about £1500 but Ebays fees of 1`2.5% will eat into that a lot. Is there anyway of selling without having to pay the high fees?
  7. shoemaker666

    Ebay problem member with 0 feedback

    Right ive got one and wondering what people think sold a PlayStation move bundle on ebay a person with 0 feedback who signed up yesterday brought it. instantly wary i ebay messaged him to confirm address then a separate similar but not the same ebay account with 2 feedback messaged me back...
  8. Skull n Bones

    Suspect Ebay Seller

    I am wondering what fellow members think of a particular seller on a popular auction site. I bid on a North Face Nuptse bomber jacket which ended on 17/11/21. I already own 2 of these jackets, but fancied a different colour, so know their approximate value. Nothing wrong here I thought as I was...
  9. O

    Best amp under £100?

    Firstly, thank you for your help in advance! I am trying to find the best budget amp, under £100, to power my Mission M30 bookshelf speakers. Inputs will be a Pro-Ject Elemental turntable and a line input from a Hifiberry Dac2 Pro. I am happy buying used from eBay, this was where I really need...
  10. D

    eBay managed payment.

    Has anyone recently sold anything on eBay using the new payment system? I've sold a few stuff from £100- 1000 without issue. Normally get paid a few days once I've uploaded the tracking number. Sold a high-value item on eBay (£2500) and the payment is on hold. I've been told that it could take...
  11. B

    ebay - buying from Germany

    hi, i am looking on ebay and looking to buy some speakers from Germany for about £150 to £200. i know there will be be VAT payable at 20%. but how do i work out if need to pay custom duty? nothing else? sorry its all confusing.
  12. D

    Ebay scammers arrgghhh

    just a vent more than anything i won some beyerdynamic dt990pro on the 2nd of oct seller gave postage arriving the 11th no show - gets on to them, sorry lebel messed up they will be there by the 16th, again a tracking number that wont work, no show, so gets on yesterday - sorry shipper...
  13. linnasak

    £125k projector on ebay!

    Saw this on another site. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Meridian-810-Reference-Video-Projector-/194365365145?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Now 10 years old state of the art HD projector. Would be interesting to do a review against a modern 4K projector...
  14. The Knight Who says Ni

    Bargain 20% off Ebay code

    Hi all, I just received an email from eBay with a 20% off voucher (Max £75) that works at the Panasonic official outlet and more (List can be found here), it's only a max of £75 off but just think what else you could buy with £75, maybe a 50p mix or a chomp! Code is PURCHASE4LESS valid until...
  15. gingerone

    Panasonic eBay store

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a Panasonic 65hz980 OLED in the next week or so and was wondering if anyone had used the Panasonic eBay store? The screens are refurbished but come with full warranty and I would be saving a few hundred pounds. Open to recommendations for other retailers as...
  16. V

    Help me plz how to create Ebay account without phone number

    Hey! I urgently need help, my friend and I launched our online store and want to post our computers and gaming devices on ebay, but there need to verify your account using SMS, otherwise you cannot publish the post. My account was blocked and now I don't know where to get a new one. Please, help!!!
  17. D

    eBay's £2 max selling fee promotions

    What's to stop business sellers taking advantage of this offer and making 100 listings on their personal account with each monthly promotion?
  18. MahaRaja

    Bought a PS5 from Ebay, it said brand new, sealed and un-opened..but not sure?

    Hi Guys, Just got a delivery from Ebay for my son as I got fed up trying to buy one from the shops. Saw this from a guy advertising, who is established and has good rating. 'Brand new, sealed and unopened PS5'. However, when I opened the packaging, the PS5 outer box was torn a bit and the...
  19. S

    US phone on ebay - Help needed

    Hello, I’m in England, UK and am interested in this listing. Brand New LG V60 ThinQ 5G LM-V600AM 128GB Blue GSM AT&T GSM Unlocked Smartphone | eBay It's a GSM AT&T GSM Unlocked Smartphone. I wanted to know if this phone would work in the UK using a UK SIM card from any UK network? It says...
  20. T

    Ebay buyer didnt collect and wants refund on the basis of 'item didnt arrive', will this affect my rating?

    Has anyone had this problem or know about it? A buyer of something I sold which was collection only has now said they want to cancel the order as he is having trouble arranging a courier (we have waited in several days over the past month for couriers that dont arrive) and now wants a refund. I...
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