1. W

    wired earphones question

    Hi Guys, should the volume control work on a set of normal mobile phone earphones with a converted anolog signal. TIA Billy.
  2. Aspie

    Shure SE535 earphones broken

    I've had these Shure SE535 earphones for a few years now. Last night as I was removing one from my ear the shell split in two along the join. Looks like the glue that was holding it together has perished. After contacting Shure to see if there are replacement shells available I was told that...
  3. usamir

    For Sale New Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 2

    New and Sealed Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 2. Retail at £39.99 Looking for £30 inc
  4. McCol

    For Sale RHA CL2 Planar earphones

    Up for sale are my RHA CL2 planar earphones. These are less than 3 months old and retail for £799.99 from RHA. They come boxed with all cables and eartips. Cables are a 3.5mm cable, 2.5mm balanced and RHA's Bluetooth neckband which supports AptX. These are a stunning set of earphones which...
  5. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: QDC Blue Dragon earphones on sale in UK

    Heralded as the world’s most expensive earphones, the Blue Dragon IEMs combine a flash finish with groundbreaking engineering. Read the news.
  6. McCol

    Master and Dynamic 07 Plus true wireless earphones (Discount code!)

    These are regarded over at head-fi as one of the better sounding true wireless earphones. I've tried a few different ones over the last 3 months and have been left wanting by most apart from the Sennheiser MTW2 which at £280 are expensive but the sound quality and comfort is excellent, by far...
  7. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bang & Olufsen announces Beoplay E8 Sport earphones

    Danish premium audio company Bang & Olufsen has announced its first true wireless luxury sports earphones - the Beoplay E8 Sport. Read the news.
  8. D

    Looking for a pair of earphones

    I’m looking for a pair of wired earphones. My normal headphones are Bose Q35s which I love. I’m looking for earphones that are warm, relaxing with deep bass (not Dre/beats bloated bass). I currently have a pair of Fiio in ear monitors, but there is no bass. My budget is around £100 Thanks...
  9. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Campfire Audio launches Ara and updates Andromeda and Solaris earphones

    US personal audio experts Campfire Audio has announced a brand new 7 driver earphone, the Ara, along with updated 2020 versions of its Andromeda and Solaris models. Read the news.
  10. S

    Question Audio on my phone while using earphones is sometimes good and sometimes isn't

    I have Android 10, phone is Umidigi F2 Sometimes when I use my earphones audio is good but sometimes it's bad. I can't find any reason for that, for example I'll use my phone for some time while having earphones plugged in and audio is good, but after a couple hours I'll use my phone again and...
  11. L

    Question Best IEMs w/ mic under 100€ to use with phone (no dac)

    Hello, as the title says I'm looking for IEMs under 100€ to only use with my phone and maybe sometime my laptop. I don't use a dac, just straight from the 3.5mm jack of my pixel 3a. I stream music from Tidal HiFi, I need these only when I'm going around outside (for the future since I'm stuck...
  12. C

    Headphones/ earphones for the hot tub

    Hi can anyone recommend a decent set of Bluetooth head/earphones for the hot tub, so water resistant I don’t need total waterproof as i won’t be swimming I want best possible sound so don’t mind spending a couple of hundred if need be
  13. A

    What earphones are these

    Hey! I am new to this forum but I would really appreciate any help or advice that can be given in regards to the brand/ type of earphones these are
  14. OptimusPrime9

    Question around £35 ear phones vs wireless earphones difference

    i need some advice please on ear phones on the wired earphones am interested in either soundmagic E10 soundmagic E11 these the best wired earphones i can get at this price? which is better between these 2? also on the wireless earphones bluetooth or RF have better sound quality? can i get...
  15. D

    Question What earphones should I buy

    Hi, I'm considering buying some new in ear earphones and ideally don't want to pay more than £30 but if necessary can stretch to a max of £40. My only stipulation is that the cable must be rubber, not plastic, they must be loud and have lots of bass. I would be grateful for any recommendations...
  16. DrPhil

    Recommend a decent pair of noise cancelling earphones

    Have a few flights to take this year, including a few transatlantic ones. I want to get a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. I don't have the budget for top end stuff at hundreds of pounds, but I could go to £100 maybe. No need for Bluetooth as I want to be able to plug into in flight...
  17. Greg Hook

    Lypertek Tevi Truly Wireless Earphones Review & Comments

    Relative newcomer to the market, Chinese brand Lypertek releases its TEVI truly wireless earphones with a very promising feature set and specification for just £99. Read the review. Write your own review for Lypertek Tevi
  18. Andy Bassett

    NEWS: Bang & Olufsen announces Beoplay E8 3rd generation wireless earphones

    Bang & Olufsen has taken on board customer feedback for its Beoplay E8 true wireless earphones and now announces the third generation version which features a range of improvements. Read the news.
  19. S

    New earphones £40

    Hi there I want to buy a new set of in earphones with a budget of around £40. Not particularly bothered if there wireless or not. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks, Sam
  20. V

    Wireless (not necessarily true wireless) earphones with good background noise cancellation microphone(s) for phone calls?

    By "noise cancellation" I mean two or more microphones that actively cancel some of the background noise, so that, when you're on a phone call, the other party hears less background noise (eg traffic). I don't mean active cancellation of background noise while listening to music. Are there any...
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