1. PeterWesterlund

    My 5.1 AVR supports Atmos and DTS:X but does not have eARC

    So my 5.1 receiver supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. But it doesn't have eARC. How did they think I will take part of Atmos and DTS:X then?
  2. Snacko

    HDMI eARC Audio Extractor?? Can they all just passthru eARC 5.2.2 or whatever?

    I am trying to get audio from my Home Theater system to a small amp to power my Bass Shakers on a couch. But I am not sure of what is the best solution? I have HDMI eARC going between my LG OLED77CX to my new Denon S750H AVR. All of my audio output connections from the AVR are used for the...
  3. B

    ARC/eARC and CEC receiver recommendation for 2021 Sony TV

    Hi All, I've just bought a Sony X85J TV, and would like your recommendations here :) I'll replace my Yamaha RX-V481 with it. It suited my needs with it's network control, but ARC and CEC refuses to work with the new Sony TV. Requirements: Confirmed to work with Sony TVs - ARC/eARC, CEC...
  4. O

    Advices for new 5.2.2 setup (avr + spearkers)

    Hi guys, I really need some smart advice because out there is a jungle. I have 4-5 months to choose an AVR, some speakers and plan how to connect all together to be efficient and girlfriend-approvable (this mean the least possibile cables visible). So I'm in a renewal process to split a house...
  5. Norm123

    HD Fury and no eArc TV/Sonos

    need to connect my Panasonic TV (TX-58EX700B which doesnt have Atmos or eArc to a Sonos arc. I think I need an HD Fury Arcana or Vertex 2. Could any one tell me what the difference and do I need both? The only other things I will have is a Firestick 4K UHD , Sky Q will this need to connect via...
  6. Norm123

    Panasonic TV no eARC

    Hi all I currently have a Panasonic TX-58EX700B TV. I’ve also ordered a Sonos Arc, with sub woofer and 2 x Play1. I am completely new to sound bars and surround sound, and it appears as if I need more equipment which is annoying but prepared to pay. My TV does not have eArc, which might...
  7. G

    Dolby Atmos without eARC

    This simple question has been asked again and again and only seems to get answered when discussing sound bars. "Can I get a true Dolby Atmos lossless audio WITHOUT eARC?" Because the "R" in ARC stands for "return" I never worried about the question because I am receiving the signal directly from...
  8. G

    Playing TrueHD on Non EARC AVR?

    Hi! So I have x1400h that support both DD+ and Dolby TrueHD and my TV is Samsung Q70r (ARC). From what I understand, Netflix and other streaming use DD+, something that both my AVR and TV could handle with ARC. So no problem there. Now let say I want to buy Bluray 4K player, and of course 4K...
  9. Pwainx

    Philips OLED806 sound is buggy combined with Sonos ARC

    Well I've done some testing for the last week and came to the conclusion that the sound of the Philips OLED806 is very buggy. Let me describe mine setup... The Philips TV is connected to a Sonos ARC. For most of mine streaming services I use an Apple TV. I prefer this user interface and the...
  10. SnakePlissken006

    Sony str-dn1080 sound cutting out earc

    Hi I have a problem with my Sony str-dn1080 audio system using earc. The sound is constantly cutting out. I've tried everything and it won't fix. I'm connected to the sony x900h using hdmi 2.1.from the receivers tv port to the tvs earc port. Both have been updated to latest firmware. My settings...
  11. I

    Sony XH9505 eARC

    I’ve already asked this in the owners thread, but it didn’t get much attention, so thought I’d give it its own thread. Just got the XH9505 and set it all up with new Belkin 4K HDMI cables, one for the PS5 and the other for the Sony sound bar (in HDMI 3 / eARC). During the initial tv setup it...
  12. S

    Q90 2020 Software update broke eARC

    Just to save others the same issues My Q90 updated earlier this evening to 2014.1 and immediately refused to recognise the Q70T soundbar on the eARC HDMI 3. I tried everything, restarting everything, changing cables doing the update manually etc Finally what worked was plugging my AV Amp into...
  13. G

    EARC on Denon X4400H

    Hi. At Denon`s home sites there is information that says that the AVX4400H receiver should be possible to upgrade to eARC from ARC. I have tried the latest firmware upgrade but can’t see its working. Any tip on this issue
  14. L

    Yamaha A870 eARC Issues

    Hi everyone - long time reader, first time poster here. I am struggling with eARC on my A870 for 2 Days now, can't get it running. My question: did anybody actually got it working? My Setup: Sony A80J TV / A870 via ARC/eARC Port HDMI 3 / PS5 directly hooked up to TV HDMI 4 Firmware Version 2.85...
  15. R

    Lost eARC connection to tv and soundbar over night. Both work but not together Any Ideas?

    I owe a Vizio M Series M55Q7H1 Tv and have had a Samsung HW-q70t connected to it for about 2 months with no problems. A Xbox one s and a Roku streaming stick plus are also connected via hdmi 1 and 3 as the eARC port is hdmi2 which the soundbar is plugged into. I was receiving eARC connection...
  16. markb1980

    Static noise when using eARC Denon

    Ok this is a tricky one to explain but basically I have just upgraded my AVR to Denon AVR X3500 from a 2200. I seem to get a small static blip form all my speakers when I either switch the source to anything that would use eARC or if I am on the Netflix dashboard and scroll across content and...
  17. T

    Marantz (1711) audio questions earc / dts to PCM

    Yes, I will say it myself, I will probably sound like a nOOb, you can make fun of me if you want but help would still be very appreciated I bought myself a LG BX that i wanted to connect to my Marantz 1711 reciever and all my sources to my reciever, so no arc or earc. Sadly enough i have...
  18. A

    AVR-x4500h eARC sub crossover/range issue

    Hi All, Hooked up my Samsung Q80T cable-hdmi with the eARC setup. My subs are set to LFE/120. But they are running vocals(haven't heard them performing like this) and are really overpowering with bass-(Cbl/Sat). Watched Mad Max through Prime and all my levels sounded phennormal-(TV Audio). also...
  19. GMcKeown

    Using the LG channels on CX55

    I have just upgraded to modern equipment from a 2000-era Pioneer plasma screen to a 55in LG CX OLED and a Denon AVR-S960H. I have set everything up such that my various inputs (Apple TV, Fire TV, BluRay, Media PC) all come though to the TV correctly and I did the room calibration on the 7.1...
  20. G

    Can anyone help with a quick eARC question please?

    Hi all, Can anyone help with a quick eARC question please? A bit of info for context. I have recently upgraded to a Yamaha RX-V6A and currently have all devices plugged into it via HDMI in and then a single HDMI out from the receiver to the TV ARC HDMI port. My old receiver did not have ARC so...
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