1. E

    65 LG OLED E7 series part- HELP

    I have a 65 LG OLED E7 series that just gave up the ghost. I figured it is the power supply considering there was visible damage upon inspection. I have ordered the new board but I need to order a new harness and can't find it anywhere and am unable to see any part number on it. It is the...
  2. B

    E7 fine white vertical line

    My E7 has just done a 2000hr pixel refresh and I now notice a fine white line approximately 20 mm in from the left hand side running from top to bottom, has anybody else had this problem, tried another pixel refresh and a full reset but did not cure it.
  3. J

    LG E7 or B8

    The 55" b8 is £1799 and the e7 is £1699. I'm trying to work out which to buy? (Still considering the b7 too) Looking at the differences between them on RS's website, these are: E7 info on LHS. B8 info on RHS HDR10 VS HDR10+ No gesture control VS gesture control No LED backlight VS backlight...
  4. J

    LG E7 muffled audio issue

    Hi there, I haven't been able to find much advice on this issue, so forgive me if it's been covered an I've missed it. I have a new 65" E7, which I opted for instead of the C7 so I didn't need a separate soundbar. The TV is mounted above a (low) decorative fireplace in a rather large room with...
  5. S

    LG 65 E7 connectivity issues

    I recently got me a 65E7 but I am really struggling to get consistent internet connection on the tv. I am on 30 mbit plan and connecting to the tv wirelessly. Pretty much whenever I restart the tv Netflix, Amazon and Youtube become so painfully slow that they stream at 480. When I fiddle with...
  6. A

    Answered LG E7 Sound Issues

    Hi all, tried searching for my issues but not found. 1. Anyone else have the situation where audio simply disappears? This has been known a few times when watching sky Q. Audio just drops out. Dead. No remote touched. Fixed with a case of turning things off and on or sometimes by changing...
  7. M

    Panasonic EZ952 55" vs LG E7 55"

    I've seen threads earlier this year about this but I at the time there weren't many reviews out for the Panasonic. I was looking primarily at the LG E7 initially, however upon arriving at the store I was shown the Panasonic which is currently about £500 less than the E7 (£1999 for the EZ950...
  8. N

    Any recommendations how I connect an LG OLED E7 to my Onkyo 646 amp?

    So I have the following devices:- Sky HD (obvious my go 4K at some point) Amazon Fire 4K box (obviously this may be less used if the Amazon app is OK on the TV) Bluray player At the moment these are plumbed into my 646 amp as follows:- Sky via optical into amp Amazon Fire HDMI through amp...
  9. C

    Should I update firmware on new e7 oled?

    Had my new e7 for a week now and have discovered the lip sync problem on Netflix with Atmos via av receiver (denon). Tv says no firmware updates available, but the LG website has a new firmware which can be used to manually update the firmware and is supposed to cure the problem.... but it...
  10. S

    More bass for LG E7

    Just bought an LG 55" E7 OLED and while I am pleased with the built in soundbar, as reviews suggest it lacks bass. I want to know if it's possible to connect something like a Warfedale diamond SW150 through the headphone out. You can set the TV to internal speakers + headphones. What type of...
  11. ThomasP

    65" LG B7 vs E7 MODEL

    Afternoon everyone I am on the lookout for a new Lg 65" oled TV. I was going to go with the B7 model from John Lewis @ £2499, but have been intrigued by the E7 built in soundbar £3799 (£800 cashback redemption John Lewis/Lg) so in essence £2999. Went to my local store in Glasgow yesterday to get...
  12. A

    LG B7 / E7 65" Richer Sounds Experience

    RICHER SOUNDS - LICHFIELD How to lose loyal customers... I have been a long term customer for around 20 years - ever since I was a student and purchased my first HIFI from them !! I went to buy an LG 65B7 from Richer Sounds Lichfield yesterday after reading all the hype etc on their website...
  13. G

    LG E7 VESA Mount

    Evening, I'm pretty sure I know the answer already is 400x200 but can someone with an E7 55" measure or confirm that the VESA mount is 400x200 instead of the 300x200 on the B/C series? I either read somewhere or watched a video where they said it had a 300x200 and that's put a bit of doubt in...
  14. S

    Question Difference in sound between B7 and E7

    Need some quick advice... I’m about to push the button on a 65" OLED. I currently have a Panasonic 60" ZT and the sound for day-to-day use is great. (Which I’ll be selling on here – wink wink). I love the look of the B7 but don’r want to fork out £2+ and get worse sound than my ZT – is the B7...
  15. J

    Question OLED E6 distorted screen

    Hey guys. I have my LG OLED E6 playing tricks on my for the second morning in a row. When I turn it on I got distorted/blurry picture - this is how it looks. I then reset to initial setting and everything is back to normal again. Working fine all day, even if I turn it off for a while. Next...
  16. Monobrow

    B7/C7 and LG SJ9 or E7...

    Hi All As title suggests, about to pull the trigger or either a C7 (or maybe B7?) and LGs flagship Atmos soundbar, or just go with the E7 on the basis that it will be almost as good. The mrs doesnt want cables and speakers around so an external setup is out of the question. @ can anyone with...
  17. R

    Question How is the soundbar in the E7 compare to C7?

    Ive seen a good deal for this TV but wonder how good the soundbar is considering the screen panel is identical to the C7. I have a surround system but sometimes when I just watch casually I prefer to only use the TV speakers or are the speakers on the C7 sufficient?
  18. Har-One

    LG OLED E6 Vs E7

    What are the advantages of the E7 range in comparison with the E6 or vice versa? I know that the E6 is 3D capable and the 7 range dropped the 3D. So, ignoring 3D, how do they compare? I would appreciate if replies are focus on this two ranges E6 and E7.
  19. D

    Question SOUND. LG B7/C7 with SJ8 vs E7?

    Hi guys, I'd decided to buy the 65" B7 or C7 months back and waited on an acceptable price which it's now at. I had it for 30 days when it was first release and i'm not going to wall mount it for now which make it so low my centre speaker can't fit in front of it. At the moment Currys have an...
  20. G

    Question LG C7 with soundbar or E7

    Ive been looking at a new tv. Ive settled on a 55" and LG. Ive been looking at the C7 as i prefer the black bevel edge compared to the B7. Most of the reviews ive looked at say i will need to fork out for a sound bar. Currys are doing the LG JS8 for £250. However today I saw and heard the E7...
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