1. MasterJedi101

    Question Replacing my LG OLED E6

    I’m tired of the burn in on my 2016 LG OLED E6 and thinking about replacing it. It’s very noticeable and disturbing, specially when viewing photos. Other than that, I love the picture quality of my OLED and I think the E9 would be a good contender (although no more 3D). But I’m worried about...
  2. S

    Which 3D 65" OLED to buy: LG E6 vs. G6

    Greetings, I am looking to purchased a 65 inch 3D 4K OLED TV. It's a shame that 3D OLED TVs were discontinued, as I'm left with no option but to purchase a discontinued model (my home video library largely comprises of 3D titles). These TVs were cutting edge when they released but I am...
  3. NicolasB

    2016 LG OLED TVs - anyone else having a problem with Dolby Vision for British shows on Netflix?

    The Netflix app on my LG G6 has recently started having issues with Dolby Vision on certain videos - they're advertised as Dolby Vision but play as HDR instead. So far I've established that it affects 14 out of 15 episodes of Black Mirror (seasons 3 to 5 - earlier seasons are not supposed to be...
  4. J

    Question LG - E6 to B7

    hi folks, We'll soon be moving house and I'm very tempted to get a 65 inch TV. We currently have am excellent 55 inch LG OLED - the E6 model. It's sound bar is wasted on us due to always using our surround sound. As the prices on the 7 series have come down I'm looking at either a 65 inch...
  5. B

    OLED E6 and ATMOS

    Hi All, I have an E6 connected to an AV amp (5.1) and use the internal media player to play mkv's from my synology server. Lookign to upgrade to ATMOS 5.1.2. Will the LG send ATMOS data to the AV amp? I like the internal media player as it reduces the amount of kit i need and i don't really...
  6. spot01

    Question How to safely move 55" E6

    anyone had to move their OLED, I need to move mine to another room whilst original is re-plastered and decorated what's the best/safest way to manually carry such a slim OLED
  7. R

    LG E6 Green Tint Issue

    I've had my LG E6 for about 18 months now, and I have it set to ISF dark mode. Up until now, that has been fine for me. However, over the past few days, I've noticed that the picture (from all sources) looks to have a very slight green tint to it. Now I'm not entirely sure whether it's always...
  8. M

    OLED, owned 4 different models. Disappointed.

    Having come from a VT30 of 5 years, earlier this year I decided it was time to dip into the OLED market. Generally I keep a TV for 4 or 5 years before replacing it, or at least that's what I've done with the VT30 and the previous 2 [Panasonic] TVs I've owned. At the time I made the decision...
  9. TouchingEvil

    Answered Lg E6 Oled screen wash

    Hello How often should i use the sceenwash option on my Lg e6 oled ? It say it takes away grinny picture ? Cheers
  10. Taximania

    Question LG OLED E6 Issues With Freesat.

    Greetings: I have an OLED E6 65" purchased within the year and everything is good at Black Rock.However I have a slight dilemma regarding the inbuilt satellite receiver. I said goodbye to Sky for fiscal reasons knowing full well they would make contact as they always do but in the meantime I...
  11. J

    Question OLED E6 distorted screen

    Hey guys. I have my LG OLED E6 playing tricks on my for the second morning in a row. When I turn it on I got distorted/blurry picture - this is how it looks. I then reset to initial setting and everything is back to normal again. Working fine all day, even if I turn it off for a while. Next...
  12. Digitalcanuck

    LG E6 HDMI ports quit working☹️

    Yesterday, all 4 ports on my 10 month old LG E6 set quit working. I tried unplugging the set, buying a new HDMI cable, but no luck. I've ruled out my receiver by plugging every device I own into the set directly. I haven't done a software reset because I've had my set professionally ISF...
  13. M


    I recently had a new software update on my E6 tv - 05.30.10 to resolve the juddering picture issues caused with the sky hd boxes by the disaster update of an update - 05.30.02. Although greatly improved, I'm still noticing e judder - mainly BBC and ITV HD but also on some older music channels...
  14. Har-One

    LG OLED E6 Vs E7

    What are the advantages of the E7 range in comparison with the E6 or vice versa? I know that the E6 is 3D capable and the 7 range dropped the 3D. So, ignoring 3D, how do they compare? I would appreciate if replies are focus on this two ranges E6 and E7.
  15. sammy the squid

    Is it possible to get the Box-nation channel on the LG E6?

    Looking to subscribe to the Canelo/GGG fight at the weekend, is it possible to do that through my tv without sky etc?
  16. S

    Question LG OLED 55in C7 vs E6

    Hey Guys; Upgrading my 7 year old 32in LCD tv. (DO have new PC gaming monitors, so I am not from the stone age). Am considering between C7 and E6, here are the following points: Having 3D is not a huge issue for me E6 is 1330usd cheaper Give me your opinion. Thanks
  17. M

    E6 stuttering picture

    Hi, have had my E6 series oled for around 3 weeks now - all seemed well but did notice a slight stutter on my picture during Wimbledon. A new update went in recently and now the stuttering picture is almost constant but only on sky or freesat. Have contacted LG who are unaware of any issues...
  18. M

    LG OLED E6 65" or LG OLED E7 55"

    Hi I have had my mind set on the LG OLED E7 55" for a while and visited my local hi-fi shop yesterday, to take another look. The E7 55" was on display and had a price of 3500 Euros. However, there was also an E6 65" on display for 3700 Euros. This was the last model. If I purchase the E7, I...
  19. anabolism

    Answered LG E6 65"... To buy or not to buy

    I'm having a mental wrestling match about whether or not to upgrade from my Panasonic TC-P55GT50 plasma to an LG OLED 65" E6. I've been reading through a lot of threads regarding these 2016 OLEDS. So many mixed reviews from TV enthusiasts. Apparently some have issues with the motion...
  20. Z

    LG OLED - Show us your TVs!

    I wanted to buy a LG B6 or C6 but the glossy display is really killing me. I got a shiney room with windows behind me, can't really buy an OLED unfortunately cause all of them are glossy. But maybe I am wrong. So would you guys show me your tvs with turned off screens and windows or lamps around...
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