1. B

    For Sale Dyson straighter - GHD Oracle - Hair weaver

    DYSON CORRALE CORDLESS HAIR STRAIGHTENER - (Black Nickel & Fuchsia). £290 inc delivery - SOLD ELSE WHERE Received as a gift, used 3 times, immaculate condition, like brand new. Complete with all packaging and boxes including pouch. Serial number will be sent to buyer so the warranty can be...
  2. caz2005

    Any Dyson Pure Hot + Cool owners want to share their thoughts?

    Hi there, I'm wanting to buy an air purifier and I've always found the Dyson purifiers appealing (especially the recent formaldehyde edition) now that I'm ready to put down some cash I started reading reviews and was quite surprised at how polarised reviews on the Dyson purifiers are. There's...
  3. Garrett

    Dyson DC40 Suction Problem.

    Dad said his Dyson stopped picking things up also there no suction on the hose in the vertical position. So took it home and though the canister must be clogged, but swapping mine over which is working, it still not not getting any well, extremum little. And yet if you take the canister off...
  4. zantarous

    Dyson Animal Mini detachable head (Have I received a fake)?

    Does anyone have a Dyson Animal handheld vacuum? I have had one for several years and think it is worth every penny I spent on it. Recently one of the mini brushes stopped working (the brush stopped rotating) I was unable to get it working even after taking it apart and cleaning the unit. I...
  5. J

    Dyson V6 part needed!

    Hi all, apologies I know I’m posting this in the wrong thread but I don’t know what I’m doing! If the admin could re-direct this to the correct part it’d be appreciated! So I’ve just had a few wines and taken my Dyson V6 apart as the spindle wasn’t spinning.. I’ve found the part that’s bricked...
  6. gr0uty

    Question Dyson V7

    Need a new vacuum cleaner, wireless. I'm leaning towards the Dyson V7 Absolute at the moment. Looks to have decent reviews. Can anyone here recommend this model or perhaps an alternative? in this price range, £299.
  7. Inked

    Question Dyson Air Purifier filters

    Anyone purchased non Dyson branded filters for their TP04 Air Purifier? I can see on amazon that they are up to 50% less than the cost of original Duson filters but don’t want to purchase if they are also only going to last half as long,
  8. DanielWilko

    Question Dyson V6 Animal Vacuum Issues

    I was wondering if anyone can assist with an issue maybe they have had before or know there way around a Dyson vacuum and what to do? I have the machine (model in title) and it appears to cut off even though it is fully charged. When I take the Dyson off the charger and press the trigger it...
  9. jouster

    Question Replacement Dyson Motorised Head felt/fur strips

    hope this makes sense. Dyson handheld stick vacuumscan come with a motorised head and on the base there is a felt strip that stops the head from scratching surfaces like wood floors. I’m aware I can buy the whole front soleplate that comes with this already fitted for around £10 but I really...
  10. Daft Ada

    Answered Are Dyson fans worth the money?

    My wife wants to get a Dyson fan to replace the old tower one we're using in the bedroom (it creaks if you switch it to rotation mode, and is generally pretty noisy). Are they really worth the extra dosh vs one in the £80-100 bracket? Our old one was only £30 so I'd like an upgrade and not have...
  11. B

    So anyone got one of these new Shark vacs? Any good or Dyson still the best?

    New vac time and instead of buying cheap ones ie £60 every 2 years we are buying a decent one. Boiled it down to these 2, anyone used the new Shark ones, any good? We have a large dog who malts a lot so need a good pet one. Shark DuoClean NV801UKT Powered Lift-Away True Pet Vacuum or Dyson...
  12. Sloppy Bob

    Bargain Expired Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum (Refurb) - £249.99 @ ebay Dyson Outlet

    Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee | eBay Normal Refurb price - £369.99 Normal retail price £520 I've got a V6 Absolute and it's an excellent vacuum.
  13. A

    Dyson DC59/V6 cordless blows air into your face.

    Dyson DC59/V6 cordless blows air into your face. is this air meant to be clean, i find it hard to believe it does not contain microbes and tiny dust particles. I ask because since using one i have sore eyes after use and have developed a chest cough. Both may not be linked to the Dyson but i...
  14. simonlewis

    Tony Dyson

    The man who built R2-D2 Tony Dyson has died aged 68 at his home in malta. RIP
  15. zed4

    Dyson AM05 Fan and Heater

    Hi, My girlfriend wants to buy one of the Dyson AM05 fans. Seems like a lot of money for a fan heater to me, but that's what she wants! Any experience with them? They're £199 at John Lewis this weekend, as aposed to the usual selling price of £370. Are they worth it? Are they expensive to run...
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