1. L

    Amplifier for Dynaudio EMIT M10

    Hi :) Which of these is most appropriate Amplifier for Dynaudio EMIT M10 ? or if you have any other option on the same price range of the first two choices - Rotel A14 - Marantz PM8005 - Yamaha A-S701 Thank you :hiya: Best Regards
  2. U

    Question Dynaudio M20 with VSX-924 AVR?

    Hello, I have Pioneer VSX 924 AVR now paired with Wharfedale 5.1 set. Since the sub has died recently I decided to upgrade stereo channels with better speaker set. I will keep center and surround speakers though. After reading some reviews I have made 4 possible choices: ELAC B6 Monitor Audio...
  3. W

    Question Dynaudio Xeo 2, 5 or alternatives

    I am looking to buy a pair of Dynaudio Xeo 2 or 5s (or open to other suggestions). As much as I love my current (and old) Arcam setup I really like the idea of removing all cables and moving to a more modern setup. I started looking at Dynaudio Xeo 2, though for not much more money you can...
  4. Z

    Question Dali Opticon 1 LnR, Dynaudio Emit M15 C as center?

    Hi, I currently have a 2.1 setup, a par of Dali Opticon 1 and Dali SUB E-9 F. I want to expand to a 5.1 setup. I have looked at Dali Opticon VOKAL but the problem is, it´s to big, I have space for a maximum speaker height of 145mm. I found Dynaudio Emit M15 C with it´s height of 130mm. Is it a...
  5. gasolin

    Dynaudio emit m10 vs Q Acoustics 3020

    I have upgraded my system for my tv from surround sound to stereo with a pair of Q Acoustics 2010i and a used nad amp I like it alot so much im interested in trying the Q Acoustics 3010/3020 to hear how they sound and how good they sound compared my dynaudio emit m10 (don't have a store close...
  6. T

    Question Off brand surround speakers to match dynaudio system.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for advice regarding which surround speakers to buy. I have a dynaudio DM center, dynaudio x16 fronts, and an svs pb1000 subwoofer. I'll likely upgrade my receiver to a Yamaha aventage 1050 soon. I'd like to make a 5.1 or even eventually a 7.1 system. Dynaudio's...
  7. sam500

    Dynaudio Emit M10: Anyone have experience of these?

    I have just moved house and my living room is smaller and I suspect not as soundproofed as my last establishment. I am currently running B&W CM1's with an Arcam A85 amp. The CM1's are a bit of a mixed bag - not the most accurate speaker in the world and not particularly dynamic at low volumes...
  8. adey64

    Answered Q Acoustics 3000 series or Dynaudio Emit series?

    Hi AVF, I am looking for an upgrade to my pioneer andrew jones fs52/c22/b22 setup. I am in East Malaysia so there are not alot of dealers around at the moment the dealers I have carry Q acoustics 3050/3020/3010/3090 Dynaudio Emit m10/m30/m15c KEF Q series q700/q300/q600 I have no idea how...
  9. R

    HELP - Connecting New TV to Hi-Fi Speakers

    Hi I'm in need of some advice please and hoped that you'd be able to help. I recently bought myself a new Panasonic CX802 and I'm looking to connect it through my hi-fi speakers and I wondered what would be the best way of doing so. I have an Arcam A32 amp with Dynaudio Focus 140 speakers. Do...
  10. H

    Side speakers in "difficult" living room

    I'm planning for a 5.1-system currently but could use your help. Here are some photos of my living room: My living room What's the best placement of side speakers in my case, and which type of speakers should it be? (my local Dynaudio-speaker recommends bipole/tripole speakers when sitting...
  11. H

    Matching old series L,R with new series C? (Dynaudio)

    I'm considering putting together a surround system and for this I have a question: Do you think I can get good results from matching my Dynaudio Excite x32 floor speakers with a Dynaudio Excite x24 centre speaker? I'm asking because they are not from the same series - the x32 is from the now...
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