1. Orobas

    New from Dynaudio

    Those crazy Danes are at it again. Couple of lovely new additions Dynaudio PRO adds Core 47 and Core Sub to its professional monitor range - gearnews.com
  2. Paul7777x

    Bargain Dynaudio active speakers...

    ...bit of a half price bargain here, Dynaudio Excite X14A Active Standmount Speakers - White - RRP £1300 (Tatty Box) 5706937114234 | eBay
  3. Orobas

    Upgrade or not.. Roksan Kandy

    I currently have a Roksan Kandy KA1-MKIII amp with a set of Dynaudio DM2/6's and a very decent REL Strata III sub hooked up to it. The Kandy is more than enough power and quality for me as it currently stands. I'm first floor, in a 13ft x 15ft room. Walls on 2 sides are just stud plasterboard...
  4. Orobas

    Definition of Irony.. A hi-fi speaker revelation

    Ok... so I have an amusing confession to make here. I have a decent, well made, neutral amplifier with the Roksan Kandy KA1-MKiii. No issues there. I have a good solid REL Strata III Subwoofer (When REL really made decent stuff) All music and solid.. no issues there.. I have upgraded to a set...
  5. Real Ramona

    Speaker downsizing advice needed - goodbye to big Tannoys?

    I have owned for many years a pair of Tannoy Mayfair T225. These are late 70's units, floorstanding each with a single 10" dual concentric speaker with a passive radiator below. Big warm sound, great with jazz and classical, which I like - not a lot of cop on rock music, which I also like but...
  6. zilexa

    Question Dali Opticon 1, B&W 607, Dynaudio Emit M10

    Looking for great sounding and great looking compact bookshelf speakers, this is now my shortlist. Dali Opticon 1, €318 current/€349 normal price: ++ I love the design of the Opticon 1 speakers and love the sound they produce. -- Unfortunately, they fall short in the lower frequencies...
  7. A

    Question Dynaudio Emit M10 vs Dali Zensor 1

    I was planning to buy Dynaudio Emit M10 bookshelf speakers for my bedroom, but a friend of mine advised against it saying that its a hard to drive speaker especially for my Yamaha AVR (RXV 581). Instead he advised me to go for Dali Zensor 1. Can someone please help me understand why Emit M10 is...
  8. zilexa

    Question Experiences with pairing Dali and Dynaudio speakers

    I want to replace my Dali Opticon 1 stereo speakers with the Dynaudio Emit M10 speakers. I am wondering if the Dynaudio M10 pair well with the Dali Zensor Vokal center speaker because my furniture (the Clic 130, Danish brand) fits the Dali Zensor Vokal excactly, the Dynaudio center speaker in...
  9. waspy

    Question ATC SCM19 vs Dynaudio Special 40 vs PMC 26

    Hi Guys.. I need some help deciding for a new pair of stand mounts. My office which these speakers will go into is rather small. So I don't think FS are in the picture. At present I have a self refurbished B&O S75 but the phaselink unit is getting a bit cracked around the edges.. I need a...
  10. T

    Dynaudio Excite X38 / Rega Elex-R Good Pairing?

    Title I had the pleasure of listening to this set of Excite X38 floorstanders over the weekend and I walked away hearing things I never heard in a song I was very familiar with. I was...floored. It was all I could do not to place an order for them on the spot. I have been wanting to upgrade...
  11. G

    Dali Opticon 1 or Dynaudio Emit M10?

    Hi Just looking for any opinions on either of the above for listening to music in a small room. Partnering equipment would be Rega Planar 3, Rega Brio amp and Marantz Cd6004. Clarity and detail more important to me than absolute bass "oomph". Any advice or opinions appreciated.
  12. C

    Dynaudio sub300 problem

    Hi, my beloved Dynaudio sub300 has died. Dynaudio seem disinterested in any repair or service. The built-in amp has blown in some way. Any suggestions of how to get it fixed? I bought a cheap sub as a stop-gap but this sub is a treat. I am not an electrician, but a £500 sub just should not...
  13. R

    Question Which turntable? Rega Planar 3 or Debut Carbon Esprit?

    Evening I'm looking to buy my first turntable and have narrowed my search to either the 2016 Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2 cartridge or the Project Debut Carbon Esprit SB. Can anyone offer any advice on which I should go for? Current set up is an Arcam FMJ A32 Amp through Dynaudio Focus 140...
  14. P

    Question Elac Debut F5 or Acoustic Energy 305 or Dali Spektor 6 or Q Acoustics 3050 or Dynaudio Emit M10 or

    Or B&W 685 S2 So I have a few competitors, the price tag is around the same i could get them for 482 GBP. These ones: Elac Debut F5 Acoustic Energy 305 Dali Spektor 6 Q Acoustics 3050 Dynaudio Emit M10 B&W 685 S2 The choice is really hard for me, could you help me with some tips, suggestions?
  15. P

    Dynaudio and KEF active speakers popping

    Long story short: A couple of months ago I purchased - and subsequently had to return - a pair of Dynaudio Xeo 2's. Reason for the return being, that they suffered from random pops and crackles during playback, maybe once an hour or so. Not extremely loud, but definitely noticeable and enough...
  16. V

    Slimline reviver with floor stand speakers

    Hi, As part of a new 5.1 setup I am looking to buy a slimline receiver (Space restrictions). I am considering the Marantz NR-1508. (85w per channel) But I wanted to know if I could use my existing Dynaudio Audience 70 floorstanding speakers. These are 210W 4 Ohm speakers. And then mix this...
  17. C

    Question Is Cambridge CXA 60/ RP2/ Emit10 the way to go

    Getting back into playing more music including vinyl and looking to use the dining room to sit round, listen and argue about bands. Looking at seperates that achieve the right balance of quality, sound without busting the bank. Had a look at various reviews and I am thinking of the following...
  18. S

    Good amp to go with Dynaudio Special Twenty Five speakers?

    Hi, I have a pair of Dynaudio Special Twenty Five speakers which I've been running with a NAD C350 amp. I feel I have never got the full capacity from these great speakers. My amp is cutting out on one side (fixed by twiddling the balance switch) so am looking to upgrade. I have been looking at...
  19. A

    Integrated amp for Dynaudio Emit M30

    Hi guys, I bought a new pair of Dynaudio M30s a couple of days back as my second system. I chose the m30s over the Dynaudio emit m20s, the Q Acoustics 3050 and the B&W 683 S2 floorstanders. I'm really confused about the choice of amp to drive my new m30s and I'm hoping for some expert advice...
  20. Draaglah

    Question Ugrading from Dynaudio Audience 10

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum, so hopefully I'm asking in the right place - but here goes! I own a pair of JBL Ti10K's, which I adore, but I'm a student, and spend a lot of my time in relatively small rooms/apartments, so those have to stay back home sadly. Currently, as my small-room-rig, I...
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