1. Paul7777x

    Dynaudio, and ever more room correcting active speakers. 🤩

    Dynaudio have released their new Focus range. All active. Pascal amps. Tons of inputs. And optional Dirac. These might be all the hifi anyone could seriously need. It is the time of the Active speaker. Oh yes...
  2. sfanes

    Dynaudio speakers selection help

    I need help choosing speakers. I want to buy used Dynaudio speakers. The room in which they will be placed is 25m square. I usually listen to rock, jazz, blues ... I listened to Audience 52 in a small room a few times and I really liked the sound image, the purity and the frequency range of the...
  3. P

    Rega Brio vs Bluesound Powernode

    What do people think? I know the Powernode has a lot of streaming options which would be good but not essential - for me at least - and the Brio does not. I have Dynaudio Emit M10s and need a better amp to drive them. I am mainly concerned about the best sound quality over all else. I guess...
  4. Orobas

    Dynaudio Reworks their Emit range.. I'm not too fond of the looks

    So.. Dynaudio have finally decided to attempt to make their speakers look more attractive with a re-working of their Emit range design Read the article here... Dynaudio reworks Emit loudspeaker range | Darko.Audio What's your thoughts?
  5. UpgradingAgain

    B&W 805 D3 vs JBL L100 classic vs focal vs Dali Vs dynaudio heritage and...

    Hi guys, I’m on the AV thread about home cinema speakers and kit that also does music. Having considered this, I think I’d rather go at a music system which can do tv as stereo until later when I can add the AV receiver and surrounds to it. In this way, I’m getting high quality audio first and...
  6. daquiksta

    Question Which integrated amp to power Dynaudio Special 40's?

    Hello, Finally created an account after reading you a lot as I'm decided to be back with an Hifi system at home. I got a pair of Special Forty's and need your advise to pick up an integrated amplifier. I want a small system (wife approved) that can be used as a 2.0 (2.1 in the future) to watch...
  7. M

    Question Advice please - sell my Dynaudio Xeo 6?

    Hi - all advice most welcome I have a dynaudio xeo6 system (active wireless floorstanding speakers with all the amps etc built in) see -https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/Dynaudio-Xeo-6-System-Review/ Quality is amazing and I linked it to Sonos via Sonos connect so can play anything I want...
  8. iotasquare

    Upgrade from Emit 20

    Hi I have a setup of Elicit R and Emit 20 in an untreated room of 16X12 feet, from a Node2i. Listen to 60-70s Rock Classics, Prog Rock, Jazz, Guitars, little Metal. I got the setup without demo, though I like the sound of it, though a little more lower end than what I like, and maybe not that...
  9. T

    Can I use pre-amp variable line out with active speakers with own volume control (Dynaudio Xeo 6)?

    I've just acquired a second hand pair of Xeo 6 speakers. The issue with virtually all active speakers is that they don't accommodate headphones, so my next step is to plug my sources into a pre-amp/streamer with headphone facility, and plug that into the Dynaudio Connect box. I already have a...
  10. T

    Question Dynaudio 18S studio sub for home theater?

    Hi, when researching for subwoofers I came upon Dynaudios Pro subwoofer, called 18S, here it is at Thomann: Dynaudio 18S It costs £1265 and to me it seems to share most if not all components with Dynaudios far more expensive HT/hifi sub 6 at £1999: Dynaudio Sub 6 (Subwoofers) As far as I can...
  11. C

    Question Center to match with special forty ?

    is it a good idea to add a center channel with the special forty speakers ? something that "matches" their sound at least. maybe the contour 25ci ?
  12. C

    Question Best center to match with dynaudio special forty ?

    Timbre-matching center with the special forty ? I'm thinking the contour 25ci. What do you guys think ?
  13. J

    Dynaudio Xeo killing sky WiFi and tv

    Hi, I have some Dynaudio Xeo 2’s which as soon as they’re switched on are killing my Sky WiFi signal and sky tv signal (to Sky Q mini box). I want to use them as tv speakers instead of a soundbar, but they are unusable! For reference, I also have some Focus 20 xd and have zero problems with...
  14. IvanichIvanich

    Dynaudio or elac on isoacoustics

    Hi! Considering either elac vela bs 403 or dynaudio evoke 20 (I know it's a man vs giant comparison woofer-wise though). Will have to use on isoacoustics stands on a very long and heavy (and good resonance-controlled anyway) rack. Just have to... Room 6x4 and high ceilings 3m. Listening distance...
  15. S

    Upgrade advice please: Sonos + Arcam + Densen + Dynaudio

    Hi! I wonder if I could ask the forum's advice please: I would like to upgrade the source component(s) of my hifi and I hope I have given enough information below! Current system: Sonos connect >Arcam irDac > Densen DM-10 > Dynaudio Contour 1.3 Listening tastes: High bit-rate radio, Spotify /...
  16. fazerman45

    Bargain dynaudio evoke 10

    received my evoke 10s yesterday and wow what a little belter of a speaker it is ,and a very big upgrade from the emit 10s that i had,can wait till there run in,got them for 850 pounds normaly 1295,great deal and worth every penny
  17. G

    Question Dynaudio Special Forty/Evoke 20 with Exposure XM5 amp?

    Hey there! I'm about to buy a pair of new speakers (either the Dynaudio Special Forty or Evoke 20) and need to pair them with a amp. I've been recommended the Exposure XM5 amp with Cocktail Audio N15D as a network streamer. I'll mainly be streaming with Spotify, but I'll use the amp/speakers...
  18. L

    Dynaudio Focus vs Excite

    Hi everyone currently I have the Emit M20s and drive them with a Roksan Caspian M2 and a Denafrips Ares II as DAC. Room is 20 sqm. I'm really happy with the overall sound of the Emit except for one thing, I've tried a number of different amps and DACs but I always find the midrange a bit...
  19. F

    Question Sub for my Dynaudio BM5A monitor speakers

    Hi, Looking for suggestions to improve the bottom end of my Dynaudio BM5A monitor speakers, they're active and driven straight from a DAC, so it'll be simpler if I can find a sub that does high pass passthrough, failing that suggestion for a suitable crossover which needs to be decent SQ, small...
  20. mikes48

    Using a Sonos Connect to feed Dynaudio Active Speakers?

    I'm looking to buy a pair of high quality active speakers to replace my old Technics system and my Sonos speakers. Budget £2-3k. Next week I'm auditioning the Dynaudio Xeo20, and also the Dynaudio Focus 20XD, which is over budget but if the sound matches the price I might be tempted. Both the...
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