1. J

    Question Can not find how or if my LG TV remote will run my LG Blue Ray DVD player

    I have a 2013 LG TV 50LN5100 SN 308RMFP9Z907 with a remote, but have a 2014 LG Blu-Ray player model BP145-N.DUSALLK, Ser Num 409HZST003894 which I have lost my remote. Does anyone know if my TV remote will run my player and how to do that?
  2. bruce-leroy

    General Physical (DVD, Blu-ray) Media Talk thread

    As there is a general movie talk thread in the main movie forum, can we have an equivalent thread for general disc talk in here? If not, then close. :D I’ll start off with something. Saw some YouTube vids on Van Damme’s Cyborg which made me want to watch it again (not seen since the late 80s on...
  3. AuldAl

    Panasonic DVD recorder.

    DMR-EX78EB-K DVD recorder has power to continuously running fan only. No power to rest of the unit. I wondered if this can be an easy fix.
  4. HeatherInkpen

    Matsui DVD player

    I've just been gifted a Matsui DVD player, MATDVD3307. No manual. I'm having difficulty finding a manual for it online. All I really want to know is - how do I get the damn thing to open?! (I mean to be able to put the DVD in).
  5. v2 API

    For Sale Nordic Noir collection DVD

    I am clearing out some of my Nordic Noir series, if you haven't yet ventured into the Scandinavian crime drama's, I can highly recommend it. First collection Eyewitness (full series 2 disc) Spiral Boxset 1-3 (outer cardboard box tatty) Beck (Vol 1 & 2) Arne Dahl (Series 1) £40 inc Second...
  6. N

    For Sale Arrow Video DVD Bundle 1

    Hey folks, thanks for checking:) Per Title, I'm looking to move a few of my Arrow Video DVD's on. In this bundle, 4 Argento's and 1 Yuzna: The Card Player - Includes Booklet; Sleepless - Includes Poster; Terror At The Opera - 2 discs - Includes Booklet; The Stendhal Syndrome - Includes...
  7. chris redfield

    Question recommendations for a dvd recorder

    I am looking for a dvd recorder that can allow me to passthrough an rgb signal through scart and not upscale or do any conversion of the signal. the only options I need are to be able to split the signal to composite out and rgb out (through scart) simultaneously. I am also looking for this dvd...
  8. pioneerman

    Wanted Kill bill vol 1 japanese dvd

    Anybody have one they would sell for a reasonable price? 😊
  9. V

    DVD Player play back is too fickle

    I write this in the hope that someone who works on the servicing of dvd players, preferably in the UK, will respond bringing to bear their technical first hand experience: I love dvd players, especially when they have the means to play Single Frame Backwards one step at a time. This is...
  10. P

    Wanted Time-limited VHS, LD, DVD, Blu Ray and UHD titles I am looking to buy

    Hello. Posted similar before and had no joy but will try again with another list! I am looking for the following films on various formats. I wasn't sure where to post an ad covering so many formats so if this is wrong please let me know. Thanks. Not too fussed about condition, though all must...
  11. easyrider3

    Blu-ray player which well converts DVD disc to Full HD or even 4K

    Greetings and for some time now I've been looking to buy a Blu-ray player that will convert a DVD disc well into a higher and better Full HD resolution or even 4K. Of course I know that some are very expensive so I wonder which ones are for the least money to buy.So far I have only found a few...
  12. P

    Question Solid used DVD player in 2020?

    I have an standard definition projector and I am looking for a decent used DVD player to go with it. I'm using an XBox360 currently, but the new DVD players seem so flimsy. Any suggestions?
  13. T

    Amazon region1 dvd.

    I was searching for a hard to find dvd which I eventually found on Amazon. The dvd was available for prime free next day delivery so I was about to order it when I noticed it was also available on blueray. As I have a blueray player, I clicked to purchase without noticing the small print. I...
  14. lordminty

    Connecting a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder to Smart TV

    I returned a loft stored Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD recorder to service, after a small cheap player from Curry’s (Logik) had failed. Old Panny works brilliantly as a player. I hadn’t expected it to be compatible, being 2003 vintage! It’s connected to my Samsung UE48J6300AK Smart TV, via it's...
  15. DHarrison1221

    Parks & Recreation Seasons 1-7 DVD Set (UK Ed.)

    Hi All, I've finally got the seventh and final season of Parks & Recreation for my collection thus completing my set, however, I was wondering if anyone had the 1-7 boxset and was willing to part with the outer box? If so, please get in contact with me! Thanks!
  16. H

    SONY Blu-ray disc DVD home theatre system BDV-E3200 not responding to any of the switches ( POWER on is ok )

    I have a SONY Blu-ray home theatre system with me,BDV-E3200.the problem is , it's power on is working but it is not responding to any of the switches. Rarely the eject button works but insertion of the disc is not working properly and HDMI output is also not coming. I have searched everywhere...
  17. I

    Old Sony BDP-S760 DVD Player vs. New Sony UBP-X700 DVD player

    Hi, Considering changing my old Sony BDP-S760 DVD player with new Sony UBP-X700 DVD player with 4K capability. Reviews of Sony current model UBP-X700 look favourable however, apart from having 4K capability, is it a significantly better machine than the old BDP-S760? It appears that if I'm only...
  18. O

    CODEC problem, portable dvd player

    I've got some MP4 videos on a USB stick which I'm trying to play on a portable dvd player. (The player specifies that it does play MP4s) However, when I put the stick in, it shows the files but it won't play them, saying something like 'CODEC not recognised'. Bit annoying, as I also had this...
  19. bobbymax

    VLC files to DVD?

    Hi Guys. I have three SD micro cards of my Spitfire flight (yes really :clap:) yesterday. I'd like to burn them to DVD so I and family can watch on the TV's so...How can I transfer these files to DVD without purchasing Nero or whatever, if possible? My dosh went on the Spitfire. lol I have...
  20. V

    Sinotec 8150 and Alba 70S DVD Players Slow Motion??p

    I have a Sinotec 8150 DVD player. I also have an Alba 70S DVD Player. In both cases the Instruction booklets claim the machines have the ability to Play BACKWARDS in Slow Motion. I have not been able to find how to do this with either dvd player. I am wondering if the Remote Controls are the...
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