1. Zanerichardson

    Question Confused about VHS to DVD conversion - can this device do it?

    Hi all. I appreciate this question has probably been answered a million times so I apologise. following some family deaths, us young ones want to put the entire family’s collection of VHS recording of old family events onto DVD. my sister bought this player for the job, but I’m reading the...
  2. Cerec1

    4K DVD players better than CD player?

    So I’ve posted here because the guys with more acute hearing may have valuable views on this subject. I’ve been using a Marantz CD 62 Mk II K1 for a few years through an Arcam SA10. well I’ve now bought a Pioneer UHD LX500 and can’t decide yet if, 1 the Pioneer is matching the Marantz 2 If ...
  3. scottyccfc

    Converting DVD to MP4 or MKV

    Hi all Im having a bit of trouble copying some of my old football DVDs to another format. Basically I want to put all these on my dropbox/nas/external hardrive etc as they are easier to watch and I dont have a DVD player as such bar the PS4 and laptop. The problem Im having is every way I...
  4. S

    For Sale Star Wars Trilogy DVD & Lord Of The Rings Trilogy DVD

    As per title. No real idea on price so as follows or make me an offer. £10 each or open to offers if taking both.
  5. cooey

    For Sale Hong Kong Legends and Dragon Dynasty DVD bundle

    Ideally want to sell as a complete bundle. Slips show some wear. All are original releases Hong Kong Legends Wheels on Meals Winners and Sinners The Prodigal Son Miracles Eastern Condors My Lucky Stars Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars Millionaires Express Iron Monkey In The Line of Duty Heart of...
  6. J

    Question LG Remote Volume Up Turns on DVD Player

    I recently bought a 55UM7050PLC telly, and I am very happy with it. On a roll I bought a new Bush DVD Player and connected it up via HDMI. The only problem I seem to get is that when I turn the volume up on the TV with the remote the DVD Player turns on from Standby. I know there are some...
  7. mfp2gosling1

    Backup software for Blu Ray, DVD & 4K’s

    I’ve just bought a Zappiti media player and want to backup my Blu Ray & DVD collection to its hard drive (and USB hard drives) and will also want to backup 4K discs as I buy them, what’s the best software to use for copying my discs onto a hard drive? My PC is running Windows 10. Thanks
  8. J

    Panasonic BDT180 - DVD multi-region hack method

    Hopefully it's ok to create a thread for this purpose. I'm doing it so anyone who ends up in the same position as me hopefully finds this on a forum search or via Google. I'm guessing others will do something similar as it's a popular device. I just bought a new Panasonic BDT180. For my...
  9. D

    DVD Player pixelating and freezing at random intervals

    I recorded a short example here: 15 second recording It audibly has trouble finding the tracks of the discs, is a laser adjustment/replacement in order?
  10. J

    Question Recommendation for multi-region dvd playback on DVD player or Blu-ray player?

    My old trusty Philips BDP3000 has just died. I now need something I can play my old Region 1, 3 and 4 dvds. (I've got another Blu-ray player I can play those on) I've done some searching but nothing leaps out. Ideally it would be a Blu-ray player, so I've got the flexibility to be able to use...
  11. H

    sony hdd dvd recorder hdmi rdr-hx 650

    Hello , i have an old analog sony recorder, i have a digital signal to my tv, i want to use it but cannot find channels for use the option tv, is there a solution or option to make analog to digital . how please help me out. Greets Hans.
  12. C

    Hxd 1095 dvd writer unit replacement

    Hi after putting up for a few years without a working DVD player / writer I finally bought a new dvr u-13hdd unit. After replacing the unit I found the dvd bit works but it throws an error saying the unit should be check by a service rep. And that all recorded content could be lost. so I...
  13. M

    Question Dubbing VCR to DVD - Toshiba DVR19DTKB - can you start/stop?

    Good day - After grappling with the manual, I have discovered how to use the (recently acquired) Toshiba to copy from VCR to DVD - using the dubbing function. This may be the first of a few questions, and I would be really grateful to anyone who can help --- The first is: the manual does not...
  14. parametric

    Toshiba DVR20KB won't copy 4:3 Camcorder Tape to DVD at 4:3?

    I recently purchased a refurbed DVR20KB in order to convert some camcorder VHS tapes to DVD . . . My original Philip DVR70 or 75? would do this quite easily . . . . from an external VHS machine Initially, the unit didn't like my DVD+RW Disks which were Tesco's own Brand, but I found some...
  15. P

    Question DVD not working on different computer

    A while ago I downloaded some videos and decided to copy them to DVD. So I burnt them not as a DVD but as a file, so I could watch them on my laptop and supposedly other laptops as well? As before ejecting a statement would come up in the bottom right of the screen saying something along the...
  16. R

    Question Getting dolby digital audio via optical from old dvd receiver

    Hello everybody, I have the following question: I have a nvidia shield streamer connected by HDMI to a samsung q90r tv. I want to play a movie with dolby digital sound from the streamer, and I want to know if my dvd receiver will be able to output this sound by going through the TV. The DVD is...
  17. Raj007

    Question VHS to DVD Sony RDR-HX870

    I recorded some of my vhs tapes recently through scart onto my dvd recorder. Unfortunately one of the recordings consisted of 20gb. ( I want the highest recording quality as possible) Is there a way I put the video on many different dvds?
  18. G

    Dvd remote doesnt work with Samsung tv

    Hi I have a Panasonic dmp bdt280 dvd player but can't get the remote to work with my samsung le32b550a5wqxu. Is it possiblr? Kind regards
  19. D

    Looking for an amp (with optical input) to replace a broken 2.1 DVD HiFi receiver

    I've had an LG HT462 DVD receiver with 2 speakers and a sub that I was really happy with. I'm only using it as a sound system connected to a PC via optical. Recently the receiver has given up (switches off automatically after 20 seconds) and I would like to re-purpose the 2 speakers and sub...
  20. UKCDJ

    Why DVD & not Blu-ray?

    It really annoys me when you watch your favourite TV show in HD but then when it’s released on home media you can only get it on DVD & not Blu-ray. Some examples; The Trip series 3 & 4 (after 1 & 2 being available) & This Time with Alan Partridge & every season of Benidorm!! Why do they do this...
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