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  1. Dark Raven

    Recording shows from Virgin V6 box to Panasonic DVD recorder.

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. I have a few short TV clips like interviews recorded and stored on my Virgin Media V6 Tivo box. I also own a Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD recorder. I'm trying to transfer/copy these clips to the hard drive of the recorder. Then I can get them onto disc. Currently I...
  2. B

    sony dvd recorder rdr-hxd790 remote not working.

    Hi my parents "sony dvd recorder rdr-hxd790" remote is not working. Thing's we've tried but not solved problem. 1.Tried new batteries 2. Tried resetting the codes Also took the DVD player back to factory reset and now it's worse because can't set DVD up as no remote. I've got a feeling my...
  3. O

    Dvd recorder problem

    When recording something on my Panasonic DMR-EX97 today the programme froze and i had to turn the machine off at the wall socket. Now when i've turned its on again all I get is a please wait message on the machine. Would this mean a new recorder required or is there anything else I can do ( eg...
  4. N

    need a new PVR (re post from the DVD recorder forum)

    (I think I posted this in the wrong forum originally) Hi there. My old trusty Panasonic DMR-EX77 threw a bit of a wobbly last Saturday. For all TV stations there was just a black screen with no sound. In addition, the TV guide never came up when the handset button was pressed. Before I went to...
  5. F

    Philips dvd recorder

    I have one.. Need a bit of help. Got a new TV and like its great when I switch to record off the dvd recorder the picture is much darker. How do I make it brighter
  6. F

    Backup Family video from Samsung DVD-SH893M

    Hi I have the Samsung DVD-SH893M , which has the build in HD , have all my family videos in the hard-drive. The problem is the player DVD burner is broken and no way I can get the backup. But luckily I can play through HD and see on TV. Initially I was thinking to buy the new TV which has...
  7. J

    Panasonic DMR-EX75 dvd recorder replacement? (Scart + component video out + tuner)

    After surviving from 2006 for 2019, my ex75 stopped playing Dvds and I replaced it with another one (which seemed close to new). Unfortunately the tuner on that seems to have stopped working and I am not inclined to fiddle with soldering irons to try to fix it. What would be a more recent...
  8. J

    Replacing a predigital plasma tv + DVD recorder

    My 15 year old Panasonic plasma tv panel is still going strong, but unfortunately the predigital source that I have for it ~ a Panasonic DVR outputting a component rgb signal has failed again. The original one lasted a decade or more. I replaced it with a refurbished one and the tv tuner on...
  9. J

    LG RHT497H hdd dvd recorder flashing ring and won't start

    Hi I have a LG RHT497H hdd dvd recorder it has suddenly stopped working and has ared purple flashing circle . I have tried a hard rest on it ie power button 10 secseject button 5 secs the hold for 15 secs while plugging in power cable .it worked the second attempt but now is not working at...
  10. 1

    Blank DVD's - for Sony DVD Recorder.

    I'm finding that regular bought blank DVDs often don't record correctly. . . . I'm careful to buy the correct type +R and sometimes the "better" makes appear to record reliably... but even these will give a duff recording every-so-often . . . . I don't use the full-disc capacity, leaving about...
  11. H

    Hitachi DVD Recorder problem

    Hi, my Hitachi DVDS163A (Australian version) has served me well over the years, but is now recording and also stopping constantly, and whenever it feels like it, even when the remote is not facing the machine & with its batteries removed. It is like it is doing it all by itself, and I cant...
  12. M

    Multi region blu ray DVD recorder or HDD

    Hi there, I‘m looking for a new device to replace my old Panasonic DVD recorder. I want the following, if it exists multi region blu ray and DVD Either HDD with ability to transfer to external storage Or recordable DVD Any help please? Thanks
  13. A

    LG 43UN73006LC connection to Panasonic DVD recorder

    M-in-law was recently gifted a new LG TV. I connected her old Panasonic DVD recorder DMR-EX 89EB to it. There seemed to be only one way to connect it. Seemed to be working OK. Checked it recorded from TV. Couldn't get her Magic remote to control it but she wasn't too worried about that. We now...
  14. I

    Poor signal on Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EX84C

    Hello! I'm so sad right now, because my beloved Panasonic DMR-EX84C is failing me, despite many hours of replacing each and every electrolytic capacitor inside, an effort now proven to be completely unnecessary. Why then, some might ask, did I bother going through with mentioned procedure in...
  15. AuldAl

    Panasonic DVD recorder.

    DMR-EX78EB-K DVD recorder has power to continuously running fan only. No power to rest of the unit. I wondered if this can be an easy fix.
  16. chris redfield

    Question recommendations for a dvd recorder

    I am looking for a dvd recorder that can allow me to passthrough an rgb signal through scart and not upscale or do any conversion of the signal. the only options I need are to be able to split the signal to composite out and rgb out (through scart) simultaneously. I am also looking for this dvd...
  17. lordminty

    Connecting a Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD Recorder to Smart TV

    I returned a loft stored Panasonic DMR-EX77 DVD recorder to service, after a small cheap player from Curry’s (Logik) had failed. Old Panny works brilliantly as a player. I hadn’t expected it to be compatible, being 2003 vintage! It’s connected to my Samsung UE48J6300AK Smart TV, via it's...
  18. D

    Question Samsung DVD Recorder R119, can't view Sky+ Box signal ?

    Hi, I just got an old Samsung DVD recorder R119, I'm trying to record a few programs I've saved on my old Pace Sky+ box ( 2009) I've used a scart lead to connect the Sky box (VCR Scart) to the DVD recorder (AV2 (external)) but the the Sky box signal doesn't appear on the AV2 input on the DVD...
  19. diannebye

    Trying to Connect TV DVD Recorder and Humax HB1000s

    I normally work through connecting up devices in the past and mostly get there eventually. This time decided to Move Panasinic DVD Recorder DMR EX769 to another room that has two saterlite connections available.The Humax Freesat does not seem to have enough points to connect the Freesat box to...
  20. G

    Question Panasonic DMR-EX78 dead

    Hello., I have a Panasonic DMR-EX78 DVD recorder, maybe around 10 years old. It had been working perfectly and now there is no display (such as the clock), the unit will not switch on by its own swich nor using the remote. The fan does run, though. The outputon screen, fed by SCART lead, is...
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