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  1. D

    Pioneer LX01 - AXD7530 remote control to operate SDVR-LX70D HDD DVD Recorder

    Dear All ... my AXD7530 remote control no longer works; does anyone know which other Pioneer model's will operate the HDD DVD recorder (SDVR-LX70D) please? If there is no Pioneer alternative, is there anything else that will work (OEM)? Thank you. Marc
  2. S

    Panasonic DVD recorder/PVR - USB to HDD (Hard drive)

    Hello, I need advice/recommendation on what model I need the following: I am playing on buying a Panasonic DVD recorder/ PVR but want it to be able to move files from a USB stick to the internal Hard drive. (It is crucial I can do this!!!) Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. djeyewater

    Using VHS to DVD recorder as RGB scart to HDMI converter?

    Does anyone know if the old VHS to DVD recorders you can get (I've been looking at Panasonic models) with RGB Scart in and HDMI out will convert RGB Scart input to HDMI (and do it decently)? All the info I can find about them is just talking about their output of Freeview TV, DVD, and VHS over...
  4. A

    Dvd recorder sound problem

    I have connected dvd recorder and everything works ok except when i record a tv programme the picture is good but the sound is awful. Please help im desperate.
  5. K

    Question Dazzle DVD recorder Capture Source Problem

    Hi All, I would like to use my Dazzle DVD Recorder to record my VHS tapes to my computer. While selecting the Instant DVD Recorder Program, when I want to select the captured souce I only get two options and that is either Integrated Webcam or Pinnacle File Capture on the picklist. I believe it...
  6. B

    Ripping and burning homemade DVDS

    Hi, hopefully I am posting in the correct section. I have about a 100 DVDS that I burned using an RDR HX900 Sony Dvd burner that I bought in 2005. The original sources were VHS tapes that I burned to a mini dv tape. Also recorded standard definition footage with a Canon-GL2. Burned that footage...
  7. A

    Recording to DVD from 2 separate manufacturers

    Okay, so when my Panasonic DVDR failed I was halfway through compiling a DVD from various sources: I had the first half of something put onto the DVD, but not the second. I've given up hoping to find a suitable secondhand Panasonic, but have just grabbed a secondhand Toshiba DVDR, but it...
  8. Glen Zabriskie

    LG Blu Ray and LG DVD Recorder conflicts

    I know this is a UK based forum and I am in Utah, USA so its more of a generic question. I have both a LG 3D Blu Ray player and a LG RC797T DVD Set top Recorder. It seems to use the exact same remote codes so I cannot use them both in the same room at the same time. If I do , they both open...
  9. R

    Virgin box to DVD recorder

    Hi, this is my first post. What cables do I need to connect the Virgin Tivo 6 box to my Panasonic DMR EX77 DVD recorder and where do they go? I have the HDMI splitter and HDMI to Scart converter. Thanks.
  10. Emcee

    Reset parental control

    Hi all, I've recently bought a second hand Panasonic hwt 150 DVD recorder and I can't access the parental control, I've tried the 0000 and all other 4 number combinations but none work. As this model doesn't have a screen I can't use the yellow/blue button combination either. Can you reset the...
  11. P

    Blu ray dvd recorder tray

    I have had a Panasonic DMR BWT 720eb Recorder for some time, had no trouble until now, I encountering slight juddering from the tray when I eject discs, Does anyone know whether it is a lubrication problem, ie hardening or lack of grease on the eject mechanism, have never had to remove anything...
  12. T

    No FreeSat Input on Panasonic DVD Recorder

    Hello I recently bought a Panasonic TV which has a Freesat input and all the channels are there and it works fine. I also bought a Panasonic twin tuner DVD recorder (DMR-PWT655EB). Unfortunatey it does not have a Freesat input - something I should have checked before buying it! I therefore...
  13. A

    Question Sky box ->scart-> Dvd recorder ->hdmi-> Tv?

    I have a dvd recorder (LG DRT389H) with scart inputs and scart/hdmi outputs, and I currently have it connected to both my Sky box (in) and tv (out) via Scart. I intend to change my tv to one without Scart inputs, so I would have to connect the recorder to the tv via Hdmi. Will the Sky picture...
  14. R

    Question Can I use my DVD recorder with a 4K TV without a scart connection?

    I'm a bit old school in a number of ways and, for the purposes of this forum, it manifests itself in that I like to record from the telly. Thankfully, I have long moved from VHS to DVD but I do like that physical copy for a programme or event I've enjoyed and want to keep a copy of. Currently...
  15. B

    Recording from Humax Freeview box to DVD recorder. Or not.

    Hi again I posted recently about wanting to record World Cup matches from Freeview to DVD for posterity. My problem was that the expensive Panasonic dvd recorder I bought wasn't loading Freeview TV channels. I bought a cheap Freeview box with a view to recording FROM that to the DVD recorder -...
  16. B

    Question Setting up DVD recorder: can't load TV channels.

    Hello all, and thanks for reading. I had a Panasonic DVD/HDD/VHS recorder for years, mainly using it to convert my large collection of VHS tapes (thousands of music clips off the telly, football matches, just anything I liked and wanted to keep) to DVD. It was a labour of love, but the machine...
  17. T

    Help High Speed Copy with DMR-BWT850 dvd recorder

    Hi I just bought a Panasonic hdd/dvd recorder it’s a dmr-bwt 850 I would like to set it up for high speed recording from hdd to dvd-r but it’s not playing game it’s for a lad with autism so any help in doing this is really appreciated ty
  18. N

    Old Panasonic dvd recorder, glitching to AV1?

    Hi all, I know things have moved on, but I recently tried to help a non-techie friend get some TV recording ability using some older inherited kit: I don't think the exact models are needed but will provide if necessary. Last weekend I connected a Panasonic dvd-recorder through a generic...
  19. J

    panasonic dvd recorder dmr ex 97cegk not recording

    Greetings I have a dvd recorder panasonic dmr ex97cegk Panasonic DMR-EX97C schwarz Preisvergleich | Geizhals Österreich and a IPTV (arris box). Between them i have installed a fracarro HDMI to DVBT modulator, because DVD doen not have any other input(s). DVD finds a channel which is set on...
  20. A

    Is a non-Freeview DVD recorder still any use?

    Following the failure of my beloved Panasonic DVDR/VCR combi's DVD assembly (details in my sig), I'm still looking at other options. One of those was to buy a secondhand DVDR from a charity shop or the like - but one I've seen recently is a pre-Freeview model (and may still have had VideoPlus...
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