dvd recorder

A DVD recorder is an optical disc recorder that uses Optical disc recording technologies to digitally record analog or digital signals onto blank writable DVD media. Such devices are available as either installable drives for computers or as stand alone components for use in television studios or home theater systems.
As of March 1, 2007 all new tuner-equipped television devices manufactured or imported in the United States must include an ATSC tuner. The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has interpreted this rule broadly, including apparatus such as computers with TV tuner cards with video capture ability, videocassette recorders and standalone DVD recorders. NTSC DVD recorders are therefore undergoing a transformation, either adding a digital ATSC tuner or removing over-the-air broadcast television tuner capability entirely. However these DVD recorders can still record analog audio and analog video.

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  1. effects

    lg RHT497H dvd recorder output

    Hi, I have a lg RHT497H dvd recorder connected to my LG TV and sky box. I want to record the skybox content to the recorder which I have done so in the past. But recently the Av2 on the DVD recorder preview is showing the picture cutting off the TV logos It feels zoomed in. I have added...
  2. Annie_M

    Cloner Alliance recorder (Pro)

    Hi. Hope this post is in the right place. Does anyone have experience with the Cloner Alliance Box Pro? Recently purchased one to replace our ageing Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder. Generally speaking I'm well pleased with it. It offers usefully versatile connectivity. Sound and picture quality...
  3. S

    BUSH DVRHS02 VHS / DVD Recorder Combo - User Guide

    I'm trying to find a user guide for a Bush DVRHS02. I searched online and the links provided in posts from years ago no longer work. Hoping someone on here can help. Thank you
  4. J

    Question Is my Panasonic DVD recorder kaput?

    Hello: Our Panasonic DVD recorder (DMR-EX773EB, used in the UK) has been in use, from new, for seven or eight years. It has never raised any problem that I have been unable to cure by re-tuning etc., but yesterday, it failed to record a BBC1 news programme. On investigating this, I found that...
  5. O


    PANASONIC DMR EX77 DVD RECORDER FREEVIEW - I have bought a second hand machine, their are three LOCKED RECORDINGS , how do i unlock these recordings to delete. thanks
  6. bodziostawski

    LG RH397H HDD DVD Recorder - frozen display

    Hello! I got LG RH397H HDD DVD Recorder. When I try to turn it on, first of all I see "Hello", and after that - such a situation. This device model, from my observations, had a lot of "hangs" on the "hello" screen, but not later. I think I see a distorted "Read" there, but I'm not entirely...
  7. F

    Suddenly Getting No Recording Allowed Message On DVD Recorder

    I've been using my Magnavox 513 DVD Recorder for years with Optimum cable. Suddenly tonight I get the no recording allowed message on the DVD screen. I get it on every channel, not just the one I wanted to record. Does anyone else now have this problem with Optimum and has anyone found a way...
  8. F

    Dvd recorder error ,this screen does not support hdcp

    So I have a hdmi to scart and a splitter from sky . When I go to record off sky the third picture this screen does not support hdcp. Anyone know how to fix this
  9. F

    Dvd recorder

    I use it a dvd recorder to record off sky plus box.um.upgrading to a q box. I plug a scart into the back of Sky plus box..what can I use for the sky q to connect?
  10. M

    Toshiba HDD & DVD RD100KB recorder not turning on

    Hello, I would be grateful for any advice re. Toshiba HDD & DVD recorder model RD100KB. It no longer turns on. The power to the device is still working as when I turn the power on at the plug socket, there is a clicking noise, as if something is working but not properly. Previously when...
  11. AVjourneyman

    Any reliable used DVD Recorder buys/suggestions? Retro games recording. SD + HD suggestions please!

    Hello and how are you doing etc. I ask apropos of this: Bought what I thought was a 'normal' DVD Recorder from Ebay, got it today and it looks to be a DVR like the old ones used for connecting satellite/Sky decoders etc. Maybe I am splitting hairs here and they are actually doing the same...
  12. B

    Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Recorder 0nly showing in black and white

    Hi I received a new remote control today(N2QAYB001078) when I tried to use it on my DVD player (Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Recorder model DMR-BWT460) it worked fine except the picture on the TV was black and white I changed back to the old remote control and it made no difference still black and...
  13. R

    Issue trying to connect Panasonic TV to DVD recorder

    Hello there I am running into issues trying to connect my Panasonic Smart TV to the DVD recorder of the same manufacturer. The TV source Is Freeview via the aerial which hooks into the back of the DVD player with the RF cable completing the loop to the TV itself. RCA cables are also linked...
  14. C

    Used DVD Recorder

    I want to copy some recordings off my Sky Box onto DVD+R so I can play them on other DVD Players. I used to do this via an old Philips DVD Recorder but the tray has locked up. I'm considering buying a used Panasonic DMR-EZ25 or DMR-EZ27. Can anybody confirm that these will definitely record from...
  15. F

    Can a PAL DVD RECORDER work over in the states?

    Does anyone know if you can use a standard PAL UK DVD Recorder over in the states? I actually sold one recently and I did message the person if he was aware it was PAL as in USA their region is NTSC but now they've got it and they're saying there's no picture. I did test it so I know it to be...
  16. S

    DVD Recorder

    I'm new to the forum so hope this posting is in the right section! I've got a DVD recorder, model, DMR-BWT800, which I use for recording films of the tele which I then transfer to disc then finalize so that I'm then able to play on my laptop whilst pounding the treadmill. The recorder is...
  17. A

    Problem with Panasonic dvd recorder

    I have a problem with my Panasonic dmr-ex97 The timer recoding light, red clock, is permanently on and I am unable to do anything at all, play, record. Every press of any button just shows a flashing solid white box by the red indicator. Any ideas would be most welcome.
  18. 2

    Panasonic DMR-BWT720 1TB DVD Recorder. "Audio not supported"

    Hi, I wonder if anybody could shed any light on a problem I am experiencing? I have 2 of the above recorders, both purchased at the same time, one in the lounge and one in the bedroom. On Saturday, I put a Blu-Ray DVD in the lounge machine, it started as usual, ran the preamble, but when it came...
  19. Dark Raven

    Recording shows from Virgin V6 box to Panasonic DVD recorder.

    Hi all. Looking for some advice. I have a few short TV clips like interviews recorded and stored on my Virgin Media V6 Tivo box. I also own a Panasonic DMR-EX87 DVD recorder. I'm trying to transfer/copy these clips to the hard drive of the recorder. Then I can get them onto disc. Currently I...
  20. 1

    DVD Recorder has died

    My Sony DvD Recorder has died - it "Clicks" for a while then says: Error - return to Sony dealer. It just won't start-up and gives no HDMI output - except the delayed Error-Message. I'm guessing the HDD is at fault.... although it is in a safe-place and never dropped. I'm wondering if the OS...
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