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A DVD player is a device that plays discs produced under both the DVD-Video and DVD-Audio technical standards, two different and incompatible standards. Some DVD players will also play audio CDs. DVD players are connected to a television to watch the DVD content, which could be a movie, a recorded TV show, or other content.
The first DVD player was created by Sony Company in Taiwan in collaboration with Pacific Digital Company from the United States in 1994. Some manufacturers originally announced that DVD players would be available as early as the middle of 1996. These predictions were too optimistic. Delivery was initially held up for "political" reasons of copy protection demanded by movie studios, but was later delayed by lack of movie titles. The first players appeared in Japan in November 1, 1996, followed by U.S. players in March 26, 1997 with distribution limited to only 7 major cities for the first 6 months.
Players slowly trickled into other regions around the world. Prices for the first players in 1997 were $1000 and up. By the end of 2000, players were available for under $100 at discount retailers. In 2003 players became available for under $50. Six years after the initial launch, close to one thousand models of DVD players were available from over a hundred consumer electronics manufacturers.
Fujitsu released the first DVD-ROM-equipped computer on Nov. 6 in GB. Toshiba released a DVD-ROM-equipped computer and a DVD-ROM drive in Japan in early 1997 (moved back from December which was moved back from November). DVD-ROM drives from Toshiba, Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi, and Sony began appearing in sample quantities as early as January 1997, but none were available before May. The first PC upgrade kits (a combination of DVD-ROM drive and hardware decoder card) became available from Creative Labs, Hi-Val, and Diamond Multimedia in April and May 1997. In 2014, every major PC manufacturer has models that include DVD-ROM drives.
The first DVD-Audio players were released in Japan by Pioneer in late 1999, but they did not play copy-protected discs. Matsushita (under the Panasonic and Technics labels) first released full-fledged players in July 2000 for $700 to $1,200. DVD-Audio players are now also made by Aiwa, Denon, JVC, Kenwood, Madrigal, Marantz, Nakamichi, Onkyo, Toshiba, Yamaha, and others. Sony released the first SACD players in May 1999 for $5,000. Pioneer's first DVD-Audio players released in late 1999 also played SACD. SACD players are now also made by Accuphase, Aiwa, Denon, Kenwood, Marantz, Philips, Sharp, and others.

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  1. H

    Hdmi port

    Qq.the built in dvd on my sons tv has stopped working. The tv has only one hdmi and it already has a firestick in it. Can i buy anything to split it so i can plug the firestick in and a dvd player? I know you can buy hubs but you have to press a switch to switch sources and a cant have that...
  2. P

    Question Connecting a DVD player without an amp.

    I have an old DVD player installed in my canal boat which I would like to re instate to play CD's. Its built into a cabinet so I do not want to dispose of it and leave a nasty hole in the woodwork. Is it possible to connect the player direct to a modern soundbar or speakers without going via an...
  3. C

    Question Mdp1070 repair or service

    Hello all, Was given a mdp1070 which has issue comming up to speed to load dvd movies or music cd, any repair shops in California Central Valley that can repair? Thanks in advance, Cesare
  4. T

    Quality DVD/Blu Ray player of old

    I have an old PS4 that I've used for DVD and blue Ray, never liked it as I like to be able to see the control buttons, and as I don't use it much the controller goes flat. So when I do want to use it, like now, I cant. I like to buy older quality as it suits my budget, what should I look out for...
  5. R

    DVD's wont play

    I recently upgraded to a new Smart TV which does not come with the component (YPbPr) connections that my DVD player uses. I have tried several different converters/scalers trying to get the DVD player to work correctly with the TV. Unfortunately each one has done the same thing. The DVD menu...
  6. C

    Question Connecting DVD player to LG 60" OLED

    I have a 60" OLED LG, working fine, and I'm trying to connect the old Pioneer Blu-Ray player. I have it all cabled up and once saw the DVD screen, so I know the hardware works. The problem is the settings: I don't have the remote for the Pioneer anymore, but when I push the Play button on it, I...
  7. P

    Multi-region LG player won’t play region b

    Hi All, Im in the usa. Few years back I bought a region-free dvd / Blu Ray player. LG BP155. The sticker on the back says it plays dvd0-8 and blu ray a-c. It has played other region dvd’s fine before. Bought a new region b blu ray and it does not work. I get an error message that says sorry...
  8. P

    AV connections

    Now connected my old Panasonic tv with scarts as follow TV AV1 out to AV2 DMR-EX87,TV AV2 out to AV1 BWT-720 then AV2-BWT-720 to AV1 DMR-EX87 but no connectivity then finally HDM I to HDMI BWT720 then HDMI 2 to HDMI EX87 but no connectivity, could this be due to an incorrect remote as there...
  9. RayP

    Availability of The Insider on physical and streaming media.

    When I got my first DVD player close to 20 years ago one film I enjoyed very much was The Insider. A true story of US tobacco firms and the lengths they went to to get people to start smoking. Russell Crowe played the lead character and the film was very well received. I gave all my DVDs away...
  10. 1

    Panasonic Blu-ray player DMP-BDT280/TV TX40X700B

    I have just bought the above DVD player for use with above TV …and have an aspect ratio problem…can you help? I have adjusted the aspect ratio to all the options (4/3,9/6 etc) offered on the DVD player but cannot get all content to fit on to tv screen.This is the case whether playing DVDs or...
  11. H

    Samsung ht-z510 (or maybe any dvd player) problem

    I have an old samsung home theater ht-z510. I had to get it repaired because of some electrical issue that burned out a component. The piece was replaced about 8 months ago and all was well. Before fixing I took out the dvd tray motor etc, disconnected the cable from the main board since I...
  12. NG123

    Philips BDP 1502/F7 Need help removing region lock.

    Does anyone know hpw to remove a region lock from a philips BPD 1502/F7 dvd/blue-ray player? It is region 1 and I want to watch discs from region 2 that are not available in region 1.
  13. E

    Panasonic 820eb How do I see sublitles

    I have a Panasonic 820eb and a Sony XR 42a90k TV and I can’t seem have subtitles operating when watching a DVD. Can someone please explain how I do this. Thanks
  14. T

    Panasonic DMR-EZ48V combi 'U61' error help

    Hi, I have a Panasonic DMR-EZ48V combi VHS/DVD player that is stuck in the 'U61' error/self-check loop. I found some blown electrolytics on the main board which have now been replaced and all other electrolytics have tested ok. I've cleaned the laser lens and tried a factory rest but is simply...
  15. morgansweep

    Question DVD player connection PC Sata to HDMI

    DVD player My old Alba DVD player 2007 has packed up, no suprise there, but it hasn't had lot of use. I have searched the forum for an answer without success. My question is, I have an old Sony dvd cd rewritable drive which I rescued from a PC, can it be used to connect to a TV? The dvd drive...
  16. P

    One coaxial input isn't enough.

    I have a DVD player and a still working DVR for some old family movies. The TV has a single antenna in port with a coaxial connection on the other end that works on both devices, so we have to switch cables back and forth from time to time. I thought a splitter could solve the problem, but...
  17. I

    Sony BDP-S1700

    Hello everyone, I use above mentioned player as my second device next to my Panasonic UHD-Player. While I was setting the player up, a little yellow "pen" fell out of the player's slot for the power supply. I put it back in and the player works but now I am worried it may get a short circuit if...
  18. M

    Which portable DVD player…

    About 12 years ago I bought a portable Sony DVD player, it was small about a 7 inch screen but robust and reliable. It still works to this day. I’m looking to get another slightly larger one for long car journeys for my youngest child. I know it’s old tech but this is what I’m after. Does anyone...
  19. B

    Control DVD player with TV remote?

    Asking for wife at cottage with limited net access. Has Sony TV with RM-YD035 remote. Has Sony DVP-NS400D dvd player with no remote. DVD player is connected to the TV and works with buttons. Can the dvd player be controlled with this remote? How? Will need a detailed description. Many thanks.
  20. S

    Can't Play CD on DVD Player without TV Being on

    I have an LG OLED B2 hooked up to a Yamaha YHT-4950U receiver and a Sony BDPS 1700 DVD player. I want to listen to CD in the DVD player without tv on. All connected via HDMI to receiver. Can't figure out what to do. Greatly appreciate any help. Tx!
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