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  1. G

    connection dvd player

    Hello All, My Sony HXD995 video recorder, dosnt play DVD.s they jump , freeze and stop, what i want to know is, can i connect a DVD player to the HXD video recorder, to play dvd's through, The HXD has 2 scart sockets, 1 which is connected to the TV, the other is not used. and would it have...
  2. R

    For Sale Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 28” CRT TV with built-in DVD player - REDUCED

    Classic but still amazing B&O BeoVision Avant 28" CRT TV in immaculate condition. This has lived in a pet/child free house and there are no marks anywhere. An outstanding sound system and top build quality. Floor stand motor works perfectly. Original remote and user guides included. Built-in DVD...
  3. YNoot

    LG OLED: No sound, image only from DVD Player

    I want to share with you my experience about an issue I just solved a few hours ago. Hope this sharing will help someone someday. Issue: I got no sound when playing a DVD / Blu-ray. The DVD player (an old Harman-Kardon) was plugged into my LG DSN11RG soundbar linked to my LG CX6 TV via HDMI...
  4. B

    Panasonic DMR-EX98V problem with DVD player

    I have a Panasonic DMR-EX98V which I bought I think in 2009. The DVD player stopped working a few years back. It gave an error while burning a DVD and after that it signalled that a DVD was loaded even though one wasn’t, and gave the NOREAD error when a DVD was loaded. I researched that at the...
  5. W

    Cheap DVD player that plays most formats MVK/AVI/MP3/MP4 and so on

    Does anyone know of a cheap DVD player that plays most format? Thanks Jeff
  6. M

    4:3 supporting DVD player

    I watch mostly B&W 4:3 ratio DVDs on an old top-of-the-range Denon multi-region player and an office-type projector with onboard speaker and 6' x 4' wall screen. I am having difficulty finding a new player supporting 4:3. Is there anything out there? I want a machine which is reliable and not...
  7. B

    Question PANASONIC DP-UB450EB 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray & DVD Player

    Thinking of buying this in the January sales. I currently have a 4K 55" Samsung Qled TV and after looking at this player I noticed that it has 2 HDMI connections at the back. Would I need 2 cables for this to work? My TV does have 3 HDMI sockets on the back. It's a bit confusing, new to all of...
  8. J

    Question Component video via VGA for connecting old DVD player to new TV

    An elderly relative's television packed in recently so I've been organising a replacement remotely. I plumped for a Toshiba model, the 32LL3A63DB 32-Inch - see https://toshiba-tv.com/uk-uk/support/product/32LL3A63DB This is a question about connecting the existing DVD player to the new TV when...
  9. bobbymax

    LG BP250 Blu-Ray and HDMI DVD Player (Multi Region DVD Side Only)

    Got fed up with my old PS3 with the disks jamming. (has been great up to now though) So thought I'd get one of the above. Just wondering if it'll work with my LG Magic remote? anyone know, please?
  10. J

    Question Can not find how or if my LG TV remote will run my LG Blue Ray DVD player

    I have a 2013 LG TV 50LN5100 SN 308RMFP9Z907 with a remote, but have a 2014 LG Blu-Ray player model BP145-N.DUSALLK, Ser Num 409HZST003894 which I have lost my remote. Does anyone know if my TV remote will run my player and how to do that?
  11. HeatherInkpen

    Matsui DVD player

    I've just been gifted a Matsui DVD player, MATDVD3307. No manual. I'm having difficulty finding a manual for it online. All I really want to know is - how do I get the damn thing to open?! (I mean to be able to put the DVD in).
  12. V

    DVD Player play back is too fickle

    I write this in the hope that someone who works on the servicing of dvd players, preferably in the UK, will respond bringing to bear their technical first hand experience: I love dvd players, especially when they have the means to play Single Frame Backwards one step at a time. This is...
  13. P

    Question Solid used DVD player in 2020?

    I have an standard definition projector and I am looking for a decent used DVD player to go with it. I'm using an XBox360 currently, but the new DVD players seem so flimsy. Any suggestions?
  14. I

    Old Sony BDP-S760 DVD Player vs. New Sony UBP-X700 DVD player

    Hi, Considering changing my old Sony BDP-S760 DVD player with new Sony UBP-X700 DVD player with 4K capability. Reviews of Sony current model UBP-X700 look favourable however, apart from having 4K capability, is it a significantly better machine than the old BDP-S760? It appears that if I'm only...
  15. O

    CODEC problem, portable dvd player

    I've got some MP4 videos on a USB stick which I'm trying to play on a portable dvd player. (The player specifies that it does play MP4s) However, when I put the stick in, it shows the files but it won't play them, saying something like 'CODEC not recognised'. Bit annoying, as I also had this...
  16. R

    Can a Sky HD box be connected through a 4K Dvd player or home cinema amp with 4k up scaling?

    I've just upgraded my home cinema amp to an Onkyo with 4K up scaling. I've linked the sound to my LG TV, working fine. However, is there a way for me to connect the Sky to the Onkyo to benefit from it's picture upscaling? If that's not possibly could I achieve the same end with a 4K DVD player...
  17. S

    Logik 22FHD LED TV and DVD Player FAULT

    Morning - This TV at start-up the picture about 40 mm from bottom is blank but after 10-15 min later the picture returns but leaves a very thin line accross the screen 40 mm from bottom !? Now in the Olden days there was a particular point on the TV case that was identified with a particular...
  18. C

    I have sound from my receiver, cbl\sat box, dvd player, but no picture to my projector screen, the screen is only blue from turning on

    Turned on my home theater, the projector bulb is working, but i can't get any picture on my projector screen. I've got sound from my cbl\sat box, sound from my dvd player, sound from my pc, but none of them give me a picture onto my projector screen. I tried replacing the HMDI cable from my...
  19. M

    Trying to use Panasonic SA-BTT290 as main amp for surround system.

    I'll try to be as brief as possible. A relative asked if I could help him set up his new Panasonic Blu Ray player model DP-UB820. Though I've never had a Blu Ray player myself I do have a reasonable appreciation of electronics. He said it was just a little job he needed help with since the...
  20. A

    looking for a cheap bluray DVD player with rca audio output. any recommendations?

    I don't need any streaming nor networking. I have a sizeable DVD collection and wedding DVDs. I want to keep watching these.
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