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  1. P

    Sanyo DVD player (no remote)

    Hello to all. I have a Sanyo DVD player model number SL25. But the remote is broken. Could anyone recommend a replacement please? Thanks
  2. K

    North American DVD player for Europe

    I am planning to move to Europe soon. I am having a Home theater system installed in my new home and would like to keep all of my North American DVD's over 300 presently. Is there a DVD player that I can buy here that will operate in Spain? Is it as simple as buying a DVD player and plugging it...
  3. Manor49

    Scart DVD player to LG tv HDMI

    Could someone suggest the best way to play a DVD using a SCART player to an LG smart tv HDMI input? Is there a recommended adaptor? Thanks.
  4. H

    External DVD player - for accessing PDFs!

    Hi, all. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive but reliable (new) external DVD player for use with my laptop? This may sound odd, but I only need it so I can access the extra material on DVDs (PDFs, etc.), so if anyone can confirm first of all that that is easily done with these external drives...
  5. H

    Problem getting back to tv viewing after using DVD player.

    New to this but have a question about why I sometimes have a problem getting back to tv viewing after watching movies on my DVD player? Thought changing inputs on tv would work but didn't this time.
  6. Shylok

    Hitachi-LG GP96 Multiregion Hack? Portable Android DVD Player

    Hi, i have just bought a portable dvd player for my tablet that works on android. Hitachi-LG GP96 However i have discovered on set up using the Disc Link Platinum app it asks me to set a region but says this can only be changed 5 times before it locks. So im wondering is there a multiregion...
  7. MattBradz

    REPLACEMENT screen wanted - Panasonic portable DVD Player - LV60 - 5.8”

    Hi, I’m trying to fix the screen that has broken in my Panasonic DVD-LV60 portable DVD player but I can’t find one anywhere. It is 5.8 inches diagonally wide and on the ribbon it says ‘39N T 1 LNF 0025” If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to get a replacement, that would be...
  8. S

    Bush TV/DVD 32” multi region hack please 2020

    Bush TV/DVD VL32HDLED-D multi region hack please? TV made in 2020
  9. R

    Which Disc Player for a 5.1 Surround System?

    I am looking for a player to complement my existing 5.1 surround setup. I need it mostly to play old CDs and DVDs (not even HD!). I have exactly one BluRay-disc and little incentive to buy more, since we already have Netflix. Were I to buy more discs they would more likely be opera than film...
  10. B

    DVD player that plays MP4 from USB?

    l want to get a DVD player that plays MP4 videos on a USB flash drive. Most models l've done research on do not support MP4. Some state support for MPEG4. ls that the same as MP4?
  11. Chrispt77

    HDD DVD player fan noise?

    Hi, currently using the Panasonic DMR EX768 HDD dvd player and noticed that the fan seems to be on constantly when the TV is on and the dvd player is in standby mode. I have aerial cable coming from the wall directly into the dvd player then another aerial cable from dvd player into the TV. When...
  12. KekoTheFox

    A very peculiar issue - Graphical Artifacts and Auto Shutdowns when attempting to read discs on Polaroid DVD player

    This isn't my usual player, I bought this faulty to try to repair but I'm not too sure what could be causing this, I suspect it's the main chip on the board which is a Sunplus sphe8203R chip but basically it attempts to read discs but everytime it does it either shuts down, displays static or...
  13. everytuesday

    Jvc NX7 connection issue with UB 900 DVD player

    Hello! I’m looking for a bit of troubleshooting help + a good cable recommendation for my setup. It seems like either my projector broke, a cable broke or my DVD player broke or a combo of that. Last week this setup was working and now it’s not. My original setup was DVD player->denon x4500 ->...
  14. S

    Blu Ray DVD player decision...

    I have been using my Xbox Series X and PS5 for DVD playback. Primarily it's for Blu Ray with an emphasis on DV and Atmos playback. My sources go into a HD Fury Vertex 2 and then into a Samsung LSP9T that connects to a Samsung HW-950A soundbar by ARC. DVDs have been purchased in the UK but I'll...
  15. M

    Initialise problem with LG DVD Player

    I used NERO to record a formatted DVD from a downloaded film file. The DVD works correctly on my TV DVD Player and on one of my LG DVD players. When I try to play the the DVD on my second LG DVD player I get a message asking if if I want to initilise !!!! I don't have options other than to...
  16. K

    Connecting DVD player

    I want to connect a DVD player on the best method. I have on the DVD yellow, blue, green, red and black and also red and white for audio The TV have greeen, blue, red, white and red Can i use a yellow, red white kabel to HDMI or are scart a beter quality
  17. I

    Home cinema popping speakers issue

    Hi I have a Panasonic 5.1 dvd player home cinema which is connected to my tv via twin black and red cable. Recently im getting an annoying popping and and screaching sound from the speakers even when the volume is down to zero or the tv is off. The only way to stop it is to turn off the dvd...
  18. G

    connection dvd player

    Hello All, My Sony HXD995 video recorder, dosnt play DVD.s they jump , freeze and stop, what i want to know is, can i connect a DVD player to the HXD video recorder, to play dvd's through, The HXD has 2 scart sockets, 1 which is connected to the TV, the other is not used. and would it have...
  19. YNoot

    LG OLED: No sound, image only from DVD Player

    I want to share with you my experience about an issue I just solved a few hours ago. Hope this sharing will help someone someday. Issue: I got no sound when playing a DVD / Blu-ray. The DVD player (an old Harman-Kardon) was plugged into my LG DSN11RG soundbar linked to my LG CX6 TV via HDMI...
  20. B

    Panasonic DMR-EX98V problem with DVD player

    I have a Panasonic DMR-EX98V which I bought I think in 2009. The DVD player stopped working a few years back. It gave an error while burning a DVD and after that it signalled that a DVD was loaded even though one wasn’t, and gave the NOREAD error when a DVD was loaded. I researched that at the...
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