1. sodesfeux

    Dune HD Max Vision 4K

    Hi, A New model of Dune HD will be available soon.... I like its large VFD (OLED) and I find it classy. ------------- Media Playback 4K Dolby Vision & HDR10+ video playback: decode 4K video content in various popular formats including H.265 10-bit and VP9 profile 2 up to 4Kp60 HDR...
  2. E


    I have two Dune Players TV-30 3D and H1 player, I can connect to my Synology NAS Server no problem, but although I can see my Windows 10 computer on my players I cannot connect to the shared drives on the Windows 10 computer only. I have the permissions on the shared drives set to anyone, SMB...
  3. S

    Dune HD Solo 4K - My Collection Issue

    I have two DUNE HD Solo 4K units which are both exhibiting the same strange behaviour on My Collection. Basically I have a group of around ten movies that with not show up on My Collection. By "not show up" I mean they are not even in the list of unassociated movie files. They appear to be...
  4. Stonefox

    Question Dune Pro 4K media player Top Menu geriatric mod

    Hi I have an 87 year old mother who is loosing her memory due to senile dementia. She lives alone and watching series and movies is a very important part of her entertainment each day. I fill an external USB drive with video she likes and keep it loaded with fresh content as she watches on her...
  5. B

    Question Are PS4 controllers compatible with Dune HD Pro 4K II?

    And generally if you know any controller like PS4 controller that it is compatible because I don't like the remote control that was inside the package neither the app at my mobile phone. Thank you in advance! Regards Vaggelis
  6. Vowing

    Question Dune hd 4K pro ii

    I recently bought dune pro2, but unable to play true hd or hd master. may I know how to setting?
  7. daKlone

    Question Dune SMART H1 - HDMI Sparklies & Cut-Outs?

    Has anyone had a problem with their Dune SMART-series device whereby it produces 'sparklies' in the output (pixels that seems to flicker between normal and full white) and constantly cuts-out altogether (OK for a few sceonds, then black, then OK for a few seconds ad nauseam)? Do you know what...
  8. alex5908

    Dune HD Neo 4K T2 issue

    Hello everybody, I am not sure if this is a correct place to post the thread here. Any way. I own Dune HD Neo 4K T2 Plus. Some time ago the position where I stopped watching a movie is not memorized any more. I installed the latest firmware and wiped the cache. Nothing helped. Is there a way to...
  9. PhilUsher

    Dune HD Pro 4KII & Hulu problem

    I just purchased a Dune HD Pro 4KII, and I am learning how to get the most from it. My primary reason for purchase was to enjoy multi-channel music, which took some tweaking but is working (the key to success with this is in Setup/Audio/Digital audio output mode which should be changed from the...
  10. lfr1ross

    Dune HD Pro 4k ll

    i recently bought a Dune HD Pro 4k ll and I need help . After trying every thing I could find ,I am now asking if there any one out there that could help me out indeed someone that can set up server as well as files and folder system for movies .Of course I am willing to pay for this service...

    Dune HD Pro 4K V - Plus II

    Upcoming Dune 1619 chipset and 3 Hdmi ! Dune HD Pro
  12. M

    Dune Pro 4K Plus -> My Collection sort issues. Alternative to My Collection?

    I just got a dune pro 4k plus. I loved my mede8er, but without x265 support, it was time to upgrade. One thing i'm thrilled about is how i can use the Dune for playing my local files and for the streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube, Crunchyroll, etc.). I used to use the mede8er to...
  13. SBBrown

    Dune HD SmartBox buggy not playing Multichannel FLAC files or DTS Movies without glitches

    I am trying to play multichannel FLAC files from my NAS on this new SmartBox. It will not play them in multichannel, the mix down to stereo. I have a Dune Base 3.0, and it does the same well. Also, when I play DTS soundtrack on the SmartBox, there are video glitches. I just got this box...
  14. AJSG

    Dune HD Pro 4K II - no 5.1 sound from Android

    Has anyone been able to get the device to output 5.1 from the Android Apps such as Netflix? I can get 5.1 from NAS stored films via both HDMI and Optical but every permutation I have tried outputs 2.0 from Netflix (even playing UHD films). Thanks.
  15. topgazza

    Question Dune HD Smart H1

    I'm selling my Dune with a WD Green 3TB drive in and a potential buyer has asked an interesting question. Can you play music stored on the Dune without the TV being on ? There is a Dune Control app that gives you the same visual menus as the TV and remote so that would seem possible. But I...
  16. G

    Question DUNE HD Pro 4K II: first feedback

    I bought the new Dune HD Pro 4K II, and this is my first impression: technically, it's a beautiful player that can read everything (for the moment), but functionally, it's a non finish product: There is several little bug in the application: - CEC control from TV is back to default value after...
  17. U

    Blue tooth extender for Dune HD Max 4k?

    Hey all, Can anyone recommend a blue tooth extender for my Dune HD Max 4K? I want to use my Hiby phone app to access and control using the link option to the Hiby app on the Dune. It works fine but because my equipment is under the stairs hidden away I have very limited range and the...
  18. J

    Dune HD Player

    Hi, I have a Dune HD TV player which I was using for a paid streaming service. I am no longer subscribed to the service but purchased the box from the provider when I first joined. Is it possible to use the box to stream Netflix, Youtube or any other services? Thanks
  19. mtenga

    Dune HD 2020 Players Owners Thread

    So these boxes are out in the wild and I’ve got the baby brother RealBox 4K arriving on Tuesday. Of most interest will be to see whether either new model supports HDR10+. But with only one HDMI out this would mean direct connection to the TV for most which compromises HD audio back to the...
  20. MisthaLu

    Dune HD Pro 4k and BD-Live?

    Testing the Dune HD Pro 4k playing a blu-ray. Works fine, except the BD-Live part doesn't seem to work. It won't fetch anything online. java.lang.SecurityException This is a typical message to receive if the device prevents Internet access. On the Dune HD Smart D1 (and many other devices) this...
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