1. Z

    For Sale Dune [4K UHD] [2021] [Region Free]

    Amazon kindly delivered this today so just watched it and realised my player doesn't support DV so ended up with HDR10 so intend to buy the iTunes version instead. £22 including p&p.
  2. J

    Dune Remotes

    I have a Dune HD as music storage and recently bought the Dune Pro Vision 4K Solo for movies. My problem is that both remote controls work on both devices so I have to cover the sensor on the one I dont want to use. Any way of programming the old remote to the HD and/or the new one to the Pro...
  3. Unintended Consequences

    Dune HD Real Vision Media Player Programming Samsung Universal Remote?

    I’m trying to set up the universal remote to work with my Dune media player/AVR/Samsung Neo QLED TV. However, when I select “OTT box“ the Dune brand is not listed. With this in mind, does anyone know if it will work if I select another brand?
  4. D

    Dune Pro 4K II - System Player Defaults

    Is there a way to change the Dune system Player defaults? Currently the default for aspect ratio is set to "Full" which distorts some movies. Is there a way to have the default set to "Fit"?
  5. Eltee

    For Sale Dune with Slipcase.

    Dune UHD and Blu-ray. Italian version with slipcase still in wrapping and opened at the top. Fully English. Watched twice. £21 delivered first class.
  6. B

    Dune HD Pro 4k - Dolby Vision

    Hi I've had my Dune HD Pro 4K for a while now , and I guess its classed as obsolete , however apart from a partially dimmed display - I love it. Up until now - it has handled all file file formats , but it wont play any file that is in Dolby Vision. The Firmware is up to date , so I am unsure...
  7. kungfuman

    For Sale Dune 2021 (Italian Version)

    Owned new by me, just opened and watched once. Will post 1st class.
  8. rulocal

    For Sale Dune 4K Steelbook (IT)

    For sale is the 4K Steelbook of Dune, as pictured. This is the Italian release but the discs are essentially the same. A couple of imperfections which look like someone has been nibbling at it. Not me 😂 £26
  9. M

    For Sale Dune 2021 Italian import with slip

    As new condition Italian text on the covers all content is in english. £21 delivered PPG or BT.
  10. Nice Monkey

    Guide on which brand media player to select (Dune, OPPO (clone), Zappiti and Zidoo)

    Guide on which brand media player to select This for playing local content including native DVD/BD/UHD in ISO or Folders with or without their respective menus. Regarding Video format support and Picture Quality including DV and HDR10+ all mentioned media player models are good and offer...
  11. F

    Wanted Dune 2021 steelbook

    Hi all, happy new year! Looking for a steelbook edition of Dune (2021) 4k Is anyone selling? Thanks for your time…pete
  12. djpaulc247

    For Sale Dune (2021) - Italian Blu-ray, disc only, Atmos track

    Dune (Italian) - Blu-ray which came with the Italian 4K release, disc is region free and contains Atmos track - £12.50 posted 2nd class. This is for the standard blu-ray disc only, no case or UHD disc.
  13. S

    Wanted Dune 2021 UHD

    Hi, I'm after Dune 2021 UHD. Thanks.
  14. R

    Dune HD max vision 4k sound to soft

    I own the Dune HD base 3d and recently got the HD Max vision 4k. Within its capabilities, the HD base 3d has always done well. The HD Max vision 4k, on the other hand, gives audio problems. Only DTS music gives good sound. The sound of the max vision is far too soft and the dynamics are hard to...
  15. Z

    No access from the DUNE media player to my QNAP NAS

    Hi all, my new DUNE HD Real Vision 4K media player (firmware 210415_1106_r17) is not able to access to my QNAP NAS folders via SMB. But my QNAP is shown in the network browser. When I am entering user ID and password, no access is possible. Fun fact: if I connect my former DUNE HD SmartBox 4K...
  16. T

    Buffer / caching problems: 4K UHD Blu-Ray Drive via 1Gbit Ethernet on Dune RealVision 4K

    Hello guys, normally I only play MKV and 4K ISO files via external USB 3.0 drive on my Dune RealVision 4K and so far I'm very happy with the many firmware updates Dune provided to improve the playback capabilities. But as I also would like to play my films directly from (4K) Blu-Ray Discs, I...
  17. AJSG

    Dune Pro 4k 2 vs Nvidia Shield - Audio Issues with Dune

    Dear All, I have been a Dune user for a very very long time but am really struggling to hold on. My current issue is that I cannot get the Dune box to output multichannel properly, especially Atmos. I have a Shield which connects to the exact same content so I know it is not a file type...
  18. wmy5

    Dune HD Pro Vision 4K Solo, DSD output via HDMI?

    https://www.dune-hd.com/products/dune-hd-pro-vision-4k-solo Hello, first-time poster here. I am interested in buying a digital player and I am curious of the DSD output capability. I saw in the specs that Dune HD Pro Vision 4K Solo can output 2CH and MCH PCM up to 176.4kHz when playing SACD...
  19. E

    Dune HD Magic 4k and Netflix error

    I just got the new Dune HD Magic 4K like a few days ago, set up everything properly and everything else work EXCEPT Netflix. I’m getting the stupid error 1044. I can browse and see the previews but as soon as I select a show to watch , the 1044 error "'This title is not available to watch...
  20. S

    Which media player, Zappiti, Zidoo, Dune Ahhhh what to do ?

    Can anyone help, I have always used cheap little media players but I am now lucky enough to be building a dedicated Home theatre with some great kit so I want to buy a much better media player, I do want one with internal storage but not 2 drive bays, I want 4K, HDR10 and Dolby vision and maybe...
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