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  1. R

    Dune HD - best solution for playing music without TV?

    Dear community! I have a Dune HD Magic 4K+ that is connected to a NAS with audio and video files. Furthermore, I have a beamer and a sound system connected to the Dune HD Magic 4K+. Now I want to play music files from my NAS on the sound system WITHOUT turning on the beamer. Ideally, I can...
  2. D

    Dune HD Max 4K - what could actual price for used one?

    What could be the price for used Dune HD Max 4K with all accessories and original box ? This one: Dune HD Max 4K Max 4K is discontinued and replaced with Max Vision 4K what cost new around 800€. But Max Vision does not have re-clocked SPDIF what was quite good for connecting external DAC.
  3. G

    Dune RealVision 4K low audio

    I have just upgraded to Dune RealVision and keep my files on an external drive. Oddly, the volume level on MP4 files is playing back VERY low. All the other video files are fine, this just happens on MP4 files. Can anyone offer a solution for this? Thanks
  4. N

    Dune HD Real Vision 4K - unwanted automatic power-on after ac loss

    Hi guys, I don't know if what i explain now is a correct working feature of my new Dune HD Real Vision 4K. I shut down the device (the result is the same if i put it in "standby mode" or "complete power off" as selected in the system preferences menu): the device stay shutted and on the front...
  5. G

    Dune HD Real Vision audio problems

    I have just upgraded from a previous Dune to Dune HD Real Vision. I keep my video files on external hard drives and plug in using the USB port. However, sometimes when I play a file, Dune says that there is no recognisable audio. If I do a Factory Reset, it then recognises the audio and plays...
  6. B

    DuneHD Real Vision 4K issues - can't add folder to collection, can't connect to SMB, etc

    I have 2 Windows 10 computers. The SMB on one connects fine to Dune. The SMB on the other PC only works for internal drives, not external drives. I have set permissions on the SMB folders to Everyone. Completely public. Also, another huge issue, the My Collection app will only let me add a...
  7. W

    Dune HD Streaming Devices for ISO movies

    Hi guys, hopefully someone with some experience with these devices wouldn't mind helping me out. I've been meaning to research these devices for years but honestly just never have the time anymore. For year and years I have organized all my DVDs and BDs by using AnyDVD to rip them to ISO and...
  8. worcesternaf

    Dune HD real vision 4k or Zidoo z9x???

    Currently have a vero 4k+ for playing rips. While its stable, easy and works great BD menus are lacking and that is annoying me. My use case is slightly odd as I rip full uhd disc but playback is 1080p SDR because i'm using a Epson tw9200 projector. (at some point ill upgrade to a 4k projector)...
  9. M

    Dune HD Real Vision 4K

    Hello Is there anybody that gave the new Dune HD Real Vision 4K unit? I have a question about external srt. thanks
  10. A

    Question Zidoo Z9X or Nvidia Shield Pro

    On my previous thread I got some very helpful suggestions as to which media player I should get to replace my Mede8er MED600X3D. As I use a portable USB hard drive it was pointed out to me that any replacement needs to have a USB 3.0 input in order to power the drive. I have looked at the...
  11. quirico

    Flixgrab mp4 files audio problem in DUNE HD Base 3.0

    Hi. I am a former customer of Dune. I own two Dune HD Base 3.0. Since I bought them I never had any problems with them. Only in one of them I had a hardware failure (power supply) in 2013. Fixed thanks to the help of Dune technical support. All video files have always played smoothly. Until...
  12. Vowing

    Question Dune hd 4K pro ii

    I recently bought dune pro2, but unable to play true hd or hd master. may I know how to setting?
  13. lfr1ross

    Dune HD Pro 4k ll

    i recently bought a Dune HD Pro 4k ll and I need help . After trying every thing I could find ,I am now asking if there any one out there that could help me out indeed someone that can set up server as well as files and folder system for movies .Of course I am willing to pay for this service...
  14. M

    Dune Pro 4K Plus -> My Collection sort issues. Alternative to My Collection?

    I just got a dune pro 4k plus. I loved my mede8er, but without x265 support, it was time to upgrade. One thing i'm thrilled about is how i can use the Dune for playing my local files and for the streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube, Crunchyroll, etc.). I used to use the mede8er to...
  15. MisthaLu

    Anyone tried making custom firmware for Dune HD devices?

    I've been reading a bit about the Dune HD devices lately, and recently stumbled across this: Dune HD Firmware Build Service - Dune HD STB - FIRMWARE BUILD SERVICE Dune HD Custom Firmware Images - Dune HD STB - CUSTOM FIRMWARE IMAGES Apparently it's possible to create your own firmware. That...
  16. V

    Problem to connect to network with Dune HD Smart B1 Player

    i just made a new clean installation of windows (version 1909) and now for some reason i cant share anything on my network. i have an dune hd b1 mediaplayer connected to my network which i always used for accessing my shared files from my computer but i get the message "cant access shared...
  17. G

    New Dune HD Max 4K / HD Ultra 4K

    Dune has launched two new premium players, the Dune HD Max 4K and the Dune HD Ultra 4K. They both include the well-known SoC Realtek 1295, dual HDMI outputs, HIFI hardware and toroidal PSU. Available in Europe since May 2019: Mediaplayers Firmware updates: Dune Firmware Zone Dune HD Max 4K...
  18. B

    Question Dune Pro 4K Plus ERROR

    Hi I have searched the forum , and the following error seems to get buried in long discussions , and Im unsure of the outcome. Time is not always on my side to read hundreds of pages Im afraid. Anyway , I'm getting an error message : Dune HD Shell isn't responding Its not the fact that I'm...
  19. B

    Question Dune Pro 4K Plus video playback not working

    Hi I managed to get this player to eventually see the Folder on my PC that contains all my films after much help here. For a few days now - all has been well. Long story short , I have bought a NAS and was trying to stop it asking for a user name and password in MY COMPUTER folder in Windows 7...
  20. B

    Question Dune Pro 4K Plus connection help

    Hi I have just taken delivery of this player. Dune Pro 4K Plus I have set up the network connections via CAT 5 , and the player will find my PC and the Plex Media Centre. However , I want to find the PC directly but I cannot see the PC in the search area - IE uPnP I cannot work out how to do...
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