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  1. B

    DuneHD Real Vision 4K issues - can't add folder to collection, can't connect to SMB, etc

    I have 2 Windows 10 computers. The SMB on one connects fine to Dune. The SMB on the other PC only works for internal drives, not external drives. I have set permissions on the SMB folders to Everyone. Completely public. Also, another huge issue, the My Collection app will only let me add a...
  2. Mandarynek

    How can I play video smooth? - fixed.

    Hi. I shared some videos to shield TV and second player dune real vision. I have local lan gigabit connection. Kodi on shield TV can't play this video properly and also dune can't. Picture and sound interrupts. I don't know where is the problem. This is not streaming. Both players use hardware...
  3. Unintended Consequences

    Dune Realtek 4K ‘linear pcm’ via Netflix add-on

    Hello, new subscriber here. First of all, I’d like to thank everybody in advance for the support. Anyway, so I’ve got my new Dune 4K media player set up in conjunction with my new Samsung Q led Neo and want Dolby Vision and DTS so I go via the media player if I want to watch Netflix Dolby...
  4. M

    Dune Pro 4K Plus -> My Collection sort issues. Alternative to My Collection?

    I just got a dune pro 4k plus. I loved my mede8er, but without x265 support, it was time to upgrade. One thing i'm thrilled about is how i can use the Dune for playing my local files and for the streaming apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Youtube, Crunchyroll, etc.). I used to use the mede8er to...
  5. U

    Dune HD Max 4k editing the inbuilt jukebox?

    Hey all, Ive just purchased a Dune HD Max 4k. Very happy with this after upgrading from my PCH A410 in terms of performance and sound quality. My question is about the Dune inbuilt jukebox. I want to edit the genres so that I can identify easily Atmos or lossless films or even just group...
  6. G

    New Dune HD Max 4K / HD Ultra 4K

    Dune has launched two new premium players, the Dune HD Max 4K and the Dune HD Ultra 4K. They both include the well-known SoC Realtek 1295, dual HDMI outputs, HIFI hardware and toroidal PSU. Available in Europe since May 2019: Mediaplayers Firmware updates: Dune Firmware Zone Dune HD Max 4K...
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