dual monitors

  1. M

    Dual Monitors

    m a bit overwhelmed with the amount of options for connecting laptops to monitors there are. I have 2x 24inch monitors and want to run an extended screen from either of my laptops.(laptop doesnt need to act as a display.) ive been reading up and trying to get it working but i cant. Its in...
  2. Kasen23

    Dual Monitors setup. 75hz and 60hz both same monitor?

    So I have 2 same monitors but the main monitor is outputting at 75hz connected using and HDMI. The 2nd monitor is connected at 60hz using a hdmi cable connected to a hdmi to display port adapter. Could this be the reason why I'm only getting 60hz on the 2nd monitor? Should I bypass the adapter...
  3. J

    Freesync Monitor with dual displays with AV Receiver Issues

    I have a GTX 1080 Graphics card connected via DP 1.4 to my LG 34GK950F monitor. A second cable - an HDMI goes out from the same Graphics card to my Denon AV Receiver (X3300w) solely for audio, therefore, I have no monitor or TV connected to the video out of my AV Receiver. The AV Receiver will...
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