1. N

    Can I add DSP to my old 2.1 hifi?

    My system is about 20 years old. Arcam A85 integrated amp with B&W CDM 1NT passive speakers, plus a newer BK Gemini sub. Current inputs are an Audioengine wireless receiver and an Audioengine BT receiver, plus a Blu-Ray player, all connected by RCA cables. I like the system, and have no desire...
  2. A

    Using Straight DSP setting on Yamaha receiver, not getting surround audio.

    Hello. I have a Yamaha RX-V385 receiver. When I set the DSP program to Straight and watch surround sound content on Netflix (via Chromecast), I get audio in the surround channels as expected. However, when watching a surround sound blu-ray, I don't get audio in the surround channels unless I...
  3. J

    Does the dialog level setting have an effect on all DSP modes (Yamaha RX-779) ?

    I max out the dialog level setting on the receiver when watching TV and movies becuase I have trouble understanding the voices clearly. However, I dont want that setting to affect music when I am listening thru Airplay or if I have the 7 or 2 channel stereo DSP settings on. The setting stay on...
  4. M

    by pass dsp

    i have an older rx-a1020 on which the dsp chip on the hdmi board is defective, can i use the pure direct mode to bypass this and use the phone rca imput?
  5. ivayvr

    Neumann KH80 DSP or Genelec 8320A with a sub

    I currently own Adam A5X and REL T Zero sub with Node 2i as a source / pre amp. The room is approximately 3.5 x 4.5m and the speakers are along the longer wall closer to the right hand corner. The sound is very nice but since the room is untreated and it will remain so (total lack of WAF) I...
  6. K

    A780 best sound mode to cover all signal type?

    A780 with Atmos 5.1.2 setup. Been back and forth on the proper DSP/Decoder mode to cover all content types without needing to switch between modes. Previously been using "Auto" surround decoder, and its benefit is that it recognizes Atmos tracks and at the same time able to upmix any 5.1 tracks...
  7. jason1wood

    Yamaha DSP Z7 (non ARC) with EARC TV

    as title, I have a Yamaha Z7 Receiver running my 7.1 M&K setup with power amp. Been thinking about going with an OLED with EARC. Currently have Sky Q, PS4, Fire TV for Netflix etc. My problem, I think, is that if I start watching 4K Netflix, sky etc, my receiver can't pass through 4k if I'm...
  8. Mulldog

    Question Does a good quality DAC matter if you have DSP monitors?

    Hello all, I did try to have a search first but I couldn't find an answer sorry. If I have a mediocre audio interface into my computer and the speakers have their own internal DSP / DAC, does the quality of the DAC before the DSP processing stage matter? I was looking to see if a higher...
  9. G

    Question Alternative to a Yamaha DSP-E800

    I am re-establishing a Home Cinema - Last time i had a stereo HiFi set up then the Yamaha drove the centre/rears. I want to do the same again as i still have a decent bi-amp system. What receiver options are there? I am not looking to spend a lot - £300ish. (things seemed to have moved on a...
  10. LovingLife69

    Advice on Mini DSP advice

    Hi All, Could someone give me a bit of a steer on which Mini DSP usage... I am after a DSP to control the frequencies of my two sub woofers (B&W ASW 675). Do we have any Mini DSP users who can help in the practical differences between Mini DSP 2x4 and the HD version a good upgrade worth the...
  11. P

    Room Correction - DSP's - Bass Absorbers - etc etc

    I'm looking at putting a HIFI in a room that I think is going to cause problems. Its got a large window opposite the speakers, a large beam in the ceiling where a wall was taking out by a previous owner. Plus it has a suspended wooded floor... This may have a massive effect on the sound, or it...
  12. doorofnight

    Review Dutch & Dutch 8c cardioid speakers

    This is my listening room. Currently I am listening to the Dutch&Dutch 8C speakers. I am used to listen to Dali Euphonia MS4 speakers with 4 JL-Audio E112 subwoofers and Lyngdorf amplification with RP and MiniDSP. My room is acoustically treated. I have had many speakers in my room - and I have...
  13. S

    Grandfathers Meridian DSP 5000 & 500 CD TRANSPORT

    Hi hope you any of you are able to assist. My late Grandfather left me a system, Meridian DSP 5000 speakers & CD 500 series. It has been left in the loft for a number of years as the cables/remotes were missing and I have been searching for months to find the appropriate remote & cables for it...
  14. U

    Inuke DSP Standby Power Consumption

    I've just been checking the power consumption on my recently installed Inuke 3000 DSP amp. Whilst it was switched off on the button on the front and no lights on / no fans spinning my wattmeter shows it consuming 35watts. Seems to be a lot of watts for a device that is physically switched off...
  15. S

    Roon DSP Settings

    Is anyone using Roon and willing to post their DSP settings ?
  16. S

    Yamaha RX-V581 - Selecting the "right" DSP settings

    I have a Yamaha RX-V581. It is quite probably over specified for what I need, however I needed something that could cope with HDR & 4k - something my old Onkyo couldn't do. Anyway, attached to this receiver is a PS4 Pro and a SkyHD box (at the moment). I don't play around with the settings that...
  17. Killak

    Question DSP UMIK-1 mic foam wind shield

    Hello everyone I've lost the foam wind shield from my Umik 1 microphone. Will it make much of a difference if I don't have it or can anyone recommend any replacements?
  18. G

    Question PC card with HDMI input for a PC based DSP

    Hello Evryone, I'd like to see if it's possible to build a dedicated PC for real time audio treatment. My objective is to have a powerfull DSP for movies and music. HDMI input, active crossover and FIR, multiple analog output (and of course multiple power amplifier). All my digital gear use...
  19. martimu

    Question (possibly stupid!) re output and DSP

    This is probably a silly question but I'm going to ask anyway! I'm hopefully going to be moving from an SVS SB2000 to a MKv12 in the coming months. I've been reading up and, though I can't fit in a ported subwoofer, I'm wondering if after DSP/EQ there's much difference between the types...
  20. B

    Yamaha DSP AX863SE is it processing dtshd ma?

    I'm losing the will to live. I have an LG oled65b7v with a Samsung 4k ubdm9000. My Yamaha says DTS on main part of display but it's not lighting up hd or master audio! Any ideas please?
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