1. W

    First Time Drone Advice

    Hi, 46 year old bloke fancying a drone, don’t know why but have always liked gadgets think I’d just like the idea of flying one around and seeing bits of where I live from a little higher up. I was looking at the DJI Mavic Mini but then if I spent £400 and stopped using it I’d feel a waste of...
  2. F

    Good RTF DIY STEM drone kit?

    Hey, looking for an entry-level build-yourself kit, available in the UK. Needs to include everything in the purchase, including remote. FPV/camera is not important, it's just to build with my 10-year old. I've googled around but this isn't something I normally search for, so my results...
  3. L

    60min + flight time drone

    Hi there, New to the group, has drone technology improved enough now to be able to build a 1kg payload drone with flight time exceeding 1 hour? Or are there any reasonably priced retail solutions with similar capabilities? Thanks I’m advance
  4. El1te

    For Sale DJI Mini 2 Fly More Drone Combo

    I purchased this on a whim as I wanted to use it on holiday but after further thought I can't see myself using it that much so would rather it be put to use elsewhere! Bought from Argos in August this year so plenty of warranty remaining and is still fairly new. It's only done about 45 minutes...
  5. L

    SG908 drone from ZLL (and other vendors) - pros and cons?

    I am considering buying my first drone, probably beginner-to-intermediate level. Want to keep the price at $200 or less, including a spare battery and carrying case. One that seems to look good (to my inexperienced eyes is the SG908. Mostly comes from China, from ZLL or a few other vendors. I...
  6. R

    help identifying drone

    Hello, does anyone know what is the name of this drone? As you can see in the pictures attached "Smart X drone" is written all over it. I also noticed the letter M in the word "smart" is shaped like Xiaomi's symbol so I assume Xiaomi is the company that manufactured this drone. However I...
  7. T

    Please help!!!, what battery connector is this called ?

    It is from a holy stone hs 110D. And where can I find some to buy to retrofit other battery’s with same specs. Thanks.
  8. A

    Hello! my F450 mini pix drone seems to be fine except that the motors just don't spin and I don't know why.

    I baught this kit https://www.aliexpress.com/item/328...&terminal_id=cf32e787c27547a79c4cbf34ebb22e64 from ali express which contains: F450 Nylon Flamewheel Frame Kit * 1, 920KV CW Brushless Motor * 2, 920KV CCW Brushless Motor * 2, Simonk firmware 30A ESC with BEC 5V * 4, 1045 Carbon Fiber DJI...
  9. D

    X31.0 Explorer Drone

    hiya guys, I have a lovely drone that was working at one point, I left it to stand for a long while and I put brand new batteries in it turns on and so does the remote. However, The handset and drone bot light up and appear to be working, But they will not communicate and connect with each...
  10. D

    How to make VR content with drone

    Hi all, I'm working on a side project were I want to capture footage from a drone and relay this either directly over the net via 4/5g or use the transmitter to transmit to the base station and then over the net. So someone anywhere in the world can view the footage in real time. Now ive done...
  11. D

    Drone Q333-B

    Hello everyone, I am new here so I don't know is my thread in right section. I have drone Q333-B and my little bro crashed it, so there is a 2 problems. 1- When push up left stick, at some point, he stop with spinning motors 2- When repeatedly turn up and down same stick he start lifting, but...
  12. T

    Look for a better drone recommend?

    I had a Drone Potensic D18 for over a year which it has 1080p (see my picture is not great) with a 2.7g Wi-Fi cost me £70, When I have improved my skill of flying drone, I felt it is time to upgrade to a better photo/video drone. I do not know which one to buy because there are too many review...
  13. classOpenGL

    Best motor choice for a ~1.2 kg drone

    Hello everyone, I'm a newbie in the field of the drones, and I'm trying to build a DIY one. After selecting all the components of the drone (except the motors, of course, the weight of the drone will be around 1.2 kg (I hope this weight includes the motors, because without motors, the weight is...
  14. D

    What drone for 750g payload??

    Hello I'm looking for a drone that I can remove the camera from and put something that weighs 750g there. I'd like to swap between them ideally. I would like automated modes and safety features too. I was thinking the mavic 2 pro would be good, but I don't know if it's strong enough. Would...
  15. wonderer

    Honestly need advice. Is it worth it now to buy a drone in the UK?

    So I have wanted to get into flying drones for a long time but only recently decided to go for it. So I researched and the more I did the more I realised that those beautiful YouTube videos were gonna be nigh on impossible what with the current and upcoming rules. The "no flying anywhere...
  16. Zorro2021

    Drone games: Racing, Football & ?????

    Good evening everyone I am a newish pilot and have been looking at the use of drones for entertainment. I have seen plenty of drone racing media and more drone football. Does anyone know of other "sports" that use drones as their focus? Apologies if this has been discussed before, I have...
  17. G

    Almost lost it in the mountains!

    This adventure into the Norwegian mountains started out peaceful, even a bit magical, but then turned terrifying and pretty exciting! What a thrill ride, hope you all enjoy, cheers! (watch in HD with sound) -Giant Ant Cowboy
  18. G

    Incredible Light at Night?!

    Here in Norway the best flight for cinematic footage is after 10:30pm, check out this beautiful shot of our farm with freshly cut fields. If you have any questions about the setup let me know, and feel free to check out my channel, likes, subscribes, and any support is appreciated. Cheers!
  19. A

    Looking to buy or rent a drone to fly a foam board banner

    Hello, I am looking for suggestions on a drone that can handle a 10ft by 10ft foam board banner (estimated weight of 5 pounds) and keep it in the air for at least 20 minutes. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  20. F

    Drone HS120D Wi-Fi issue.

    Wi-Fi connects but camera view does not appear on phone. Any suggestions.
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