1. C

    drone sales hope valley?

    Hi All. Hope you can help me. A few days ago when searching for something I saw a link to drone company in the Hope Valley (Peak District) but I can't find them again. Any ideas?
  2. D

    Vietnamese Church Drone Footage

    Happy thanksgiving folks. Please check out our latest drone upload with our Mavic Air 2. Stay bless
  3. mjs1

    Question Advice needed for kids drone

    I need some advice please. My nine year old has been asking Santa for a drone with a camera for christmas. I have no clue about these things. I want something that would be easy for him to fly, but not too delicate that it’ll break after the first light collision. Budget up to £100 max. Any...
  4. Jocky Wilson

    Drone Max Distance Query

    Hi all, I've recently got into Drones and purchased a DJI Mini 2. Everything I've read implies that the maximum range you are allowed to fly your drone in the UK is 500m away from yourself. So what I'm trying to understand is how people post YouTube videos of themselves testing the maximum...
  5. D

    Drone of Outstanding Church

    Hello folks, Was again out filming with my drone (taking a tiny break from kids YOUTUBE channel lol) Hope you enjoy. Shot raw with Mavic Air 2...
  6. D

    Is it possible to fly a drone remotely / via a sim card or internet?

    Hi, I'm asking for a friend... He has a farm and is wondering, is it possible to fly a drone around his farm when he's 100 miles away. The farm has Wifi and while he's away he has wifi if that helps? Or maybe a drone with a 4g sim card or something and somehow control via an app? Any...
  7. F

    5 DRONE EDITING TIPS in Premiere Pro

    I put his tutorial together that hopefully will be useful to some of you? Tip no. 3 is particularly good
  8. B

    The most tricky task in a Drone operation

    Hello everyone.:hiya: I am a commercial drone pilot in a corporation. Even when I know that flight drones is something cool, sometimes involves dull and time-consuming non-technical tasks. Have you been in this situation before? I want to ask you if you would like to share some of those tricky...
  9. Autopilot

    For Sale DJI Mavic Mini - Fly More Combo + Extras

    Barely used and flys like a dream. Includes everything you get with the fly more combo (Drone, case, 3 batteries, prop guards and spare props etc)... Also includes - Parabolic range extender, a Yagi 2.4ghz Signal booster and a Yagi 5ghz Signal booster (they make a huge difference to range, can...
  10. D

    Drone Video of Beautiful Church in Richmond

    Happy Sunday folks. I went out with my Mavic Air 2 and shot this amazing church. No color grading no filter...just raw. Enjoy and have a great day
  11. F

    Question Small drone with good camera: I look for

    Hi, I am new and would like to buy a drone, but only to make good videos; I don't care about other drone stuff. I'm a documentary filmmaker (amateur) and I'd like some advice: As I would only use the drone when traveling, so I'd like a light drone and the Mini 2 would be perfect. But its camera...
  12. C

    Question Best drone under 250g and £200?

    Looking to get a baby drone under 250g and preferably under £200. Was looking at DJI tello but seen lots of flyaway reports plus it only weighs 80g. The Mavic mini seems spot on but at £368 it’s beyond my budget. So what’s the best preferably with some sort of gps and half decent camera.
  13. R

    drone Disturbing and annoying! please help

    Hello everyone, There is an anonymous neighbor who regularly bothers us throughout the year with his advanced drone Peeks into the house .. goes down to the yard .. stands in front of the bathroom window And trying to bother my little sister i have searched a bit on the internet and saw that...
  14. alexhanton89

    Question Anybody know the Drone which fits this custom foam?

    Hi guys, Could someone please tell me the make and model of drone which fits this custom foam below? Thanks!
  15. N

    Drone simulation in Webots

    Hi, I want to develop a drone for agriculture using Webots. Does anyone have an experience in doing this or know of any documents helpful to this that can be shared with me, please? Thank you so much!
  16. McCole

    Question Long distance video drone 2020 which to get?

    I never had a drone. But I want one now. I would use it mainly for two porposes. 1) Taking video of people, either I am there or not, when hiking in the mountains. 2) Recording cool stuf for music videos. I am a compposer / producer I have seen in TV drones that follow you, come home before...
  17. W

    Conformal coating substitutes

    Hi guys, im new here, and new to drones. I recently bought a fpv tinyhalk II freestyle, and i want to give it a good protection against moisture from wet grass, but here in Brazil i was not able to find the so caled silicon based conformal coating, i just found some acrilic based ones, i dont...
  18. JudgeDredd2010

    Anyone got any thoughts on First Camera Drone (Budget)

    Does anyone have any advice or thought on a First Camera Drone (Budget) Buy?
  19. William D Williamson

    Advice for DIY Drone build

    Hi all, currently building my own drone and finding my own way through it all. Always felt the best way in learning and doing it yourself n building it and see how it all works. Specs of what I've got so far is : Naza Lite Flight Controller with OSD Tarot MT4008 330kv motors Tarot 650 Iron Man...
  20. A

    How to repair drone electronics

    Need some guidance on how to find where fault lies. I shorted a component on PCB board of my drone, housing screw piercing both plus & minus wire feed to one motor. Motor still working, checked via other motor outputs. Any help or advice welcomed. photo showing larger orange circle where wires...
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