1. M

    Wanted Hot wheels PS4 (or other driving game)

    Looking for hot wheels or another good PS4 driving game
  2. LexDiamond

    Need help with driving focus

    I have an iPhone 7 and when I updated to ios15 it asked me if I wanted to turn driving focus on. I thought why not and it was great. But I’m WFH indefinitely as of 2 weeks ago and had to go into London for a one time only meet the team day. The problem is that it thinks I’m driving when I’m in...
  3. aVdub

    Change GB sticker to UK when driving in Europe from 28th Sept

    One I nearly missed as the rules on displaying a GB badge on UK vehicles travelling to Europe have changed as of the 28th September. The GB badge must be removed and replaced with a UK sticker, which for me means loosing my cool retro looking GB badge. (If anyone knows a supplier of retro B&W UK...
  4. R

    opinions on Rotel A11 tribute amp driving wharfedale Denton 85th anniversary speakers (4ohm)

    I Know theres a few threads on here regarding the rotel A11 amp, but I was wondering what the opinions here would be regarding driving a pair of wharfedale Denton 85th anniv speakers. They're 4 ohm jobbies, but they don't appear to be problematical when driving them with a cambridge Audio AXA35...
  5. MysteryMan

    Flac Metadata is driving me mad!!!!!

    I have a whole bunch of .flac files and most are fine. However, a few are driving me mad! I am using the Squeezer app to play them via a music server running LMS. The issue I have is that in the "Album Artist" list then I get artists listed that I do not want! For instance, I have "Kin" by...
  6. I

    Lindisfarne/Holy Island Causeway Driving Disasters. Northumberland.

    I cant believe this but many get caught out trying to cross the causeway every year between the mainland in Northumberland-Lindisfarne/Holy Island thinking that when it says that when it’s not safe to cross the causeway between certain times and then try to cross the causeway even if it’s just a...
  7. deepster

    Sony XM4 with Sony Z9F soundbar - setup driving me nuts

    Folks need some help. I have the XM4 cans and the Z9F soundbar. I am trying to utilize the dual device feature of XM4 so i have it connected to my Fire 10 first to watch movies. Then i paired it with the Z9F. The annoying part is when i start the headset, it connects with the Fire 10 and then...
  8. R

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR DAC/pre-amp – sounds unexpectedly good

    Cyrus X Power driving PMC Twenty 22s from a AVR – sounds unexpectedly good Like many people, I’m combining a movie with a stereo setup. Happy with the speakers, a REL sub and the AVR (mid-range at the time, a Yamaha 1065). I was planning to go for broke for stereo sound and get a Hegal H190...
  9. Ilovewaffles

    Driving while waiting for licence to arrive

    My husband is over seventy and has a medical licence, expired July 24 th this year ( diabetes,on insulin) He has sent the form for renewal back many weeks ago, and is still waiting for the licence. There is a delay due to strikes at DVLA , and of course covid. I phoned DVLA and they have...
  10. arenaman

    Viewing/Test driving a new car issues

    I called a main dealer yesterday and said I was interested in a new car and wanted to come and view and test drive one, no problem they said come down at 3pm tomorrow. I got a text this morning saying I MUST agree "figures" before they will let me see or test drive a car saying due to covid...
  11. M

    Hot/cold and hybrid roof driving me nuts

    I have a flat garage roof with a rubber surface, I’m going to convert my garage and looking at the different ways of insulating. If you look through the garage the beams run left to right with the house on one side attached and on the other it’s attached to the neighbours garage. Looking at all...
  12. Pict Oh

    The worst driver i saw today was driving a .......

    We all know that BMW and Audi drivers have a bad reputation for their driving habits, such as cutting people up, speeding, tailgating, not indicating, never saying thank you, speaking on their mobiles, etc. This thread is here to find out if this reputation is justified. The words...
  13. lee1980

    Driving without due care and Attention a possible ban?

    This is for my 70 year old father. Last July had an accident. Basically a 30/40mph road, where 2 lanes filter in 1. He was on outside and accelerated keenly away to go past car on left, it seems as he went to go past lady in other car decided to accelerate also. Meaning they were then neck...
  14. Stuart Wright

    Awesome, compelling video about autonomous driving.

    I love this video. Makes a very strong argument for autonomous driving being made legal.
  15. Saxo Appeal

    TV decision is driving me nuts.... which would you choose?

    Any help would be great guys, I am completely on the fence with 3 Units just now The LG CX65 or the Panny HZ980B 65" / HZ1000 (better panel than 980) Please help someone, the LG has a lot of the features I want but heard some are faulty, The Panny is what we’ve always had over many years and...
  16. jerryjal

    Question Sonos Beam connection issue driving me mad, help needed before I go insane!

    I have a Sonos Beam connected via HDMI to my Philips 65PUS7805, the other devices connected to the TV are an Nvidia Shield and a Sky Q mini box. Without fail around two to three times (sometimes more) a week the Sonos will lose connection with the tv and the only way of getting it to work again...
  17. MaryWhitehouse

    Question Driving 4 ohm speakers

    Theoretical question for the moment. Expecting some Dynaudio Audience 42’s in the post tomorrow. For now the system will run with my passive pre feeding (kind of as it’s what I’ve got) the power section of an old but top of the range Pioneer AVR. Now I read that these speakers are excellent but...
  18. Stuart Wright

    Tesla full self driving beta rollout October 2020

    What do you think?
  19. rousetafarian

    Birthday present ideas for my 17 year old nephew who is taking his first driving lesson

    Need some inspiration for my car mad nephew’s birthday next week......something car related (but I’m not buying him a car) Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas for presents. Needs to be online and around £100.00 budget Go!
  20. G

    Xbox One Driving me mad (Wifi / Connection)

    I've got my Xbox One upstairs and connected to wifi. I've not had any problems since moving it until after BT did some work on our line due to some fault. Since then, I can get 50mb/s download on my Macbook and iPhone in the SAME room (with ~12ms ping) yet my Xbox One is getting 2-5mb/s download...
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