1. gamesaregood

    Wanted NAS Hard Drives 6TB+

    Looking to upgrade my newly purchased NAS and ideally looking for a few 8TB drives or larger. Would consider 6TB drives. Let me know if you have anything ideally with some warranty but not a deal breaker.
  2. K

    A few questions about drives in home NAS

    Hello, First of all, I'm sorry for my English, because it's actually Google English :) I am before buying my first NAS and I have questions. I will add that it will be used for home use - storing and sharing movies, photos, torrent, maybe someday cameras. Of course, I'm planning play films on...
  3. markie g

    Multiple hard drives with laptop

    I have about 3-5 old internal hard drives (data) from my old desktop computer - all range from about 500gb -2tb. I’m looking for a cheap solutions for storing them (ideally together) and being able to connect to my laptop from time to time (mainly going to be photo storage for my photography)...
  4. ivysboy

    Swapping hard drives

    Hi is it possible to put a hard drive from a Samsung SMT S7800 into a Human foxsat ie are they the same hard drives.
  5. mr gothic

    Answered Does The Egreat A5 Show All The Drives From Das Storage?

    im looking at getting the egreat a5,i have 2x4 bay icy box das unit with 8 drives populated with bluray rips,my questions is would the egreat show all 8 drives and index all films as though it was one drive or do i have to view one drive at a time? thank you for any help
  6. 1

    Drives go missing, then appear

    I have a moderately old ( 2011) Win7 32b PC with several HDDs ( C is barely 1/3 used), used mainly for movie-Camcorder files + Audio and some rendered movies. I've noticed recently that a drive I'm using in a Video Edit can "go-missing" - the Editing software ( on C-drive, I think) tells me that...
  7. elsmandino

    General backing up advice (and are parity drives worth it?)

    Hello, I am one of those people that has not really taken backing up seriously enough and am trying to sort things out. I currently have a self-built server that contains five storage drives: 2 x 2TB 3.5" 1 x 6TB 3.5" 1 x 500GB 3.5" (IDE) 1 x 500GB 2.5" The only thing that I keep backed up...
  8. T

    Answered Are Windows 10 recovery drives re-usable?

    I have 5 Windows 10 computers in my house and I haven't created a backup USB recovery drive for any of them. I was planning to do this soon in case I run into issues but I have a few questions: 1) Do I need to create a recovery drive from each of my computers or can I create just one drive...
  9. D

    Answered Network hard drives

    Been meaning to get nas setup for some time now and fact that my MacBook air is always maxed out storage wise, i need to get something sorted. Now I have an unused hp micro server with 4 hard drive bays. Is there any advantage in me buying a NAS server over the hp microserver... All I want to...
  10. T

    Question new drives for nas

    I am looking to get new drives for my nas, I narrowed it down to WD reds and Seagate Ironwolfs as anyone got experience of these drives
  11. mattressback

    Question Old internal and new external dvdrw drives both have same fault, not working , help plz

    Hi I’ve got a dell Vostro 430 with windows 7, it’s about 8 year old, two weeks ago the internal dvdrw drive which I use on a weekly basis suddenly stopped working, it would make noises like it was trying to spin up but never manage it so after deciding it was probably old age I bought an...
  12. offitmassive

    Question M.2 drives with PCIe fitting

    Morning. Ive got the go ahead from her indoors to upgrade my system, and would really like to try and utilise an m.2 drive with a pcie x4 connection. Is it really just as simple as finding the said drive and adaptor, fit it, and away I go? Or are there certain drives i need to have because Ive...
  13. B

    FLAC files and NAS drives

    Am currently digitising my CD collection (twice). First into FLAC files and then into iPhone friendly reasonable quality mp3s. So the Apple side of things is just fine, can listen to stuff on my Mac, out and about on my phone, iPad etc. Could even cast it to my stereo if it fancied. But I've...
  14. smotiram

    Shared network drives keep disconnectng

    Hi there, At my office we have a PC in the backroom that is permanently on which we are using as a server. It houses all our files and is accessed through shared network drives by 6 other PCs. Every morning, we experience an issue where any software or documents that needs to retrieve...
  15. elsmandino

    Question (Linux) Can you stop all the hard drives from spinning up when resuming from sleep.

    Is it possible, when using Linux, to stop all the hard drives in a PC from spinning up when resuming from sleep? I am guessing that the answer is probably not and that it is a hardware issue and independent of the operating system. However, it would be great to know or sure. Thanks
  16. philbot

    Question Cheap flash drives for iPad / iPhone

    I'm looking at these flash drives to extend the storage on my iPad, which would be good to hold movies and music while on my travels. The ones on Amazon are about £40 for 64GB, the ones on eBay are much cheaper, £15 for 64GB. Has anyone had any experience of these? 64GB Flash Drive Micro USB...
  17. CamFire

    Adding 2.5inch drives to a Mac Pro

    My office is considering getting the 2010 MacPro silver tower models and one of the many upgrades considered is using low power, 2.5inch SSD/SSHD/HDDs instead of the 3.5inch drives. Obviously, the caddy/sled/whatever-else-they-are-called are designed for 3.5inch drives and third party adaptor...
  18. Arcam_boy

    Anyone know anything about CD drives ??? Help Please...

    Morning, Apologies if this is in the wrong section but GC seems to attract a vast audience and I wasn't entirely sure where to stick this for a little help. I've got a blu ray drive from a blu ray player that seems to be stuck. It has around 20mm of travel before getting stuck. I've spent a...
  19. chaz


    Hi I trying the best and simple way of putting my film/photo on a Hard drives to go to my media Player.Orginaly I was going to get a storage unit with 2 WD Red Hard drives but someone on here pointed there is a easy way to do this buy one of these. The trouble is I will be needing 2 of these and...
  20. chaz

    Question Outlook Email and Others

    Hoping for some help here yet again from a computer idiot When Microsoft got rid of my old email @msn.com and told me I would Have to use Outlook. Well I tried many ways to get it on my computer and the only I could get it was download it from goggle then have it in my Bookmarks and it worked...
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