1. MI55ION

    Shallow Driver BOSS Build

    I need some low profile drivers due to limited clearance in BOSS build, just wondering based on the specs, if anyone can tell if this is suitable and how much power can they handle in such a setup? Rockford Fosgate R2SD4-12 Specs: Size: 12" Nominal Impedance: Dual 4-Ohm Power Handling...
  2. D

    Question Is it okay to put a pro audio driver in a cabinet tuned to 20hz?

    What I have now is essentially a monolith+ clone and was going to do them as dual but thinking I might be losing the chest slam, so I was thinking to get a pro driver but I already have a cabinet that is tuned to 20hz in anticipation of the monolith+ lab12 driver, so would be a pro driver would...
  3. P

    Replacement Driver for KEF Ventura 5

    I was just about to post some Ventura 5 outdoor speakers to another member but thought I had better test them first. The driver on one of them has lost all the bass. I know it's the driver and not the crossover because I tried swapping it with the other side. Does anyone know where I might get a...
  4. Autopilot

    Driver updater/manager

    Any recommendations for a decent driver manager/updater program I can install on my sons gaming PC? Or is it best to be doing everything manually?
  5. htliam

    Question Diagnosing 'Dull' Driver

    I bought a pair of old KEFs a few weeks ago and have noticed the left speaker isn't as good as the right. I've switched over cables and the problem remains with one speaker. It just sounds quieter and less exciting than the other one. As this is where speakers are built I was hoping you would...
  6. N

    REL Q50 - Replace Driver?

    OK - don't laugh - I've had my REL Q50 from new. £375 from Richer Sounds back in the day. Sometime in the late 90s. It's one of the very few items of kit that I've ever bought new over the years. Anyway, the rubber has parted company around the edge of the driver so it's goosed. Finally. Is it...
  7. gibbsy

    Oh dear driver!!!

    I had to go to the doctors today and it's in quite short one way street. Parking is at a premium and it's often easier to jump in a vacant spot on the street as the car park if very often full. So walking in a young lady comes out of the car park and starts to turn right, which is the wrong way...
  8. H

    DIY center speaker driver & tweeter suggestions?

    I'm building a center speaker for my home audio setup, I'm looking for well matched driver & tweeter suggestions. looking to spend about £100-120 on drivers for the center speaker. I'll just list my current setup- sony x930 55" 4k hdr tv well spec'd media PC Yamaha RX-V667 craptastic eltax...
  9. A

    Please Spec me a 15/18" Driver to go with 1000w amp

    Looking for a Driver that will sit comfortably in a 115-150l Sealed Cabinet with a 1000w BK plate amp powering it. Larger the better, but I presume it will have to be a 15" to allow some free airspace to make the amp more efficient. Im looking for the highest SPL output I can get low down...
  10. D

    Question LG BH200 Multiregion hack & 0702 driver required

    I have just acquired a US import LG BH200 which seems so far to preform well on the discs I have tried so far - several films and 3 calibration discs (HD DVD, Bluray and DVD). I am looking for the multiregion hack software and the 0702 driver and all the links I have found so far (still reading...
  11. Spike_UK

    Question What is a 'dual magnet' driver?

    I'm interested in the Klipsch R6 Neckband earphones. The driver uses dual magnets but they don't mention what purpose that serves. No clear info on google, does anyone know the answer? Thanks!
  12. pws

    REL Strata Driver Wattage?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the wattage rms is for the REL Strata 2 driver? I have two stratas here and was thinking of putting them in a sealed box and running the x over really about 50hz to supplement some PMC DB1's Cheers Paul
  13. D

    Question Where can I buy 13x8 passive bass driver?

    Does anyone have any ideas where I can buy replacement passive bass drivers (13 x 8) for a 70s/80s quality loudspeaker? Originals have succumbed to sun exposure. Sorry at moment I have lost paper with make and model number of speakers - all other drivers look and sound good and I would like to...
  14. Paul7777x

    12 inch sub driver. Ruark-peerless perhaps?

    lo gents. I recently decided to re-employ my trusty Ruark LogRhythm sub. But... in the process I rammed a screwdriver through the cone and surround. The bloody pain!! :blush: So I’m now in need of a new driver. I’ve no idea what the original was as it has no name or number on it that make...
  15. G

    Castle Severn replacement driver

    I've got a pair of Castle Severn 2 speakers and I suspect the woofer on one of the units could be on the way out. I considered looking out for a cheap scruffy offering on eBay from which I could cannibalise parts but there's no guarantee of of what I'll end up getting. I love these speakers, the...
  16. S

    Phillips 55PUS6272 usb driver error

    good morning chaps :) just bought the 6272/05 ambi-light and am quite impressed until this morning...for no reason the USB drivers are not reading USB plugins :thumbsdow i have tried doing factory reset to no avail..phillips support say nothing i havent tried i installed latest update...
  17. S

    B&W M1 mk2 driver manufacture fault

    I have four mk2 M1, all four mid bass drivers are fraying. I am sure there is a manufacture flaw on this. Mine are being sent B&W and they mentioned this was the first time they heard about this. For all M1 mk2 owners please check your mid bass drivers. You will never know by listening if...
  18. n0chex

    Another Bad Driver.

    Went to Southport yesterday and yet again came across more bad drivers.
  19. dUnKle

    New car advice, a non driver asks !

    Im one of those rare ones, never had an interest in cars and never had an interest in learning to drive, had a couple of lessons, they left me cold, so at 42 im one of lifes pedestrians However that does not stop the wife expecting me to be able to help choose a new car When our daughter was...
  20. Higibuilder

    Question Best 15” sub ( driver only ) for cabinet up to 6cuft

    Best performance 15” subwoofer for diy sub build , have up to 6 cuft to play with Under £300 for driver
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