1. K

    Question Question about a desktop PC drive

    Hello, I'm new here! I have an old Blu-Ray drive in my desktop PC, model ASUS BC-1205PT. The computer itself is powerful enough with latest generation hardware. But I'm totally confused by all the BD standards and I have found no info on the internet on which current discs my drive reads or...
  2. superswaz

    For Sale Cyberpunk Arctis Headset and Cyberpunk 2TB Hard drive

    As per advert the hard driveis still sealed and unused The headset has been used but is still in excellent condition - this is the rarer Jonny Silverhand xbox specific headset. Only point to note is that it is missing the audio cable (not really required as it does connect wirelessly with the...
  3. Garrett

    Formatting A Second SSD Drive Guide.

    Formatted a few in my time but not for ages so double checking found this really helpful video that's nice and clear.
  4. sho1777

    For Sale PNY Elite 480GB USB 3.1 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD)

    A brand new sealed, bought as a impluse buy; now return window is closed before I come to use it. Currently - £69.99 at amazon, I got it for £52.99 couple of months back. Looking for £45 + Shipping (Royal mail 2nd class with £50 insurance might be around ~£4).
  5. james_n_w

    For Sale Citizen Titanium Chronograph Eco Drive Watch (Unworn)

    I have an unworn, still in the box Citizen Titanium Chronograph EcoDrive watch to sell. It was another impulse sale buy back in May 2020. I have never worn it, so want to move it on. The RRP was £350, the model number is : CA0650-82M The dial is a darkish blue, but the colour reflects nicely...
  6. rowan131

    For Sale Seagate 1tb expansion drive

    For sale I have two Seagate 1tb expansion drives for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both are brand new and unopened. Looking for £190 delivered each or £370 for the two.
  7. Wirelessjack

    For Trade iMac 2017 27''5K i5 3.8GHz 40GB 2TB Fusion drive Radeon Pro 580 8GB for a MacBook Pro

    Hello I'm looking to swap my iMac for a mac book pro as I need something portable for work, It's in excellent condition and comes with original packaging, Specs are, 27'' 5K screen i5 3.8GHz, 40GB, 2TB Fusion Drive, and Radeon Pro 580 8GB graphics card. Comes complete with magic mouse 2, apple...
  8. N

    Disc drive issue?

    Hi guys.. wondering if my new PS5 disc drive is defective... on boot up, just after the beep, a brief noise comes from the disc drive. It sounds like the laser is going into position or something. Works fine though. i don’t know anyone with one to ask lol. I was wondering if anyone else has...
  9. AMCross

    For Sale Seagate momentus 320gb laptop drive

    fully tested and smart checked £11 inc postage
  10. T0rNaDo

    hard drive brands/models

    i know ssd's are proberly the way to go. great for the desktop pc, but proberly a overkill for a storage caddy. im looking to upgrade the hdd in the caddy case as its only a 250gb one. so was thinking on a 1tb or 2tb sata.... but what brand/model to steer clear of. or who's hhd's are...
  11. G

    Is the disc drive incredibly loud for anyone else ?

    I thought it was faulty it’s so damn loud. A quick search online and it looks like everyone agrees it’s very loud. I get disc drives in general a quite loud and create a considerable amount of vibration but it’s definitely louder than the PS4. it’s just too noticeable. Thoughts? [edit]...
  12. K

    Wanted PS5 Disc Edition within a 2 hour drive of the north east

    Like many of you I’ve fallen victim to scalpers snapping all them up and low supply. I’m a long-standing member with extremely good feedback so if you have a genuine reason for sale and aren’t looking to add a huge sum on but rather share some kindness this year I’m happy to travel. Merry early...
  13. PUD the Ancient

    For Sale PS4 Pro with 1TB SSD internal drive.

    PS4 Pro with 1TB SSD internal installed. Console is in excellent condition with very little use. It is 2 years old but only used for a few weeks when I initially got it because I moved to Xbox One X. Console comes with DualShock 4 controller, HDMI cable, mono headset, usb cable and power cable...
  14. C

    Most reliable way to refresh the installation of an optical drive. Windows 10.

    I have an old PC which I have had since it arrived with Windows Vista (shudders) and over the years I have upgraded it all the way to Windows 10 professional. It's a bit slow as you can imagine but it still does the basic tasks I ask of it well. Recently however, the SATA connected UHD friendly...
  15. nick270881

    Question Re-Download PS4 Games or copy to/from an external drive?

    Wondering what the best approach is for my new PS5 and making best use of the SSD... I wil be downloading COD Cold War and Spiderman when it gets here but for the few PS4 games I may want to play (COD MW) would it be best to re-download these fresh or copy across from the PS4? Will...
  16. robloxian

    For Sale REDUCED 8Bitdo M30 Wireless Controller for Mega Drive Mini/Switch & Sonic Book

    Both brand new. Controller is the 2.4ghz version. £20 delivered
  17. Tempest

    Pay To Drive - By The Mile......?

    Pretty sure this won't actually become a reality, at least for the near future. However if I'm honest, I'm not THAT against it from a fairness? point of view. It does seem rather crazy and unfair that an old lady who drives twice a week into town 3 miles away. Once to go shopping, and once more...
  18. H

    Panasonic -TX-58HX800B - Hard Drive ?

    I understand (from a pal) that my new tv can have a slot in hard drive fitted at the back ......... question 1 of course is what type would i need to buy and where could i get it from... and question 2 would i be able to record one programme and watch another, does the tv have a twin tuner. I...
  19. T

    Question Recommend B&W cm6 S2 vs Focal aria 906 for cello music and 1.5 meter low volume listening

    Hi guys, I am just about to pick up a pair of speakers, choosing between B&W cm6 s2 and Focal aria 906. I spent most of my time in listening cello music or watch movies with a setup of PC/Macbook - T+A dac8 dsd - JBL 305. I am happy with the JBL, but would like to upgrade to musical passive...
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