1. joni5

    For Sale WD 3tb external hard drive & Kena Bridge of Spirits Deluxe

    WD My Passport Ultra usb 3tb external hard drive I have been using with my ps4 was a replacement drive from WD have reformatted it and checked on pc no errors £65 Kena Bridge of Spirits Deluxe ps4 code unused as new played through once now selling £31
  2. J

    External hard drive question

    Recently bought a WD Black P10 5Tb drive to free up space on the internal drive. I moved and loaded some of the Ps4 games I've got on there. When I go to play one of the Ps4 games that are fully loaded and updated I get a system message telling me to insert the game disc and won't launch like I...
  3. F

    For Sale Elite Turbo Muin Direct Drive Trainer

    Selling my turbo trainer because I'm moving house and never use it. I've probably used it 10-15 times since buying it new from Halfords at the end of last year.
  4. T

    Bracket for external hard drive?

    My son is getting a bracket to hang his ps4 on the wall behind his TV. The problem is, he uses an external hard drive. What is the best way to attach the hdd so that he can mount the ps4 to the wall? Is there any kind of bracket specifically for an hdd?
  5. S

    Wanted Cheap 10TB 3.5" Hard Drive Internal

    Anyone got anything cheap, don't really need fast transfer speed. Just for backing up collection of Steam games.
  6. S

    Wanted Approx 50" TV - Near Nottingham (+1hr drive)

    Hi all, Looking for a TV around the 50" mark, not too fussy with specs but want something from within the last 2 or 3 years. I'm not a huge TV watcher myself but will be renting out some rooms in my house soon - and a TV is kind of expected in the living room!! Based in Nottingham, happy to...
  7. A

    For Sale 8gb laptop ram, intel 256gb nvme drive

    intel ssdpekkf256g7H 256gb M.2 2280 NVME Drive. £22 posted. SAMSUNG 8GB 2Rx8 PC3L-12800S SO DIMM Laptop Ram M471B1G73EB0-YK0 £20 posted.
  8. C

    For Sale Dell 5570 15.62 Laptop, i5-8250u, 8GB RAM, 500Gb NVME, 1TB Data drive

    Dell 5570 Laptop, i5-8250u, 8GB RAM, 500Gb NVME. Dell 5570 Laptop for sale. i5-8250u CPU, 8GB DDR4, 500GB NVME drive a few marks/scratches on outside, inside very good condition. fresh install of widows 10, like new power charger. Also added a 1TB hard drive for data Do not have original box...
  9. D

    Low end second system, which supports USB hard drive

    Evening All, I am looking to buy a second system, with a budget of up to £500/£600. I require: play cd's stream internet radio external USB drive with music files (FLAC format), can plug into the system - external drive not included in budget. speakers. I would like a good sound from the...
  10. V

    Arcam MS 250 cd tray drive belt

    Would anyone know the size and spec for the belt that opens the tray please?
  11. lunazero

    Which external Blu-Ray Recordable drive should I purchase?

    Hoping to find a drive that is USB-C compatible for my laptop if possible, does not need to lightweight as unlikely to move it away from a desk. Found 2 so far but open to other suggestions Thanks in advance for any help with this
  12. T

    USB Drive for a TX-40ES503B

    Trying to find a USB drive that will work on a Panasonic LEDTV TX-40ES503B Theres nothing in the manual that sheds any light on this, it has two ports when i put a drive in either it says detected but when i go through options to the drive it says no USB drive?
  13. T

    For Sale Various Hard Drives, 500GB Portable, 1TB & 4TB

    Seagate Firecuda 1TB 2.5 Inch SATA Hard Drive. Brand new and still sealed in the anti static bag. Warranty until July 2022. Looking for £25. Seagate 4TB EXOS 7E8 Enterprise Hard Drive, still sealed in the anti static bag. Warranty until 2024. Looking for £70. Maxtor M3 500GB USB 3.0...
  14. Johnboy9876

    Do HDMI to Micro B (Hard drive ) cables Exist?

    Hi, I might be way off here, but would really value some advice. I currently have a 2TB WD My passport plugged into my TV via a USB cable. I was just wondering if i would get better performance from a cable that ran from the hard drive to one of the TV's HDMI slots instead? Does anyone have...
  15. B

    Help! Need a sub £200 amp to drive Q Acoustics Concept 20s

    Hi folks, I'm a little stuck with a decision. I have a pair of Q Acoustics Concept 20s that I want to use with an Audio Technica LP3 and sometime in the future might use Bluetooth. I'm looking for a sub £200 amp to drive these speakers. I've came across the Cambridge Audio AXA25 which is £180...
  16. R

    Hard drive recovery help for an idiot.

    Hi i was looking to make my Cinema PC as a server so I could access the drives with all of my movies on using a media server. The computer has a SSD and 3 x 3TB hard drives. I looked online for advice and found a video showing how to set up a remote link using tightVNC and I managed to do that...
  17. L

    For Sale Peerless XLS10 + 2 x Peerless XLS10PR Drive units

    Having decommissioned my sub I am selling the Peerless XLS10 drive unit and the two Peerless XLS10 Passive Radiators. I will throw in the three large aluminium spiked feet as well. These have had very light use and are in full working condition. The sub was designed by someone on this forum and...
  18. raigraphixs

    Hollington Drive (ITV)

    I caught up with the first two episodes on the ITV player, and immensely enjoyed this gripping new whodunnit drama with twists revolving around kids and their parents
  19. M

    Help with a 100% capacity disk drive that has no reported errors in disk check.

    Hello there. My P.C. is about 4-5 years old. It is a Windows 10 P.C. I have a 2TB H.D.D. that only has about 300GB of stuff on it. The O.S. is in its own partitioned section on the same physical drive, although it has a different drive designation. A few months back the computer started...
  20. M

    Running a power amp to drive my fronts, do I need to tell the AVR?

    Hi all, Pretty simple. I have a Marantz NR1607 and use the front pre outs to an Emotiva 2ch amp. I’ve heard people say how much cooler their AVR runs once they use a power amp. I still use the NR1607 to drive the rear surrounds, do I need to do anything to tell the AVR not to drive the front...
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