Drive or The Drive may refer to:
Driving, the act of controlling a vehicle
Road, an identifiable thoroughfare, route, way or path between two places
Road trip, a journey on roads
Driveway, a private road for local access to structures
Drive (charity), a campaign to collect items other than money
The Drive or Lake Shore Drive, an expressway in Chicago

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  1. 6

    Too small SSD as C Drive

    My C Drive which is a SSD, only has 118gb of memory, of that only 11gb left and it has turned red. I have a D Drive which has 1.79TB and I hardly use it because I also use some external hard drives for most of my data and photos. Is there any way I can free up some of the space on the C Drive by...
  2. T

    Xbox External drive question.

    Has anyone used one of these on their Xbox Series console? Are they reliable? Can they install Xbox Series X games on them? What type of NVME SSD would they need to work efficiently with them?
  3. paul1672

    For Sale Surface pro 8 256gb SSD drive and 8GB Ram

    I have for sale my surface pro 8 tablet with 256 GB SSD drive and 8gb ram Item is in excellent condition, has had 10 power cycles and comes complete with power supply
  4. patten1071

    Wanted Drive 4k ( Ryan gosling )

    If anyone has a copy to sell please let me know thanks
  5. D

    Arcam Alfa One cd tray drive belt.

    Hello, Arcam Alfa One cd tray drive belt needs replacing. Hard to get at, any advice please? Dave
  6. Mensy

    Wanted Wanted 4tb or higher Internal or external Hard drive

    Wanted Internal or external Hard drive 4tb or higher Must be in fantastic condition and obviously not faulty. Please describe what you have and price posted thanks :)
  7. cicada78

    For Sale Spider Man Far From Home £8.25

    Spiderman Far From Home US version in slim case. No standard Blu Ray. £8.25 inc postage.
  8. ahjussi

    Deal Agreed 2TB Kingston UV500 Internal Solid State Drive

    Was going to be used for a project but it never came to fruition so surplus. Asking for £65, open to reasonable offers. price includes postage. thanks for looking
  9. T

    Wanted Cheap external USB 3.0 hard drive

    Around 2TB would do or more. Just for transferring files, so don't want to spend loads Maybe someone has one that's collecting dust!?
  10. AidenL

    Question Hard Drive Tray Issue

    I heard some noises last week from my NAS, thought it might be a drive failing? This weekend, I noticed a tray has ejected itself, and I cant close it no matter what. Could this be a failed drive, or is it just a clip issue? I have ordered two new drive trays from Scan, but wondering is the...
  11. fallinlight

    For Sale Sega Mega Drive ASCiiWARE Mega Stick Arcade Stick

    Sega Mega Drive ASCiiWARE Mega Stick Arcade Stick - £25 £20 From a smoke and pet free home. Thanks for looking
  12. A

    Panasonic ex75 dvd drive fault

    These are old machines now but I have a problem when trying to archive recordings from hdd to dvd. When initiating hi-speed copy it seems to make the dvd drive permanently u/s. The head seems to bang against the spindle. It’s done the same with a second drive I installed. anyone any similar...
  13. B

    Question Yamaha BD A1010 repair assistance

    Hello. I bought a player with a faulty drive. The drive turned out to be Chinese. Does anyone have the firmware for the blue-ray head for this model? I will be very grateful. Thank you!
  14. Silurian99

    Samsung Qled TV vs SanDisk G Drive

    I'm currently making digital copies (MP4) of my movie collection and putting them on a SanDisk G Drive. The MP4 files show up fine if I connect the G drive to my Mac Air Laptop. If I connect the drive to my Samsung Qled HD TV, the files don't appear. Do I need to reformat my G drive to exFAT...
  15. Ayrton

    2.5" drive in optical bay of Proliant Microserver Gen8

    Does anyone here have experience of fitting an extra drive in the Gen8? I bought one of those slim DVD shaped caddies, with a fake front, but it doesn't 'snap in', and despite my best efforts at cable management, the cables want to push it forward. Not ideal. There's a guy on Youtube who just...
  16. J

    Playing videos via SD Card/Flash drive or over network

    Have bought the new Fire Cube and Nvidia (tubular) to test for TrueHD Atmos. Both these devices can have storage added and both will be have a wired connection. I also have a NAS which is also on the Gigabit network. I've read threads where some people are getting either stuttering sound/video...
  17. K

    This Yamaha AV receiver able to drive HQ speakers for 24bit music listening ?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy new speakers: Fyne Audio F500sp: F500SP - FYNE AUDIO My main use is for listening to music in high quality (Tidal, HDTracks, Qobuz or my own 24 bit collection) Main target is crystal clear sound, as close to natural and with a good bass at low volume. I have an old...
  18. M

    Using a USB Flash Drive in a Hisense TV 65A6H

    I was wondering how to safely remove a USB Flash Drive after watching a movie on this TV. I cannot find a eject mode/button to safely eject it. I was also wondering if you can use a Flash Drive for storage and have it connected to TV permanently? Thank you
  19. L

    Desktop shortcuts trying to open iCloud drive

    Hi, advice needed please. I have a number of shortcut icons on my Windows 11 desktop. Some of them have a little tick in the bottom left corner, others have an arrow. When I try to open one of the icons with a tick, I get a popup message telling me that iCloud drive cannot open and is not...
  20. Garrett

    Anyone Widened Their Drive Dropped Kerb?

    Has anyone here personally had there drive widened and thus extended their drop paving/kerb to accommodate it. Just wonderings the best way to go about it and cost of it and experience. Although I do know about this site. Apply for a dropped kerb
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