1. quicksand

    For Sale Google Nest Doorbell (Battery)

    For sale: Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) - the new / recently released model. Opened but changed mind - unused and not installed, etc. Purchased from JL so has 2 years warranty. £140 posted please by BT.
  2. gy1977

    For Sale Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro Hardwired Item is in perfect condition Front button has just been replaced as these are prone to cracking Item is approx 18 months old Comes with x4 faceplates Faceplate colours are Satin Nickel, Black, Cream, Venetian Cream faceplate is the only used one Customisable...
  3. rik111

    For Sale RING VIDEO DOORBELL 2 (Wireless) x 2

    I bought a couple of these off Amazon to fit to front and back doors but then had a change of heart and have fitted Blink cameras. They were both refurbished but look new to me. Looking for £50.00 each delivered. These are the wireless version not the cheaper wired versions. Link >>
  4. C

    Video Doorbell as Emergency Alert

    I was wondering if there is a way to set a video doorbell so it only activates when the button is pushed. I want to set up a video doorbell for my parents (ages 94 and 96) where they can push the button and it immediately alerts me wherever I am. I can then talk to them via the doorbell. Any...
  5. B

    For Sale Nest hello doorbell camera. And nest smart indoor camera.

    Hello, Selling the following : Nest "hello" doorbell wired version. £115 all in inclusive of Royal mail postage. Nest indoor smart camera £60 inclusive of postage. Take them both for £160. Price is firm Thank you
  6. S

    For Sale Brand New Sealed Google Nest Video Doorbell (battery) - 2yr Warranty

    Hi, I have a brand new sealed Google Nest Video Doorbell (Battery) This comes with 2 year warranty, which I will be happy to provide the details over to the buyer. Looking for £150 inc. delivery. Thanks. Kind regards
  7. Inked

    For Sale SOLD Ring Doorbell pro

    This has sat in its box for almost a year without me getting round to fitting it. I have come to the realisation that I never will so it may as well be sold on. Ring doorbell pro with chime, brand new in opened box. Looking for £120 delivered.
  8. G

    For Sale Google Nest Doorbell (battery)

    Google Nest Doorbell (Battery) New and Sealed £150 RMSD
  9. A

    Ring doorbell pro 2

    Has anyone got any experience of the ring doorbell pro 2 and also has anyone upgraded from the original pro? If so I'd be interested to learn your thoughts. Are the mounting holes the same for the pro 2 vs pro, so you can just swap them over?
  10. J

    Ring doorbell owner facing potential £100,000 fine after judge rules data laws broken

    This new court ruling raises many potential questions for owners of Ring doorbells and similar devices. Today a judge has ruled against the Ring doorbell owner big time. Sentencing follows at a later date but the fine could be up to £100k...
  11. R

    Best video doorbell out

    I currently have the video doorbell pro and I was thinking if there is any better products out there that have a better camera and good instant notifications.
  12. I

    Advice wiring up Ezviz DB1C video doorbell with chime and transformer

    I have an Ezviz DB1C smart video doorbell, and have bought a Byron 776 chime to go with it, as it was on the compatibility list for the DB1C (Compatibility List for DB1 & DB1C Chime - FAQ - EZVIZ Support). The Byron has an internal 8V transformer, but Ezviz have advised that the DB1C needs a...
  13. T

    Using neighbours WiFi with Ring doorbell (quick reply needed 🙏🙏🙏)

    I'm in a bit of a pinch so I really hope there is someone kind who can help with this query. I am having renovation work done on my house (currently it is not in a liveable condition) and I am a few miles away. The house does not have internet yet. And there are trades people I do not fully...
  14. JayCee

    Video Doorbell query

    To comply with the law (Scotland just in case it's different from UK law) do you need to display a notice stating that video recording is taking place if you install a video doorbell which I believe is the case if you install CCTV?
  15. TB303

    Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - is terrible, what am I missing?

    Hello people, We used to have one of the original Ring doorbells, and it had lots of issues, having to charge the battery all the time and often the app/ring taking ages to 'answer' a ring - missing packages etc. We updated to Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell - and it's way worst. While having...
  16. T

    What kind of electrical wiring for Ring Pro 2 doorbell?

    I'm having a porch built and the wiring for a standard dumb wired doorbell has already been costed into the quote. I'll be getting a simple dumb wired doorbell but I want to make sure it is future proofed so I can install a Ring Pro 2 in the not too distant future (this is a hardwired variant of...
  17. I

    POE Doorbell camera?

    Hello all. I am about to install a Reolink CCTV camera system in my home. One thing Reolink dont do is a doorbell camera. So looking on google, surprisingly there are very few POE camera doorbell out there. Is there one that you can reccomend that will be compatible with Reolink? I believe it...
  18. CaptnSpaulding

    Help with Ring Doorbell wiring?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone could help at all with the wiring of my Ring Doorbell Wired? I have confirmed my current doorbell is compatible however I only have 2 wires in mine where most diagrams show 3-4 on the installation. I’m wondering where I’m supposed to connect the bypass cable...
  19. stevos

    Ring doorbell - wired in

    Hi, has anyone tried wiring in their ring doorbell and if so does it speed up the answering / display? I assume most of the delay is caused by the doorbell going to sleep to save power. I assume the pro modules that are wired only, don't go to sleep, but not sure if the battery ones would stay...
  20. S

    Video Doorbell or Camera in Porch?

    I'm a little confused about what to do here. I've got a 1930's style front door with a lot of glass, something like this: I've been looking at what kind of application would work best here. The two options: 1. Put a video doorbell (something like the EZVIZ DB1C, or Hikvision DS-KIS603-P) 2...
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