1. Don Rogers Tash

    Death's Door.

    Pre-ordered this t'other week and got Titan Souls free. DD is worth every penny. Highly recommended, especially if you're a fan of top-down Zeldas.
  2. Derek S-H

    Living room sliding door.

    Can anyone help here? This is my living room doorway: It was like this when I moved in 12 years' ago and looks like there's never been a door fitted, it's always just been a doorway. I'm thinking of fitting a door, but it can't be a conventional swinging door as the sofa's in the way and...
  3. WeegyAVLover

    Outdoor/vestibule tile floor - door lock solution needed

    Hi, Got a new front door installed last weekend and we decided the current tiles in the vestibule between front door & storm doors looked awful next to it so decided to lift it. However vestibule storm doors have a lock that goes into the tile/ground to hold the doors secure. I am wondering...
  4. M

    Shower door hinge replacement

    My bio fold shower glass door can't extend properly because of the hinge, can i replace it with any similar one? Hard to find the same one.
  5. IL Cattivo

    Fire Door Issue - Building Regs

    To cut a long story short, we've recently had our Kitchen/Utility room completely gutted, re-positioned and re-fitted from top to bottom. Our building contractors did a solid job up until the point where it was painful getting them back to do the odd snagging and putting a few things right. They...
  6. HadHa

    upvc door hinges - tilting

    I have a double patio upvc door which needs some adjustment. One of them are perfectly level with the frame whereas the other appears to be tilting, see alignment pic. I wanted to attempt adjusting it on the door hinges. Prying off the top and bottom covers reveals some screws but having done...
  7. Philw101

    Cracks above internal door frame

    Hello all, Quick question if we may. We have some cracks that have appeared above the internal doorways. Seems these are plasterboard joints above the doors, fixed with mesh tape but no filler in between the joints. I have opened these cracks up but just wondering what was the best way...
  8. gr0uty

    Car door edge protectors

    Moved into a new house last year and the driveway runs in between ours and our neighbours house. It is wide enough to get out of the car easily but at some time or another we have all managed to open the door too wide into a brick wall chipping the paint on the edge of the car door. Anyhoo, I’m...
  9. jimmythefish

    ADT Visonic Powermax door tamper fault

    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me please. My daughter has moved into a house with an ADT Visonic Powermax10 wireless alarm. The door sensor (looks like a PG9975 or similar) was reporting low battery so I replaced it following an on-line tutorial. Now have a door tamper alarm I can’t clear i.e...
  10. Riddick1977

    Bargain Eve door sensor
  11. pilsburypie

    Car door speakers in sealed box?

    Want to add some larger speakers to my van. Currently the rear panel houses 100mm factory units which sound terrible I’ve ordered some Focal PC165 speakers I’m making a small box to house so I can install in the upper part of the boot by the roof. should this box be sealed or have some holes...
  12. brunation

    Securing hardwood door cill to concrete floor

    Replacing a door cill (threshold ?) that got damaged. This is in a block of flats so it's going straight onto concrete. Will a grab adhesive be sufficient or does it need screwed down?
  13. D

    Living next door to a dealer...

    I know this is a family forum, but i wanted a bit of advice from the general public, so here is the place. I apologise for poor written style, its a disability so unfortunately i cant help it! My indirect neighbour (at the bottom of the garden, i live on a corner), deals drugs - I know 100% he...
  14. IGC

    The Boys Next Door & Suburbia (Penelope Spheeris, 101 Films LEs, UK Blu-rays September 2021)

    The Boys Next Door looks to be a port of the US Severin Films release and Suburbia has a few extra bits compared to the US Shout! release. I already have TBND but will buy it again to support 101. I don't have Suburbia on Blu-ray so that'll be a nice upgrade from the DVD. TBND is an absolute...
  15. R

    Add Switch To Garage Door

    Hi, not exactly a smart home question but wondered if someone could help. Our garage door operates by remote control or there are buttons on the unit. I would like to add a switch at the entrance and exit doors as that would be much more convenient. Is is as simple as adding retractive light...
  16. tazmago

    Death’s Door Surprised there’s not a thread about this game. Old school Zelda feel, Series S/X optimised. Out now £14.22 (15% off atm).
  17. C

    Projector Suggestions for 216inch image for a 4.8mtr wide garage door?

    Hello, I don’t know much at all about projectors and need some advice, I am looking to get a projector to project onto a double garage door. (I do a Christmas lights show, and would like to project videos onto the door) The garage door measures 4.8mtrs wide x 2.1 metres high, And would...
  18. ashenfie

    SVS Elevations for Rear channel above a door?

    I have a complex room shape and don't want the L. & R channels right next to the doors. The rears I was think to mount above the door and near the window, See below These speakers seam the best options as Kef surround don't recommend being mounted near the ceiling or back wall. They will be...
  19. raigraphixs

    The Shrink Next Door (Apple TV+)

    Anchorman duo Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd lead The Shrink Next Door, the dark comedy limited series inspired by true events, an eight-episode series. 12 November
  20. simonliu79

    Speaker placement - What to do in the door corner?

    Just wondering what people do if there is a door at/near the area they want to place a speaker? Is it acceptable to place that speaker above the door even though it would mean that 1 speaker is at a different level than the others or would it be better to place all of the speakers high up so...
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