1. J

    Samsung TV WiFi dongle

    I have an older Samsung smart TV (10yr) that used to connect via a dongle for the smart selection, this stopped working a couple of years ago but I'd like to replace it, just looking on eBay and wondering if the £11 for Samsungs are any good or if I have to go for £45 genuine instead, money is...
  2. nonsoloinglese

    For Sale PS4 Gold Wireless Headset and dongle

    Unboxed in good condition
  3. gurpswoo1

    Wanted Dex usb c dongle and foldable keyboard with touch pad.

    Hi All I am looking for a usb c dongle to use with my Samsung note 20. Must have PD to charge phone. Also looking for a foldable keyboard to go with it. Thanks
  4. wronaldo

    Bluetooth USB Dongle for Rotel RA-1570

    Good afternoon, I damaged the USB dongle that provides Bluetooth connection to my RA-1570. I am not sure how but it's not hard to believe that the overall arrangement is not very resistant. Little harm I though, I'll buy a new one. Rotel is out of stock with these items (and I can just wonder...
  5. Franky1971

    Wifi 6 dongle for tv

    Just gone from a 60mb fttc broadband connection to gigabit fttp and speeds are up from 50mbps to 950mbps symmetrical so couldn't be happier with the connection itself. The ISP supplied router (Tp link archer xr 500v) is a bare bones Wifi 5 router so I've upgraded to a Wifi 6 Asus RT-AX86U and...
  6. Endemoniada

    Do I need a dongle?

    Recent numerous issues with my home broadband service (Plusnet) led me to experiment with putting an unlimited data sim (Smarty) in my phone's second slot and using the phone as a wifi hotspot to serve my pc, smart speaker, streaming device etc, etc instead. A few days in, I haven't noticed any...
  7. G

    saved stuff on dongle

    you know like where everything is so large in size on ps4 and it's like your always out of space when you install new games. before deleting the game app on home screen i will copy data over to usb dongle before deleting it from ps4 so that i can play new games yeah. i think the actual saved...
  8. R

    Input/output dongle things

    I think I know the answer to the question, but what do people think of these things?
  9. P

    USB dongle for sony wh-1000xm2 wireless headphones

    Hi, I am the delighted new owner of a set of sony wh-1000xm2 wireless headphones (ebay purchace, very reasonable price). Can anyone recomend a usb to bluetooth adaptor that works well and is economical (cheap) Thanks in advance
  10. H

    Platinum headset usb dongle

    The usb dongle that came with the platinum headset has been broken but I can't find anywhere that does a replacement... Am I right in thinking that the usb attachment only works with the headset it came with and if it breaks I've got no chance of getting a replacement...! I don't remember...
  11. amardilo

    4G PAYG USB Dongle as a Failover

    Does anyone have and recommend any 4G Pay as You Go USB dongles as a Failover for regular broadband? I have fibre broadband (fibre to the cabinet) and was looking at a way to maintain Internet access if there are issues with the connection. I have an ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem/Router that has a USB...
  12. S

    Benq TK850i/W2700i: Fitting Amazon Fire Stick 4k in Place Of QS01 Dongle

    Hi ALl, Has anyone tried fitting/replacing the QS01 Dongle that TK850i and W2700i comes with Amazon Fire Stick? QS01 dongle fits next to the lens which is under a cover. I was wondering if...
  13. harry66

    Question Bluetooth Dongle with decent microphone levels when used with MS Teams, Webex etc?

    Hi all, My work laptop does not have BT and the work supplied headset make my ears too hot after a few minutes. I have tried a couple of BT dongles - an Avantree BT4.0 and an MPOW BT5.0 - for both I used the correct driver according to their website. Both of them installed OK and for listening...
  14. camcroft

    Cambridge Audio CXA60 with BT 100 Dongle

    Hi. I have the above and was wondering that if I replaced the bluetooth dongle with the IFI Zen Blue streamer would I improve the sound quality as it has more choice of codecs than the BT100 which only has Apt x. I have the IFI zen connected to another Marantz amplifier and I am impressed with...
  15. Rkonrad

    Problem with Anycast dongle and galaxy 9 smartphone

    We have a Yaber projector from Amazon and as a 'gift we have been send us an Anycast dongle. I have tried many times and viewed many youtube tutorials but can't get it working. The dongle is attached properly, I have selected the anycast option in wifi with correct password and then selected...
  16. janz70

    ue49m5000akxxu - looking for cheap wifi dongle for samsung TV

    Hi all I have an old Samsung UE49M5000 I am wanting a wifi lan adapter for it but I am to tight to pay for a samsung one, are there any cheap ones that work with this TV - whats so special about the samsung ones.
  17. hkbs

    Bluetooth dongle

    I have bought a wireless Bluetooth dongle for my laptop so that I can use my wireless earphones for Zoom conferences. I have managed to pair and connect but the sound is dreadful with lots of juddering. Is there anything I can do to improve the sound or should I return the dongle and go back to...
  18. HaRd2BeAr

    Rumoured Google Streaming Dongle

    Anyone seen anymore about the rumoured "Sabrina" Google Dongle coming? Google Sabrina Dongle I had issues with the Chromecast where I couldn't get any sound other than Dolby Digital 2.0 so hopefully this would handle audio better. Also comes with a remote.
  19. D

    Google releases Android 11 preview for Android TV (and confirms a new dongle is on the way)

    " Android 11 is coming this fall to smartphones, tablets and other devices. And now it looks like an updated version of Android TV based on Android 11 is also on the horizon. Google has released the first Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV. It’s designed to run on Google’s ADT-3...
  20. D

    BenQ HDMI Streaming Dongle Powered By Android TV Spotted On FCC

    " The demand is growing rapidly for projectors in the home entertainment category. Several brands such as XGIMI and Anker already offer home projectors with built-in Android TVs. Now, BenQ is coming up with its own HDMI streaming dongle that adds Android TV support to its existing projectors...
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