Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (often shortened to Dolby Labs and known simply as Dolby) is a British-American company specializing in audio noise reduction, audio encoding/compression, spatial audio, and HDR imaging. Dolby licenses its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers.

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  1. I

    Question The Running Man 4K

    I bought a load of 4K blurays from an online retailer. One of them was the running man and on the disc it says Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos but its only in 5.1 not Atmos. What can we do about companies telling lies like this? Its fraud.
  2. couch potato

    For Sale Samsung HW-N850 Soundbar Atmos, Dolby vision, DTS:X, HLG, HDR10..etc

    Been in our second room so hardly ever used. It's now boxed up with all accessories. Never missed a beat. Alexa voice control. Atmos, HDR10, DTS:X, HLG, Dolby Vision etc See review: Samsung HW-N850
  3. Zookie

    Sonos Arc- no Dolby Atmos

    Hey guys, I have a TV (Samsung Ks7000) which doesn't support Dolby Atmos. I want to buy a Sonos Arc soundbar which emulates surround sound and uses Dolby Atmos. Can the soundbar still do some kind of surround sound emulation with my TV not supporting Atmos? I dont have money for a new TV :)...
  4. Zookie

    Dolby Atmos basic question

    Hey guys, I have a TV (Samsung Ks7000) which doesn't support Dolby Atmos. I want to buy a Sonos Arc soundbar which emulates surround sound and uses Dolby Atmos. Can the soundbar still do some kind of surround sound emulation with my TV not supporting Atmos? I dont have money for a new TV :)...
  5. I

    Question Does Dolby Digital to Stereo adapter (CYP AU-D1D) cause lip-Sync issues?

    Dear All, I am looking to get one of these to convert the Sony TV optical output to 2 channel audio. I can then connect this to my HiFi amp, like I used to on the old TV. Concerned that there will be delays in the decoding that will put the audio out of sync with video. I can't stand lip-sync...
  6. L

    Question Confused about Dolby Vision picture mode

    Hello, Up until very recently I have always watched Dolby Vision content using the Cinema Home picture mode. However, I recently found out that Cinema is actually the more accurate picture mode for Dolby Vision since it doesn’t add any “fake brightness” for lack of better words. As an artist...
  7. S

    Sony STR DN1080 Dolby Atmos Question ....

    I currently have a 7.1 set up using my Sony STR DN1080 receiver / and in wall speakers. I would like to upgrade my fronts with Klipsch R-605FA speakers which feature Dolby Atmos upfiring speakers. I see where i will need to connect my mains and also the "surround back / height" connections. im...
  8. Zulfikar

    Ribbon cable in Denon

    A few days ago I noticed a strange thing. Suddenly I noticed that the system showed stereo but it was assigned Dolby. Dolby disappeared from system. After restarting it was fine, after two days it said i was attaching headphones again. but i was not. after restarting it solved , it comes back...
  9. S

    Wanted 65" Oled with 120hz Dolby Vision

    Hi, I'm looking for 65" OLED which meets Xbox X full specs for gaming which includes: HDMI 2.1 compatability 120hz dolby vision (deal breaker) No screen burn Unclaimed warranty remaining Looking at within 100 miles of Telford as would use Anyvan and obviously gets pricier the more the...
  10. pugheaven

    Question Anyone Has Problems SISU Black Bars Flickering in Dolby Vision?

    As title... running a Sony X700 and LG TV and noticed for the first time last night, SISU 4k around the 45 minute mark for around 2 minutes the black bars are flickering grey. I've done some googling and some others have had it at well with different hardware on different films... YET when I...
  11. I love a sunflower

    Dolby Atmos Music and Wiim players

    I've bought a Wiim mini but haven't used it yet as I'm away from home, but I'm confused about whether it will decode Dolby Atmos music on Amazon, or whether I need the pro or pro plus version. I understand the mini, pro and pro plus decode Ultra HD music through Amazon, but not sure about the...
  12. robertcooper

    Question Mission FS2 and Dolby Atmos

    I have a set of Mission FS2 speakers which are mounted at ceiling level in the four corners of the room due to room layout and also to keep the wife happy! They are now connected to a Marantz Cinema 70. My question is, would I benefit from adding a couple of Atmos speakers given their current...
  13. Lin3ar

    Hisence Netflix not showing Dolby Vision

    Today I have installed a 65E7 in my back room. So far I am pretty impressed considering the price apart from one issue with the Netflix app. It does not show Dolby Vision and there is no DV logo in the description, just 4k. My LG Oled is working perfectly fine. Any ideas? Edit HDR and DV are...
  14. JSWolf

    Why is it some movies stream with Dolby Vision and the disc version does not have Dolby Vision?

    I was looking at Les Misérables at Apple TV and noticed that it's now available in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Then I went to look at the 4K disc and the disc Has Dolby Atmos and HDR10. What happened to Dolby Vision on the disc version? Is this a common issue? Why does it happen?
  15. marty1

    Paramount plus no Dolby atmos

    Ok so I have a fire stick 4k max connected directly to my Samsung Q990C soundbar, I get Dolby atmos signal from Netflix and Disney plus but not through Paramount plus. I spoke with Paramount plus and they said atmos is only available on certain devices, one of which is fire TV. Isn't fire TV...
  16. JSWolf

    Streaming Movies that can be used to showcase Dolby Atmos

    I'm watching Fast X on Sky Cinema. There is a scene where a rocket comes from behind. The Atmos effect is really good. You hear the rocket coming form behind you and it shoots right past your head. Does anyone else have any content from any streaming services or Sky/Virgin that does Dolby Atmos...
  17. Matsmashed

    Netflix Default Audio DD 5.1 and not Dolby Atmos despite being available

    Hi All, Recently my Netflix seems to be defaulting certain content to 5.1 Dolby Digital and not Dolby Atmos. It is so frustrating. Rebel Moon, Blue Samurai and Fool Me Once all seem to be defaulting to DD 5.1 and not Atmos. Not sure why, it seems to be a new issue. I can get these shows to...
  18. billbirchall

    PS5 as blu ray player and Dolby Atmos.

    I have an LG 49SJ800V tv, a PlayStation 5 disk player and 2 Apple HomePod 2nd gen speakers. I have been watching Blade Runner 2049, 4K UHD version with Dolby Atmos. When viewing and checking the audio settings, I get Dolby True Hd or Dolby Audio Hd depending whether I have selected Bitstream or...
  19. E

    Dolby 5.1 on Sonos Arc

    Hi everyone - hope someone mjght be able to help. I have a new Sonos Arc and am trying to get it to stream 5.1 content. The Arc’s working with a SUB and 2 x ONEs as surround speakers. The Arc is connected using the ARC socket (HDMI 4) on my Sony TV - it’s not the newest so doesn’t have...
  20. Nick0slicK

    Question Do 4K Blu Rays in Dolby vision also have HDR10?

    Hello everyone. Question, do 4k Blu Rays ended in Dolby Vision also have HDR10?. My equipment; Samsung TV QE55Q9FN (2018) peak 2% window ~1450 Nits, Panasonic UB820 Blu Ray player. I recently figured out that I have a number of discs encoded in Dolby Vision, however I have a TV which doesn’t...
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