1. L

    Question Using Satellites for Presence / Ceiling Speakers for Dolby Atmos

    Hope someone can advise. Am setting up new TV placement and speaker arrangement and trying to make best use of what I already have and/or to get Dolby Atmos capability, to go beyond current 5.1 set-up. Wondering if I should use my spare pair of Q7000 sats as presence speakers/Dolby Atmos...
  2. S

    Flickering Problem with Dolby Vision on 4K discs

    Hello - I am new to the forum (first post) and have just upgraded to a 4k tv, player etc. When I watch 4k discs I have noticed a flickering on the black bars at the top and bottom of the image. This has happened on Gladiator, Halloween and Apocalypse Now: Final Cut so it can't be an issue with...
  3. J

    Question 55” GX Dolby vision colour problem

    Hi, has anyone else had issue with Dolby vision colours on LG GX TVs? Some of the colours look inverted! It’s fine in everything that doesn’t fuse Dolby vision but all DV content seems to do the same. Scoured I’m google but to no avail. Haven’t contacted LG support yet.
  4. L

    Nad T758v3 not getting Dolby digital

    I've noticed that my newly setup And T758 is not outputting Dolby digital/Atmos. The display says 2ch pcm 2.0/0. Dolby surround. Does the NAD show digital or Atmos on the front display of it detects such a signal? It's hooked up to TV using Hdmi the display on the nad also shows arc. I've been...
  5. Alexxxx

    For Sale Marantz SR7010 AV Receiver Silver Dolby Atmos

    Marantz SR7010 Receiver for sale. Good condition and is fully working. Still have original box for it so will be sending in that. Comes with power chord, remote and setup mic. Selling as I have managed to snag myself an Arcam AVR for a really good price. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  6. dante01

    Amazon Prime Drops Support for Atmos and Dolby Vision

    I've recently been posting in several location throughout the board on this, but I think this topic really needs a thread of its own in order to better inform those who've encountered issues while trying to access Dolby Vision or Atmos while using the Amazon Prime service. Amazon have now...
  7. C

    LG 55E9 poor Dolby Vision

    Is anyone else disappointed with Dolby vision on the LG x9 OLEDS? My E9 is a warranty replacement for my E6 and I also have a B7. Both the E6 and B7 had great Dolby vision - metals have great sheen and brightness and really stand out. The E9 however is very dim by comparison - Dolby vision just...
  8. A

    Please advice on product that connects multiple PC to 4K HDR TV at 60Hz with chroma 4:4:4 and Dolby Atmos sound bar

    Hello, I have a Sony XBR-49X900E 4K 60Hz HDR TV and a Samsung HW-Q90R Dolby Atmos and DTS soundbar.
  9. N

    Sony UBP X800 No Dolby Atmos

    Hi Any suggestions why I'm unable to get Atmos soundtrack through my Denon 4500 AV? * I get Dolby True HD soundtrack - not Atmos * I'm using 4k discs with Atmos soundtracks * Latest software version M36.R.0338 * UBP X800 (NOT M2 model) * Setting: Digital Audio Output - Auto *Settings...
  10. P

    Netflix app on Samsung annoyingly encodes everything to Dolby Digital

    Quite a lot of older stuff on Netflix is made in stereo but whenever I watch it using the Netflix App on my Samsung TV outputting the sound to my processor using a fibre cable it is encoded to Dolby Digital meaning everything comes out the left and right speakers. It’s great if it is made as DD...
  11. M

    Will a Dolby Atmos soundbar work in this room?

    Hi I've been looking at soundbars, and most of the new bars seem to be Dolby Atmos these days, but I'm not sure if I'm actually going to get any benefit due to the shape of my ceiling: Height of the ceiling is about 7'9" at the lowest point, and 9'4" at the highest point. Therefore I think...
  12. JabbaNut

    Ceva supports Dolby MS12 multistream decider
  13. B

    The Invisible Man looks terrible???4k Dolby Vision?

    Hello all! I just got a LG OLED CX65 with a Denon x1400h and 4K Apple TV. I went OLED for black blacks. I wanted dark since the tv is in the basement. Most content looks incredible and the blacks are black. I rented The Invisible Man from Apple TV in Dolby Vision 4K and Dolby Atmos. The top and...
  14. S

    Sky Q dolby sound question

    is the sound on UHD material better than dolby digital that you get on Sky+ HD box?
  15. E

    Dolby Headphone with Home Theatre

    Some years ago JVC and separately, Creative, brought out Dolby Headphone amps. I bought both. I recently bought a 58” Panasonic TV to use for a very modest home theatre set-up. I have Kefs front and two Jamos for rear surrounds with a Yamaha Sub in a 5.1 set-up. My TV has Dolby Atmos along...
  16. A

    For Sale Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV.

    Panasonic TX-55GZ950B 55" Smart 4K Ultra HD OLED TV with HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and HCX Picture Processor. Boxed and in as new condition. Reason for sale upgraded to 65" Oled. Warranty with Panasonic until 30th March 2021. See last picture. Collection only from DE24 3DZ. £900 or...
  17. R

    No dolby atmos NVidia shield via tv to soundbar

    Hello, maybe any one knows what im doing wrong or maybe it is known issue, i dont know :( My setup is nvidia shield pro 2019 to lg c9 to samsung q90r soundbar. 1 When im playing netflix or amazon prime on nvidia shield im getting dolby atmos logo on my soundbar and everything works fine. 2 When...
  18. Y

    Need advice for building a hometheater with Dolby Atmos in relatively small room

    Hi everyone, I have a 3.4 x 5.4 meters room, it is rectangular but the problem is that I cannot lay out my theater vertically in the room because at one end I have a balcony and the door is on the other end. The only way is to lay my theater horizontally with a couch back to the wall and a...
  19. sang4021

    Dolby Atmos with Samsung and Netflix

    I will be moving soon, and part of the fun is upgrading to a new tv... I am planning to get a new (2020 or 2019) Samsung 4K TV, and soundbar/speakers that support Dolby Atmos... I have read that Netflix doesnt stream Dolby Atmos to Samsung TVs via the app on the smart TV... Im wondering, if I...
  20. D

    Dolby Vision/HDR/PUS6754/Fire Stick

    So, I've been doing some tinkering again. Currently I'm using a Fire Stick and playing 4k HDR material. When I have HDR set to 'Adaptive', I get a very dark image when playing HDR content. Turning up brightness makes it look grey and washed out. Under the Device Info menu on the TV, I get...
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