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  1. bingodisco

    iPhone 12 Dolby Vision recordings on Panasonic TV

    Got an iPhone 12 Pro yesterday and did a quick test of the new camera capabilities. I can confirm that it does indeed shoot very nice 4K video in Dolby Vision that my Panasonic GX800 detects. I was able to cast the video direct to the TV from the iPhone using the free Panasonic TV Remote 2 iOS...
  2. T

    LG65CX question about Dolby Vision settings, peak brightness and logo luminance adjustments

    Hi guys I received my new TV today and I'm thrilled :) but I want to understand three things 1)what are the suggested settings about peak brightness? with sdr content at the moment I use dark mode pictures with 40 oled light and peak brightness disabled. 2)what settings should I use with hdr and...
  3. joshtbh

    Help with why my Nvidia Shield isn't showing Dolby Vision on my new TV

    Hi, I just got an LG OLED TV, i'm new to LG and can't work out why my Shield won't show netflix shows as Dolby Vision, I only get HDR. Works fine on my Xbox One.
  4. C

    Is HDR10 to Dolby Vision update worth it

    Hi all, I have a Panasonic GX1500 and a Panasonic UB420 4K Blu Ray Player. I just wanted to know if the leap in picture quality from HDR10 to Dolby Vision is worth me updating my 4K player. Thanks, Christian
  5. joshtbh

    Question about Dolby Vision and ARC

    Hi I've just had a new HDR and Dolby Vision compatible TV, and am confused about something. I have a LG OLED 65b9 When I plug my Xbox directly into my TV, my Xbox can detect that my TV is Dolby Vision enabled. However when I go through my AV receiver (Denon avr-x540bt) it does not detect...
  6. Apnomis

    Dolby Vision via AV Receiver

    Hi, I'm upgrading my old HDTV to a modern one in time for the PS5. In the end I went with the 55" Q90t as the best all rounder. However I'm getting that usual FOMO fear that maybe I should have paid the extra £300 for the LG CX OLED. Even though picture quality seems neck and neck, which is why...
  7. J

    Denon X3700H question about Dolby Vision

    Hi pros. I'm looking to upgrade my setup for the imminent PS5. Think I've settled on the LG OLED65CX5LB and the Denon X3700H. The only question mark still hanging is the Dolby Vision support. The tv does it but the Denon website seems to conflict with the whathifi review on that amp. Denon has...
  8. t-force

    Dolby Vision playback on discs?

    Hi all, Has anyone seen a definitive answer yet as to whether the XBOX Series X and S will support Dolby Vision on UHD blu-ray discs? I believe they've confirmed that it will be an option for games at some point, and that it will be supported for various streaming apps as it was with the XB1X...
  9. P

    Hisense U7BUK flickering on Dolby vision content.

    I have had this tv for about 6 months now, and generally have been very happy with the pq given the price I paid. However, I am noticing that there is a high frequency flicker in some scenes when watching Dolby Vision content. I get this when watching DV content from the built in Netflix, and...
  10. B

    Question Are you missing Dolby Vision on Sammy's TV?

    Hey folks, just wondering if you wish you had DV in your Samsung, it seems nice to have but I am wondering if having a bright TV such as the 80T that can deal decently with HDR, than not having DV is less of a problem.
  11. cliffflip

    Question Sony X750H vs X800H (Dolby Vision & AirPlay)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 55" 4K TV. Initially I only want to replace my FHD TV so my first target were only Mi TV 4K (around $350 here, idk if it's available outside Asia). But then my local reviewers aren't even impressed by it, and considering it's not available in physical store, I don't want...
  12. TB Rich

    Denon Dolby Vision OSD

    Just looking at older Denon's to see when DV was supported, and noticed the following comment: I read that to imply x200H, x300H & x400H models support DV with correct firmware, but none support having the OSD overlaid? Does this mean even volume control is not overlaid with a DV source? Is...
  13. Kreeep

    LG EF950T and Dolby Vision

    Question. Did the LG EF950T series support Dolby Vision, or was that something LG integrated in their E6 and G6 models afterward? I have an LG 65EF950T and can't find anything on it really. Thanks.
  14. martindeveloper

    Question Dolby Vision content on Samsung TV

    Hello, As Samsung TVs does not support Dolby Vision - I have been wondering how this going to work if TV supports HDR10+ but the content is streamed - for example thru Apple TV 4K - with Dolby Vision. Will the content be "converted" to HDR10+ and still displayed with HDR? Or the content will...
  15. CCDUNCAN76

    Question Yamaha RX-A680, Vizio M Series, 4k AppleTV and Dolby Vision Problem

    I just bought a Yamaha RX-A680 in hopes of getting the Dolby Vision working with my 4K AppleTV... So far, no luck at all. My TV is a Vizio M75-E1 and everything says it will support Dolby Vision but when I set the AppleTV to 4K Dolby Vision @ 60htz everything seems fine for about 30 seconds...
  16. Tony Woodison

    Question Panasonic 65HZ1500 and DOLBY VISION IQ

    I have the 65HZ1500 set but for some reason DOLBY VISION IQ and the other DV options do not appear in the Picture Menu. Could anyone explain why this might be the case? Grateful for your thoughts.
  17. D

    Q90R + LGC8 lip sync when Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are in use

    Hi all, wondered if someone could help me with my setup around some weird lip syncing issues that I’m experiencing. I recently got the Q90R soundbar to use with my LGC8 and have updated both to the latest firmware. Initial setup: AppleTV4K -> LGC8 -> Q90R Switched the tv setting to dtv auto...
  18. G

    XE9305 Dolby Vision

    I’ve got a 55 inch XE9305, connected to a DN1080 amp. Everything is connected to the amp, Sky Q, Blu-ray player, and now just bought a 4K Apple TV. Everything worked ok, until I got the Apple TV, which is connected to the amp, with the single hdmi going to HDMI 3 on the TV. When I try and get...
  19. V

    New Apple TV 4K - No Dolby Vision

    I just connected my new Apple TV 4K to my setup. It is not detecting Dolby Vision. The highest it goes is 4K HDR. My immediate thought is that my HDMI cable from my receiver to my TV is not good enough. I know there is some sales hype around HDMI cables, but I don’t know enough to know what I...
  20. S

    Flickering Problem with Dolby Vision on 4K discs

    Hello - I am new to the forum (first post) and have just upgraded to a 4k tv, player etc. When I watch 4k discs I have noticed a flickering on the black bars at the top and bottom of the image. This has happened on Gladiator, Halloween and Apocalypse Now: Final Cut so it can't be an issue with...
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