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  1. Coulson

    For Sale M9702 (Oppo Clone) Media Player - Dolby Vision Folder/ISO

    Plays almost every media format including Dolby Vision and HDR10+ Folders/ISO. Hi Fi quality looking case so still looks like new. Compact so should fit in almost any situation. Network connectivity to both NFS and SMB. Oppo picture and audio quality. Backlit remote control. Price is £200
  2. Doctor Hades

    LG B9 - Which Picture Setting do you use for Dolby Vision content?

    What picture setting do people use for Dolby Vision on their B9s? Cinema or Cinema Home? I had been using the Cinema setting for DV with my Panasonic 820 4K player since I got it and always found movies that used it to look overly dark. However, I assumed that this was how it was supposed to...
  3. n0chex

    For Sale **REDUCED** Philips Ambilight 58PUS8545/12 58-Inch LED TV (4K Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR 10+, Freeview Play, Compatible with Alexa, Android TV

    Philips Ambilight 58PUS8545/12 58-Inch LED TV (4K UHD, P5 Engine, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR 10+, Freeview Play, Compatible with Alexa, Android TV) Mid Silver/Light Silver (2020/2021 Model) Purchased from Amazon less than a Year ago and only selling as upgrading to a larger TV. The picture...
  4. D

    Sony STR DH790 Dolby Vision issue

    Hi all, I've had the Sony STR-DH790 for around 10 months now and it's worked fine up to now. Last night, when I turned over to my 4k firestick, every few seconds the screen would go black for another few seconds and then come back on again. The only way I've found to fix this is to limit the...
  5. M

    Total Recall 4k Blu Ray (UK Version), no Dolby Vision??

    Hey all Just received my steelbook Total Recall UHD, but checked the back of the box and the disc to find no sign of it being in Dolby Vision. Even though the reviews all state it is indeed in DV. Anyone else got this copy to confirm DV? Many thanks!
  6. L

    Hd10+ vs Dolby vision

    I am considering a new 4K tv but am torn between Sony 9505 and Samsung qled 95. I like the look of the picture on both but as I watch a lot of streaming services and sky q would I be missing out on a lot if I did not have a set with dolbyvision? Is there much difference when viewing services...
  7. Nobbler

    For Sale Panasonic DB - UP450 4K UHD Dolby Vision and HDR10+ player

    Above player for sale. I purchased a new box from E Bay so comes with all packaging, original remote and power lead. It does have cosmetic marks on the top - scratches and scuffs which reflect the price. The price does include 48 hour insured shipping.
  8. N

    Is Dolby Vision best avoided on Panasonic OLEDs?

    Sorry, this will be long. I hope people find it useful. A few quick points. This post isn’t about Dolby Vision IQ, which should be avoided due to undefeatable processing. This is about Panasonic’s wider DV implementation. I have a 55HZ1500 and Panasonic 820 BDP. All firmware is up to date. I’d...
  9. Shakey4

    For Sale Sony UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray Player Dolby Vision enabled

    Hello All For sale is the excellent Sony UBP-700 4K Blu-Ray Player which is Dolby Vision enabled. Upscaling on this is fantastic, I'm only selling as I will mainly be using my PS5 as my primary disc player. Full specs are here:
  10. andyd8

    Dolby Vision issue on 65PUS7805

    Having a weird issue with Dolby Vision on my Philips 65PUS7805 TV, it worked perfectly for a while and now all of a sudden the pictures goes really weird and look inverted. If I reset the TV it’s fine but then after a few days happens again. Absolutely no idea what’s happening or if it’s an...
  11. J

    Best way to watch Dolby Visión in OLED CX

    PSA: Using OLED CX Dolby Vision for media, and in a near future in videgames, this is the best setting: Cinema Mode is so dim even using bias, so you have to swich to Cinema Home and put brightness 1 low, 49. Then if you want to disable or change Cinema Clear, go to general>ai...
  12. metronom3

    LG OLED 2016 Dolby Vision & ATMOS ARC question

    I'm trying to watch DV & Atmos content on my TV (OLED55E6V), I understand that HDMI Arc does not support ATMOS due to bandwidth limitations (eArc) is needed. However what I don't understand is that if I play a video from Shield TV 2015 (Kodi 19 app) that is connected directly to my Yamaha AV...
  13. J

    Is Dolby Visión IQ worth for dark or bias viewing conditions? (Oled)

    Is Dolby Vision IQ worth for dark viewing or bias (using Oled)? In bright conditions it boosts the brightness, but does it worth Cinema Home and ser AI Brightness in dark or bias condition?
  14. J

    HZ980 or LG CX? DTS annoyance.

    Hello. I hope you're all keeping safe and well. So I'm in a bit of a first world dilemma right now. I can get the LG 55CX for £999 from Richer sounds, or I can get the Panasonic TX-55HZ980B for £950 from John Lewis (and they will throw in a £100 gift card). I'm quite frustrated that there is...
  15. Dobbyisfree

    Dolby Vision versus standard HDR

    Hi all, I think this is the best place to put my question, as it is not product specific but something I think a lot of people may recognise. Using: Disney+ or Netflix (e.g. Toy Story 4, Last Jedi or the Attenborough Our Planet - chosen as I believe all three were originally in 4k and not...
  16. B

    Quietest 4k uhd player with dolby vision

    As per title. I had a Samsung m7500 previously which was both fast and virtually silent while playing a disk. Sadly, I want a player with dolby vision otherwise I would be happy with the m7500. Can anyone recommend a player that is quiet (or at least, a comparison site that shows the dB noise...
  17. S

    Lg cx 65 screen ratio jumping in disney plus with dolby vision

    Afternoon, I am new to this. I have just upgraded my Samsung 49 ks8000 to the 65 lg cx. The TV is great, however, when watching falcon and winter soldier on Disney plus through the app on the tv with dolby vision the screen keeps shifting around the borders so bigger to smaller black borders...
  18. B

    Uhd bluray with dolby vision and freeview pvr?

    After having many boxes under my TV, I'm trying to combine as many boxes into a couple therefore eliminating my mess of cables behind the tv. I may be chasing the dragon, but are there any brands which combine both a freeview pvr and also 4k uhd blur Ray playing + dolby vision support? After...
  19. Noahdavid1984

    Dolby vision presets

    Can anyone explain the difference between Dolby Vision dark / bright? Is there a preset that is generally regarded as more accurate than the other? It’s one thing that I can’t seem to find any info about?
  20. C

    Flicker issue when playing UHD content through ultra hd player

    Hi all First time posting on the forum, I am having an issue I am hoping a wiser person than I can help with! The issue: Playing content via the UHD player is causing flicker issue on the right hand half of the screen (left hand side is perfectly fine and it’s directly from the centre to...
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