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  1. C

    Mac Mini M1 and Dolby Vision

    Hi all, I can‘t manage to get my Mac Mini M1 2020 to output Dolby Vision. Monterey OS, updated to the latest version. My TV is LG B7 OLED (no problems with Dolby Vision via Nvidia Shield). I am playing some DV files on the Mac Mini with Infuse Pro app but I get only HDR. Tried several different...
  2. erikibarra14

    Which is better: Samsung S95B with HDR10, or any other OLED with Dolby Vision?

    Which is better: Samsung S95B with HDR10, or any other OLED with Dolby Vision? I know the Sony A95K QD-OLED will have Dolby Vision, but it's a lot more expensive. The price of the S95B puts it up against the LG G2, Sony A90J, and Sony A80K, so I think a lot of people (like myself) will be...
  3. Zog

    Dolby Vision .... 1 simple question

    As long as I use HDMI 2.X throughout, will my Denon AVR-X2300 pass the Dolby Vision from the BluRay through to my DV enabled Sony TV ? Or do I need to connect it directly to the TV ? (Dolby Atmos works just fine via the AVR)
  4. Cromulent

    HDMI 2.1 4k Dolby Vision TV?

    I'm wondering how much it would cost to get a decent 4k TV that supports Dolby Vision? I've just got the latest AppleTV and it supports HDMI 2.1 so 4k at 120fps and Dolby Vision and this got me thinking about getting a new TV. Can anyone recommend one? I need to be between 40 and 50 inches and...
  5. G

    Sony KD-85x91j Dolby Vision Issues

    We purchased the Sony 91j and have an AppleTV 4k box connected with a high quailty HDMI cable. When we set the Apple Tv to Dolby Vision and watch for example a late night talk show that will play random lower def video, when these lower def videos are played part of the screen will freak out...
  6. Nodeity

    Zidoo Z9X - Media Centre - Home Theatre - HDR, Dolby Vision etc

    Hi Guys, I'm a big fan of the way Kodi sorts and list files with a poster and description, I have managed to get some of that functionality going in my Zidoo Z9X in the Media Centre section, however I have noticed that certain HDR, Dolby Vision etc files, will play in the Media Centre section...
  7. G

    JZ1500 - Turn off Dolby Vision

    I have a Firestick Max connected to my TV but when using that I only get the Picture options of Dolby Vision and not the others i.e. Filmmaker, Sport, Normal etc. Is there any way of selecting those other Picture settings. On the whole Dolby Dark is good but when watching Sport it doesn't look...
  8. ripper2860

    No Dolby Vision setting on C1

    Hello. First-time OLED owner and first-time poster. Just bought my C1 a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it!! I used the AVforums YouTube video to adjust for best OOB settings and love the results. I do have a bit of an issue and hope that you fine folks here can help me with. While I...
  9. Tomnook80

    LG CX - Dolby Vision far too 'bright'

    Hi all, Never noticed this hugely to be honest until I started using Apple TV. Having previously been disc-based and now also using a Zappiti box for my own disc remuxes (HDR only) this is something that I've noticed recently. I did a comparison between Eggars' 'The Witch' (a film I'm very...
  10. ripper2860

    LG C1 OLED - No Dolby Vision option

    Deleted and posted in the LG specific thread.
  11. J

    Dolby Vision on Samsung?

    Hi experts.... do I need a TV that supports Dolby Vision, or will my Firestick 4K which supports Dolby vision decode and display on the TV? Lack of Dolby Vision support is the only thing stopping me snapping up a new QD OLED S95B. Are Dolby vision enhancements supplied with the HDMI stream...
  12. popesweetjesus

    FX802 OLED showing Dolby Vision compatible on XBOX X

    Hi I added a HDMI audio extractor between my xbox X and TV to extract audio to optical for my none 4k receiver. Since making changes with the dip switches on the extractor my Xbox now shows that my TV can be used for Dolby Vision Games and Movies. Is this a false positive or could dolby vision...
  13. Drdense

    Dolby Vision issue

    I know this has been discussed before but I cannot find the information specific to my issue. I have a Panasonic DP-UB450 with the video output connected to a Philips 65OLED+936 and the audio to a Pioneer vsx-933 receiver. When playing (any) 4K blurry with Dolby Vision the screen is constantly...
  14. Drdense

    65OLED936 HDR10+ adaptive over Dolby Vision

    Just got a couple of new UHD blurays and they both have HDR10+ adaptive as well as Dolby vision. When playing either disc the TV automatically plays using the HDR10+ adaptive and I cannot find any options to change to Dolby Vision. Has anyone else encountered this and if so know of a way to...
  15. D

    Need help choosing am OLED TV for a gift

    Dears i am struggling to find the perfect gift. I was looking to some TVs around 400-500 Euros, while i saw on Amazon some very good deal around 800-1000 euros of entry-level OLED TVs. I know everyone can have a different eye, but you guys are the expert in this field, and i am forced to...
  16. Phil Hinton

    LG G2 best out of the box picture settings for SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision (IQ).

    Here are my recommended out of the box settings for the LG G2 OLED Evo TV. These are also the same suggestions for G1, C1 and C2.
  17. C

    Is there a triple laser 4K UST with Dolby Vision and 3D support yet?

    We have a few with 3D and a few with Dolby Vision but has anyone seen sign of one yet that will have both?
  18. T

    For Sale Hisense H55B7500UK 4K LED UHD TV 55" Dolby Vision HDR

    Hisense H55B7500UK 4K LED UHD TV 55" Dolby Vision HDR was used as a bedroom tv used less than 10 times as new comes with original box collection only
  19. jaredmccoy

    XBOX Series X HDR and Dolby Vision not working

    I have an Xbox X connected to an Onkyo Surround Sound. From there an HDMI connects to my TV. The surround sound and TV both support Dolby vision, HDR 10, etc. I've enabled all these extras on the Xbox. But the xbox says it can't display any of them b/c the TV or surround sound don't support it...
  20. erik38bcn

    Philips oled55 706 don't play MKV with Dolby Vision profile 7

    Hi, Has anyone been able to play a MKV file with Dolby Vision profile 7?
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