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Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (often shortened to Dolby Labs) is an American company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. Dolby licenses its technologies to consumer electronics manufacturers.

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  1. H

    dolby vision just gone from netflix

    ok so for some reason my lg c2 logged me out of netflix. I had to sign back in, and when I did dolby vision has gone. I have been watching 3 body problem and they where in dolby vision but now they are just showing as HDR.. whats going on?
  2. Phil Hinton

    Discussion thread: VIDEO Review: LG G4 OLED Evo TV

    Read the VIDEO Review: LG G4 OLED Evo TV. The LG G4 adds in a new Alpha 11 AI Processor, Dolby Vision Filmmaker Mode, AI Director, MLA+ and Meta Technology 2.0 and promises to replace the G3 as the Best in Class OLED TV for almost all users. Is the G4 worth the upgrade? Watch our video...
  3. D

    Why only HDR signal and not Dolby Vision

    Dear All, I have Zidoo Z9X PRO connected to Yamaha RX-V6A and then on Philips 65oled908/12. All three support Dolby Vision. Why do I only get HDR signal to TV when playing Dolby Vision movie on Zidoo Z9X PRO. I have everything on default on all devices. I also have ultra speed HDMI cables 2.1...
  4. ichabodcrane1799

    Panasonic ub820 suddenly no video signal

    Good evening. Sorry for my English. A very strange thing happened to me. I have a Panasonic OLED HZ1000 TV, a Samsung Q950T soundbar and a Panasonic UB820 4K player connected as follows: - TV and soundbar via earc - 4K player and soundbar via HDMI Until yesterday everything was fine. No...
  5. two2midnight

    Sony and Panasonic Dolby Vision processing

    Continuation of a discussion which was getting well off topic in the thread it was in. Try #38. Your reply misses the point of the links I gave, a player which can convert SDR content to a DV like signal for display on a non DV display (but needing the help of a HD Fury) obviously can also do...
  6. hissy83

    HDR10+ Dolby Vision (stupid question)

    My tv supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and regular HDR. My 4k player only supports HDR10+ and HDR. When I play a 4k disc, my TV is only showing that I'm getting HDR, it doesn't say HDR+. Is there something I need to do, or will I be getting the HDR+ but it's just referred to as HDR? Sorry its a...
  7. Peterb67

    No Dolby Vision via usb?

    Hi. On my Panasonic TX-43MX610 which arrived yesterday. This tv has both Dolby Vision and Atmos. When I play a movie ( a known Vision/Atmos encoded one) via the USB it displays the Atmos logo but not the Vision logo. It says its in HDR. The movie plays perfectly. I know they are encoded with...
  8. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Ad-supported Amazon Prime Video loses Dolby Vision and Atmos? & comments

    With numerous members reporting the loss since the additional ‘Prime Video Ad Free’ charge was introduced, could it just be a glitch in the system or do you now need to pay the extra for its premium features? Read the news.
  9. L

    Question Confused about Dolby Vision picture mode

    Hello, Up until very recently I have always watched Dolby Vision content using the Cinema Home picture mode. However, I recently found out that Cinema is actually the more accurate picture mode for Dolby Vision since it doesn’t add any “fake brightness” for lack of better words. As an artist...
  10. M

    Help Me Choose

    Hi all I am looking to replace my 2018 Samsung 65inch QLED TV (QE65Q7FNAT) in our main living area but even though I have always had Samsung TV's I am undecided in what direction to go in for a replacement. I know some of the new models have just been announced but I believe these will be out...
  11. pugheaven

    Question Anyone Has Problems SISU Black Bars Flickering in Dolby Vision?

    As title... running a Sony X700 and LG TV and noticed for the first time last night, SISU 4k around the 45 minute mark for around 2 minutes the black bars are flickering grey. I've done some googling and some others have had it at well with different hardware on different films... YET when I...
  12. Lin3ar

    Hisence Netflix not showing Dolby Vision

    Today I have installed a 65E7 in my back room. So far I am pretty impressed considering the price apart from one issue with the Netflix app. It does not show Dolby Vision and there is no DV logo in the description, just 4k. My LG Oled is working perfectly fine. Any ideas? Edit HDR and DV are...
  13. Ian Collen

    NEWS: UHD Alliance confirms Filmmaker Mode with Dolby Vision & comments

    LG is set to be the first to introduce the latest upgrade, and will also be joined by Samsung in supporting ‘as the director intended’ auto-switching for Apple TV+ content. Read the news.
  14. JSWolf

    Why is it some movies stream with Dolby Vision and the disc version does not have Dolby Vision?

    I was looking at Les Misérables at Apple TV and noticed that it's now available in 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Then I went to look at the 4K disc and the disc Has Dolby Atmos and HDR10. What happened to Dolby Vision on the disc version? Is this a common issue? Why does it happen?
  15. Nick0slicK

    Question Do 4K Blu Rays in Dolby vision also have HDR10?

    Hello everyone. Question, do 4k Blu Rays ended in Dolby Vision also have HDR10?. My equipment; Samsung TV QE55Q9FN (2018) peak 2% window ~1450 Nits, Panasonic UB820 Blu Ray player. I recently figured out that I have a number of discs encoded in Dolby Vision, however I have a TV which doesn’t...
  16. G

    Dolby Vision c805k

    Hi I recently bought the c805k 55" TV And I am wanting to access the Dolby vision settings but I can not find any content to bring them settings up Can someone help me please Thanks
  17. G

    Is Dolby Vision crucial?

    Im trying to decide between LG G3 and the Samsung QD S95C. The OneConnect box would help my media wall installation (and later additions like Playstation) and the screen always seems to be a better price. But it doesn't have crucial is this for you experts? We only tend to watch normal...
  18. DJKC

    Looking for an AV Receiver on a £1250 Budget

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase an AV Receiver, my budget is around £1250 and if possible I would like a 9.2 capable system. I already have the speakers, so no need to budget for that. The AVR must be 4k UHD / Dolby Vision compatible and HDMI 2.1 with support for Dolby True HD and...
  19. BryanWhite

    Is LG C3 worth 350~ more than S90c for Dolby Vision?

    Hi everyone. First time buying an OLED, never had anything like Dolby Vision and wondering if it's worth spending around 350 bucks more considering s90c has a qd-oled panel. C3 also has DTS support but I can just passthrough the image on the soundbar for 1080p content, so that would only be a...
  20. M

    SC-LX801 with new 77" LG C3 TV having dolby vision issues

    So I have what's listed in the title and I am using the latest appleTV 4K box with all new high speed hdmi cables. When I enable Dolby Vision on my appleTV box its says its working fine but i get all these sparkles all over the screen on whatever i watch. 4k HDR works fine its just dolby vision...
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