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  1. D

    Am i getting lossless, uncompressed audio?

    Hi hope this has been posted in the right place. I was wondering if someone could help me with this. My setup: Lg cx oled Ps5 Orei hda 927 ( to emulate an e-arc connection for ps5 etc to allow uncompressed audio to passthrough) Nvidia shield pro 2019- directly plugged into AVR. Onkyo tx-...
  2. D

    Getting dolby truehd audio to work

    I'v tried reading many topics about truehd audio, but got overwhelmed by the amount of information and people comments. Creating a post to ask for what would work in my scenario and i wouldn't waste money on something that doesn't. My home theater consists of 7.2 speakers (no atmos speakers). I...
  3. castortroy2009

    Does my receiver also passthrough DTS-HD & Dolby True HD?

    Does my receiver also passthrough DTS-HD & Dolby True HD? lg bh6720s It says it does Dolby Digital & DTS over Optical Input & Over DLNA & USB. However I have some movies that are Dolby Digital 5.1 Atmos & Dolby True HD & DTS-HD Audio. Will I still get the full fidelity & audio perfection of...
  4. OLEDN00B

    Question HDM1 1.4/ARC bottleneck

    Hello. I have an Arcam soundbar with HDMI 1.4 and ARC. I am unable to pass through Atmos or TrueHD from my TV via Arc, I also can't send HDR signal to the TV If I hookup directly to the soundbar. Is there a way to get HDR and Dolby Atmos/TrueHD using this soundbar?
  5. O

    PlayStation 4 and Onkyo TX-SR605

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to understand what the problem I have is. I have a PlayStation 4 without the optical digital out so it is connected to my receiver by hdmi only. On the front of the receiver it has a logo for Dolby True HD. I have a Dolby digital 5.1 set up. I put in a blu Ray of The...
  6. philtastic

    Question HDFury AVR Key Not Passing Dolby Digital/Plus/True HD

    I have an HDFury AVR Key running the latest firmware, setup between my Nvidia Shield TV (2017) and my Pioneer VSX-1326 and LG E6 4K TV. The problem is that the receiver doesn't get any Dolby signals from the AVR Key. DTS signals work fine, including DTS-HD MA, but none of Dolby formats work at...
  7. ruimoutinho

    Question DTS-HD / DD True HD via HDMI

    I have a humble and old blu-ray player (SONY BDP-S770). It's still worth having it around here since in addition to SACD, it reads SACD-R. With USB, you can play m2ts extracted from blu-ray without losing the original audio tracks, namely DTS-HD and Dolby Digital True HD. If you put the same...
  8. Novus

    Question Sully -sound issues/high freq on Dolby TrueHD 7.1ch

    Hi, Watched the movie in the cinemas and just bought it on UHD bluray (incuding regular blu-ray). The thing is I experienced high frequency sounds (distortion) in several scenes through the movie. For example the fighter jet scenes: 0:40:52 og 0:41:51. Same problem at exact same places in...
  9. yoelt

    Question DTS-HD MA / Dolby True-HD on Sony AF9 / A9F App

    Hi everyone, I have just purchased the Sony AF9 / A9F TV and the Denon AVR-X3500H receiver, that are both compatible with eARC. This eARC compatibility allows to transmit HD audio format in passthrough (such as DTS-HD MA / DTS:X / Dolby True-HD / Dolby Atmos) from the TV to the AVR. I have...
  10. N

    Dolby TrueHD receiver

    Hi folks, I have a Harman Kardon speakers (HTKS 11) and subwoofer (Sub TS11), and I need to upgrade my receiver to something that supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD master audio, and also supports bluetooth connectivity. Does anyone know an affordable option, preferably no more than £200...
  11. C

    Question Difference in quality between lossy and lossless audio ?

    Bought the LG C8 77" online one day before the announcement of the 2019 line-up when I found a brand new one for sale online at $4899. was shocked to find out out a few days ago while the TV was on the way that hdmi 2.0 isn't capable of delivering lossless dolby audio TrueHD and is limited to...
  12. N

    HW-MS750 no TrueHd and DTSMA

    Hi everyone. I had a few question regarding sound formats when watching UHD BLURAYS and Blu rays. The HW-MS750,650, etc. Cannot decide DolbyTrueHD and DTSmasteraudio. I was to watch UHD BLU RAYS which use these sound formats. Would I still be able to get the lossless formats if I use the 4k Blu...
  13. miggyboys

    Question 5.1 speakers/5.1 soundbar v desktop stereo speakers

    Hi all Has anyone had experience of using small 5.1 lifestyle speakers (like Cambridge Audio Minx Min 12 or a soundbar like Yamaha YSP-2200), that are no taller than 10cm versus a pair of stereo desktop speakers like Ruark Audio MR1, Q Acoustics 3010, Wharfedale DS-2 or even Wharfedale Diamond...
  14. slim01

    4k Blu Ray audio Dolby True HD & DTS HD Ma

    Hey guys. Fancying a 4k blu ray player for Xmas but not sure what I need to get without having to upgrade my older Onkyo reciever which I love. Also thinking of ATMOS support for future as a bonus. Am I right in thinking I MUST get a dual HDMI output unit??? -I've heard optical will NOT send...
  15. B

    Dolby True HD and DTS HD MA support

    I have bought a new Yamaha home theater(YHT 1840) which only support Dolby Digital and DTS HD. Can I still get lossless audio from this receiver if I have blu-ray player which supports Dolby True HD and DTS HD MA decoding? or a PS4 which I believe supports these codecs. Can some one please...
  16. rudiger

    dts hd master / dolby true hd

    hello all . i have a denon s510bt which supports dolby true hd and dts hd master . even when playing movies with those audio setting i only get dts or dolby there a setting or could it be a connection problem ? thanks , rudiger
  17. Dragongjf

    Question Dolby 5.1 or Dolby True HD ????

    Hi All. I would any appreciate thoughts and suggestions re my query which arises now that I intend to upgrade my bluray to a UHD 4K player (following purchase of an Oled TV) My system, Oled 55B6V TV, Sony AV777ES Amp, Sony Bluray player, B&W 602 (series 3) front speakers with 602 centre and 601...
  18. kasper141

    Question Yamaha RX-V577 DTS-HD MA Question

    Hello, Im a little bit new to this so sorry for maybe a noob question. I have a couple of problems with my new receiver, and i want to ask something. I want to get DTS-HD MA or DD True HD sound to my reciever, i set my blu ray player to bitstream, and in the menu of my blu ray movie i select...
  19. paliovouna

    Question HD Audio from usb?

    For my room, i have a small LG htib to watch movies (when i can't use the main home theater in the living room). Now, the decoder says it supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD MA. I have some ripped movies on my external hdd (bluray rips), which i then convert to .mkv using MakeMkv (i only keep the...
  20. Darrenj69

    Am I wired wrong / optimally?na

    Hi there I don't know why but Im fairly sure Im not getting the best of whats available to me or in possibly is there a piece I need to replace to unlock potential. I really hope you can help ! I have a 4K Tv (and a 4K Netflix sub) , a PS4, a SKY HD+ box and an Arcam solo 5.1 music system...
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