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Dolby Atmos sound system
  1. W

    Question Dolby Atmos soundbar and vaulted ceiling – does it work? Need help.

    Hey guys, I am reading in this forum already for several months and I got great answers when I was looking for a TV. I bought the LG C9 65 and I am quite happy with the choice. Now I would like to complete the setup with a soundbar. Due to the vaulted ceiling I am not sure if it will work...
  2. W

    For Sale Panasonic SC-HTB900EBK 505W Wireless Soundbar Dolby Atmos

    Came with a TV but already have a soundbar setup. Box is sealed, has a minor knock but i'll reinforce that with some card when I wrap it for delivery. Priced to sell at £325 plus delivery cost- happy to you use whichever service you prefer (if you want to book and pay for the collection/drop...
  3. birdie87

    LG W9 Soundbar Dolby Atmos

    Hi All I've had the LG W9 for 3-4 weeks now. Love the picture on it, not confident that the soundbar is wokring as it should though. I'll try to be as succinct as possible. Netflix recognises that the sound is atmos enabled when I'm selecting TV programs. As per image below: When I'm...
  4. ReflexReact

    For Sale Panasonic SC-HTB900EBK 505W Wireless Soundbar With Dolby Atmos

    Hello all Brand new and sealed in box, RRP £600 I got these with a recent purchase of two high end TVs from Richer Sounds. I do not however need them as I have a dedicated 5.1 set up in both rooms. Prefer collection from St Albans or Stevenage (Hertfordshire) Due to size and weight, although...
  5. Talkshowchris

    LG SN11RG Owners Thread

    Now that the LG SN11RG soundbar is now available in the UK, I thought it apt to create a thread for owners to post reviews and discussions.
  6. Moosh2k

    Question Which Dolby Atmos soundbar would you recommend?

    Hi all, I've been looking at all sorts of soundbar reviews and narrowed it down to a few but I wanted to open it up to the floor. I currently have a Yamaha YSP-2500 which has served me well but I think it is time to upgrade. I have just taken delivery of a LG C9 OLED and really want to get...
  7. lisbonlion

    Question .2 Atmos speaker placement

    Hi any suggestions would be appreciated. I have 2 minx min12 speakers to use for atmos. The sofa is pretty much against the back wall. I know ideally I should place them on the ceiling around level with knees but wanted to know if I mounted them at the top of the side walls, angled at mlp would...
  8. R

    Wanted Cheap Atmos setup or 5.1

    Looking at options if can pickup something used would need to be near enough plug and play rather than speaker here or there etc.
  9. MQJ

    Dolby Atmos Music on AV Receivers

    At CES 2020 Phil Hinton was given a demo of Dloby Atmos Music and he was very impressed. Has me looking forward to hearing it myself. Does anybody know if this demo was on a full Atmos system? Does anyone know if this will come to AV receivers? Is this new music format going to be able to take...
  10. S

    Question Denon AVR-x2600h / Atmos with 2x subwoofer possible?

    Hi all, I have recently upgraded my Denon AVR-X2000 / Tannoy 101xp speakers with the following. Denon AVR-x2600h 7.2 Amplifier Q Acoustic 3020i (Front Left/ right) q Acoustic 3090ci Centre Speaker Q Acoustic 3010I (Rear left/right) ELAC Debut A4 Atmos Mk2 Dolby Atmos Speakers (Front) Tannoy...
  11. A

    Dolby ATMOS Trailers not playing on Yamaha RX-A3080

    I downloaded the two Dolby ATMOS trailers (Leaf trailer and Amaze trailer) on a USB stick and plugged it into the RX-A3080. The USB is recognized and both the trailers show up on the TV. When you select either one, it opens up as if ready to play, but nothing happens. Both of these are in MP4...
  12. S

    Question 43PUS6754/12 - Dolby Atmos Audio Glitch

    Hi Not sure if anyone else is having the same audio glitch with their Xbox One X or any other hardware that supports Dolby Atmos. Serious Dolby Atmos audio glitch with the latest update; TPM196E_003.051.041 where the audio randomly stops working. Only way around is to power off/on the tv at...
  13. T

    Denon X4200W Atmos setup, can it play DTS-HD in 7.1?

    Sorry if this comes as a stupid question. But i just redid my entire setup as i moved in a new house a couple of months ago. The change i did was to connect 2 height speakers to the height channels (red box in foto). Where as before i had it in Surround back. To have 7.1 sound. This was to take...
  14. C

    Dolby atmos 7.1.4 film support

    Hi, i need some advice on my home cinema setup, i have a 9 channel yamaha atmos receiver powering the 4 dolby atmos height speakers, surround left, surround right, surround back left an surround back right as well as the center an sub, i am then using the preout to power another amp for the...
  15. M

    Atmos Soundbar with existing Subwoofer

    Whats the best soundbar for under £1000 which will allow me to use my existing subwoofer? Thanks
  16. X

    Can I get Atmos through headphones from my receiver (Sony STRDH790)

    I have a Sony STRDH790 which supports Atmos. I’d like Atmos through headphones. My mate has it on his using his Xbox which are connected via Bluetooth. I’ve read Atmos won’t go through aux output is that correct? So is there any way to get Atmos to a headset from the STRDH790? I don’t think...
  17. W

    Atmos question ?

    Are there any Atmos systems which work full wifi or Bluetooth ? New house, and don't think the wife would allow any wires ( yet ).
  18. rck010

    Mounting height 65" TV/soundbar

    Before i'll start this writing this post, let me apologies for yet another 'What height should my TV be at' thread. I've read dozens of websites, forums and such. But i'm still not sure at what height i should mount it. Some advice "the center of the TV at eye-level", others say "the bottom...
  19. J

    Question Atmos on Firestick 4K - what services & titles offer it?

    Just upgraded my AVR and speakers so I can have Atmos. However currently Jack Ryan on Prime is the only Atmos title I can find! The Covid-19 streaming bitrate drops are probably a big factor but I can't find anything clear anywhere. The Disney+ app on the Fire Stick says it's going to show me...
  20. R

    Question Elac debut 2.0 atmos placement help

    Hi just got my hands on a pair of Elac debut 2.0 atmos speakers to replace a pair of onkyo 410 speakers. My current setup is a 5.1.4 consisting of a denon 4500 feeding MA silver 6, center, silver 1, Jamo sub, Dali alteco c1(front atmos)on the S6 and the Onkyo at the rear on the S1 surround. The...
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