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Dolby Atmos sound system
  1. Bluedog

    B&W DS6 as atmos speakers on ceiling?

    I’m upgrading my rear surrounds to Arendal 1723’s. Currently have the B&W DS6 surrounds mounted. Can I use these as Atmos ceiling speakers? I was going to sell them but thought this would be a better option. I have some up firing atmos speakers on the front towers also, but never felt they gave...
  2. B

    5.1 or 5.1.2 with in-ceiling surrounds (sofa on back wall) - Does Atmos make sense?

    Hi everyone, I have a question I'm hoping you can help me with! I am currently renovating my house, and plan on having a home theater installed in my family room. But given the constraints of the room, I am trying to determine whether it makes sense to go with a 5.1.2 set-up (or whether I...
  3. Ali Raza

    For Sale Pioneer SC-LX59 Dolby Atmos receiver £100

    Hey guys, I am selling my LX59, it’s a Dolby atmos receiver and sounds great. There are a couple of issues, the front panel display has become very dim so it would be suitable for dark rooms or if u just use the on screen display then it should be fine. You’d only setup once and then it’s just...
  4. Olly Day

    Dolby Atmos set up with my new Denon X3700H

    Hi everyone, I’ve just bought the new Denon X3700H AV for my HOME CINEMA. I have an existing 7.1 set up. I want to add Dolby Atmos speakers in the ceiling, probably four and was wondering whether to keep it as a 7.1 set up, as well at the 4 Atmos ceiling speakers, or to cut it down to a 5.1 set...
  5. B

    Atmos on soundbars

    I have a Tcl 8132 soundbar d/atmos with a Panasonic 154 4k b/Ray player but not a 4k TV will I still get d/atmos out put
  6. KobeoneHD2

    Lathe & plaster ceiling - how to cut advice needed to install Atmos speakers

    Good morning all, I’m currently updating my speaker set up in my lounge and will be adding a pair of Qi65c ceiling speakers soon. However being a Victorian house the ceilings are made up of lathe & plaster - does anyone have any advice on how best to cut this stuff please to get the best...
  7. binap

    One audio 3D Speaker setup for all: A solution for Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

    Hi all, in following thread you will find my One-for-all-setup Guide as PDF attachment for downloading to all members of this forum who wants to get a deeper understanding in installing an unique loudspeaker setup to cover all three immersive 3D sound audio formats Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and...
  8. T

    Atmos soundbar narrower than 1 meter?

    Hello! I'm hoping to get some insight, or at least a sanity check on my thinking. I'm looking for an Atmos soundbar but I have some constraints. I have a 55" Sony A80J, and the space between the 'feet' is 101cm, so that is the main constraint. Because of the layout of the room, I doubt the...
  9. TJOY

    Need purchase advise on Dolby Atmos in a small room

    HI All im new here I wanted to set up an atmos home cinema in my room. As im in UK the main issue i think is the lack of space the room. My room size is 345 cm * 410 cms. Height : 243 cms. I already have a 75 inch TV on which i watch the movies. My question is i am planning to get the Klipsch...
  10. Glenzo

    For Sale Eltax Monitor ATM Atmos Speakers (brand new, boxed)

    Hi, I will deliver anywhere in UK (Inc. N. Ireland). Rep. Ireland will be extra as it's more expensive. Brand new, unwanted as I ended up wanting Walnut colour and not Black.
  11. mrxjav

    5.2.4 setup not displaying Atmos on receiver but displays in audio signal. Aml still getting Atmos?

    Idk when this happened but I notice it's no longer displaying Atmos on the receiver automatically. But if check the settings- audio signal it says it's outputting Atmos. Any thoughts?
  12. I

    Wanted Denon or Pioneer av amp with atmos mid to top range in black

    Hi Anyone selling one of the above please, willing to collect. Pioneer SC-LX503/4 or 70 series even 9 Denon AVR-x6400 and above Depending on price. Only in black please. Let me know what you have. Thank you Thanks Iky
  13. K

    For Sale Sony HT-X8500 2.1ch Soundbar with built-in subwoofer, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X

    Less than a year old and in perfect condition and fully working. E-arc and arc pass through capable. Fantastic sound and wall mountable. Comes with remote and ac adapter Can arrange delivery MAIN UNIT SIZE – BODY ONLY (W X H X D) 890 mm x 64 mm x 96 mm
  14. stevos

    Which Atmos speakers

    I'm partially day dreaming and partially planning ahead. Im trying to move homes and my hope is to find somewhere with a room big enough for a dedicated setup. As such I'm working out costs I would need to achieve once the house is sorted. Don't really like my svs prime elevations, and want...
  15. F

    Wanted 2 or 4 channel amp for atmos speakers

    Looking for a 2 or 4 channel amp to complement my Nad T778 to provide some extra atmos speakers... Let me know what you have..
  16. eXelium

    Samsung HW-N950, TV (eARC) and Nvidia Shield 2017 - what should I upgrade for Dolby Vision and Atmos playback?

    Hi All, As the post title says, I am situation when I have a trio of devices where nothing works at its best when playing content from NAS (mostly using Kodi Android). 1. Sony Bravia TV with Dolby Vision and eARC 2. Samsung HW-N950 soundbar. No eARC, unknown if it will pass through Dolby...
  17. C

    LG CX, Sonos Arc, Dolby Atmos Audio Differences based on Format

    Hello, Hopefully I am posting on the right thread but I have a technical related question. I have a LG CX, a Sonos Arc and an Xbox Series X. I have set up the TV with E-arc, Passthrough, Bitstream. The Sonos Arc is connected to the TV HDMI port 2 (E-arc). The Sonos Arc has been set up...
  18. S

    For Sale Datasat RS20i Processor w/ 16 channel AES outs, Atmos and DV support (original RRP £24K)

    This is a 16 channel Datasat RS20i, one of the highest performing AV Processors ever made. This processor has the HSR-41Q HDMI board upgrade installed supporting HDMI 2.0b, and the H-693 card upgrade supporting Atmos, DTS-X and USB audio in (more details on the Datasat site). Delivery included...
  19. H

    Atmos speaker location

    15 years ago I built a dedicated home theater with 7.1 surround. I am now to changing it over to a 7.2.4 Atmos setup. I will be using 4 in ceiling RSL C34E speakers for Atmos. I am bit uncertain exactly where to install these speakers even after reading the Dolby Atmos Home Theater Installation...
  20. MasterSokas

    Need to buy Atmos Speakers

    Hello all, I'm thinking on adding 2 Atmos speakers to my system. I can not add them to ceiling for now, so i have to add them above my front left/right speakers. My current speakers: Front: Wharfedale diamond 10.5 Center: Wharfedale diamond 10.CS Back: Wharfedale diamond 10.1 Sub...
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