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Dolby Atmos sound system
  1. D

    Atmos speaker advice

    Hi all, this is my first post so apologies if it’s already been asked or is in the wrong place. I recently bought a new AVC X3700 receiver as I wanted to get into Atmos, I upgraded from an Onkyo TX SR606 and was expecting a big improvement but tbh I’m a bit underwhelmed as the sound seems to be...
  2. Scoobyjj

    For Sale Monitor Audio Silver Speakers, KEF Atmos R50 and Pioneer SC-LX59 amp

    Evening, I am selling my Monitor Audio Silver speakers, this includes 2 x Silver 8, 2 x Silver 6, 2 x Silver FX wall mounted, 1 x Silver Centre and 2 x KEF Atmos R50 speakers. I also have the matching RSW12 sub, the fuse has gone on the sub, I have spoken to Canterbury Hi fi and it needs to go...
  3. G

    AVR550 Power Amp

    Hi, Hoping someone can help as I am relatively new to the AV world I currently have an Arcam AVR550 receiver, B&W 683 S2 for the fronts, Monitor Audio W280IDC for sides and surrounds and Monitor Audio C265IDC for atmos ceiling speakers to achieve a 7.1.4 set up. As standard the Arcam receiver...
  4. S

    Advice about Dolby Atmos in new setup

    I am installing a ceiling-mounted drop-down screen in my living room, as well as an Epson 5050UB projector connected to an appleTV 4K - the idea is that everything tucks out of sight when not in use. I need some advice about the best sound setup: I have access to the ceiling so ceiling...
  5. tigermad

    Focal Sib Evo atmos speaker stands

    Can anyone recommend some stable speaker stands to use on the above speakers. At the moment I use pixel T80s but they are not very stable. I know the official Focal ones are available but they are £180 per pair. Ideally need to be 800mm or taller.
  6. L

    Can you think of a way to configure 4 Atmos speakers in my unique space?

    I'm hoping you all can help me decide whether to do 2 or 4 Atmos speakers in my new basement space. It is a wide open recreation basement area (not a HT room), so the ideal surround sound setup is simply not possible. I'm doing 5.2.2 or 5.2.4. I am not an audiophile by any means. I enjoy...
  7. Mat-O

    Xbox Series X, UHD Blu Ray App - No Atmos

    I cannot get my Xbox series X to pass Atmos sound to my Receiver while using the Blu Ray app. I have checked the box to “allow receiver to decode”, but playing LOTR Extended UHD this evening it was only passing Dolby TrueHD to it. Interestingly, when I am playing a game the Xbox does pass...
  8. Bradley72

    For Sale Sony HT-Z9F Atmos soundbar. £430

    Sony HT-Z9F Soundbar. 1 week old with receipt. Only selling as I had a Samsung soundbar which kept cutting out. Returned it to Currys who could not find a fault and offered a swap or the Sony. It's not what I wanted, therefore it's up for sale. Sounds superb and is in perfect condition.
  9. Jabwylie

    Tidal + Atmos = multichannel Atmos output to AV Reciever ?

    before diving into Bluesound purchase I’ve signed up for 4 months for £4 tidal offer . currently using MCconnectlite on iPad as bridge from tidal to my Oppo 103 , and then onto Arcam AVR850 Whenever I play an Atmos album it’s just stereo ? Am I supposed to get full 5.1.4 (multichannel) via...
  10. S

    For Sale Nubert NuLine RS-54 (Dolby Atmos)

    Nubert NuLine RS-54 (Dolby Atmos) for sale! A white pair of Dolby Atmos speakers with an excellent sound from Nubert, Germany. Mint condition, played probably around 1 hour only, very well built with German quality throughout. Dip-switch on the back of the speaker let's you switch between...
  11. Blade 77

    Atmos 5.1.4 speaker placement help please

    Hello i have a 5.1.4 setup (Denon 3700,Polk Signature Series S60,S30,S15 +4 Quadral A5 Dolby Enabled Speakers), which can be shown in the attached pictures below. Tomorrow i will probably finish my system with a LG OledCX 65'', so i will be able to finalize my viewing distance, which i hope that...
  12. T

    Wanted 9.2/11.2 Atmos receiver and 4 channel power amp

    Hi, please let me know what you have and how much with delivery. Thanks
  13. W

    Wanted Atmos 4k reciver

    Hi. Am looking for a 4k atmos reciver. I am wirral Merseyside based. Would be willing to pay postage. Thanks
  14. mightynimrod

    Question Is a living room based Dolby Atmos system really worth it? Sound vs aesthetics

    Hi all, i hope you're all well and keeping safe. In previous guises i've had a few decent 5.1 component setups comprising of Kef, Monitor Audio, Denon, Yamaha etc and loved every minute with them. I moved home and things weren't right with the room to warrant a full system any more so i...
  15. Mizzymooma

    Question Multiroom setup issue, How to get full 7.1 DTS, Atmos in main room whilst also using zone 2 to feed small stereo kitchen TV.

    So I have my Denon x3500 working great, really happy in most circumstances. I am using an Xbox for general media consumption. Netflix, Amazon, Disney and Bluray. We like to have whatever show we're watching piped through to the Kitchen TV whilst being on the main screen. Now I've come to terms...
  16. wuffles

    Question Atmos 5.1.4 speaker placement in a square room

    You'd think it'd be quite easy to work out speaker locations, but referring to the Dolby Atmos placement pictures, I've got myself confused. First image has overhead rear Atmos speakers effectively behind the rear surrounds. Then further down the same document that appears reversed. I'm...
  17. IL Cattivo

    Question Dolby Atmos Headphones?

    Is there such a thing out there on the market? I will soon be acquiring a Dolby atmos TV & Soundbar, but the problem is these devices will be located in my office, right next to my 5-year-old daughter's bedroom. (plasterboard walls) So, in order to get the most out of the sound experience are...
  18. J

    Question Do I upgrade my Atmos speakers

    Hi all. I'm currently using Kef eggs for Atmos duties. These go along with my Kef r300/r200 and r100 for rears. Not keen on how they look astheticly so was thinking about replacing with in ceiling speakers. In particular the Kef ci130qr. These will fit in the false ceiling border I've created...
  19. Crazymerio

    Question Receiver and Speaker Setup Advice

    Hello all, I haven’t posted on the forums yet so I hope I’m not doing anything wrong with my thread. And my questions definitely pertain to multiple forum locations but I thought it made sense to just do one thread. To quickly summarize my issues I’m getting into Vinyl and figured I should...
  20. B

    Our bedroom 5.1.2 Atmos home cinema

    Thought I would share the cinema room that we created during lockdown. The room was a spare double bedroom with an alcove that hadn't been properly used for years really, was just a dumping ground for boxes and stuff. Anyway we had a wall high cupboard built in the alcove, dug up the old Sanyo...
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