1. D

    BBC The Green Planet, UHD?

    Tonight the green planet starts on BBC1, does anyone know when it comes to iPlayer it’ll be UHD? I’ve tried looking to find an answer but can’t see anything.
  2. Matt Wood

    The Man Who Bought Cricket( Sky Documentaries)

    Watched this yesterday. Thought it was good. On the cricket side it seems those behind the scenes didnt want to look too far beneath the surface otherwise they’d have seen it wasn’t real. I do feel for all those who sunk all their savings into a scam.
  3. Matt Wood

    Be Water: Bruce lee Documentary ( Disney)

    Didn’t even know about this. Really good watch. Still makes me sad to know he only made 4 movies Which I’ve seen so many times. Thinking about all the movies he never got to make. he was more than just a movie star though and He’ll never be forgotten.
  4. encaser

    William Shatner's Trip to Space in New Special on Amazon Prime December 15

    William Shatner's recent trip to space on Blue Origin will be documented in an upcoming Prime Video special set to debut on Dec. 15. Star Trek alum William Shatner confirmed fans will get the chance to relive his recent trip to space on Blue Origin thanks to a new Prime Video special. Full...
  5. I

    Lindisfarne’s Geordie Genius; The. Alan Hull Story.

    This may be of interest to those that live in North East England where i live close to Newcastle and who have seen Lindisfarne perform like myself when Alan Hull who composed most of Lindisfarne’s music including Fog On The Tyne and he was the singer in the majority of Lindisfarne’s music. And...
  6. raigraphixs

    TWas The Fight Before Christmas (Apple TV+)

    26 November
  7. Ilovewaffles

    TV News

    Did BBC and Sky News have to dominate this morning with hours of coverage of Azeem Rafiq talking to MPs re racism? Important though it is, it seemed to be the only topic covered , when there are other important things going on too. Obviously it should be the main item on the news, but the bulk...
  8. raigraphixs

    Fifth Beatle (TBC) Documentary
  9. raigraphixs

    14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible (Netflix)

    29 November
  10. raigraphixs

    Universe (BBC TWO) Professor Brian Cox

    Wednesday 27 October 9pm Series 1 Episode 1/5 The Sun: God Star
  11. Ilovewaffles

    Savile: portrait of a predator.

    I was a bit disappointed with this long awaited documentary. Nothing new here. Same old accounts. I think it should have been a two parter, with interviews with people in high places. I’d like to have heard from patients and staff in the hospital where he worked , especially those in charge...
  12. Mark Costello

    In Search of Darkness - 80's horror documentary

    After two insanely huge and really quite brilliant parts, the creative team behind In Search of Darkness Parts I and II are now crowdfunding for the final part in their trilogy: The first two were over four hours long each and were a host of superb clips and famous...
  13. Matt Wood

    Controlling Britney Spears (Sky Documentaries)

    This is a follow up to the framing Britney documentary. Really hoping there is a full investigation into everything that’s gone on with her because something definitely not right with this conservatorship. Hopefully she will eventually be able to live her life.
  14. raigraphixs

    Tiger King 2 (Netflix) 2021

    Netflix to release a second season later this year
  15. Ilovewaffles

    Prince Philip tribute BBC1

    Surprised no one commented.I’m not an avid fan of the Royal family, but I did admire him , even though not agreeing with some of his rather mysogenistic views eg in the interview with Fiona Bruce. I thought it was a nice mixture of reminiscing, from people at different stages of his life ...
  16. systemsdead

    Becoming Cousteau (Oct 2021)

  17. systemsdead

    The Rescue (Oct 2021)

    Follows the rescue of the young Thai soccer team who where trapped in a cave for 16 days.
  18. Wahreo

    When Bob Marley came to Britain. IPlayer

    Well worth a watch.
  19. I

    Old documentary first broadcast on BBC called the 1945 General Election.

    I can’t remember when this documentary was first broadcast on BBC TV about Winston Churchill’s greatest victory, but weeks after when Labour won a landslide General Election and the possible reasons why this happened.
  20. I

    New six part series Chris and Megs Wild Summer This is a new 6 part series starting on BBC 2 on the 29 August 2021 called Chris and Megs Wild Summer with Chris Packham and his step daughter Megan...
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