1. D

    Question about DNS, VPN and routers...

    I'm looking at adding a DNS or VPN to my home PC setup purely for privacy/security reasons. Having read a few articles on DNS's and VPN's, there's one aspect (at least!) that I still don't understand: isn't it the router that determines what DNS server my PC connects to? How come there's any...
  2. gaknor

    Windows server 2008 dns problem

    Hi, i've tried to create a dns directory in virtual machine with WS 2008, but when i choose dns server in the Active directory assistant said "A delegation cannot be created for this DNS server because the authorized primary zone is not found". What's de primary zone and how can be solucionated...
  3. PsyQ

    Question What are these bizarre DNS lookups from my LG B6?

    I notice that my TV is trying to look up nonsensical DNS records as soon as it's on, such as: ejjdtcvnpyt qgjpqdnz uchkqfzmnab uomtckkhjt And so on. It tries them in rapid succession, once without my local search domain attached, then with. So it is definitely reading the resolver...
  4. MikeKay1976 the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service

    Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service So basically I just set it up in my router as default? (in case you cant tell i am out of my depth here, but i am always interested in more security esp if it is faster) has anyone here set this up?
  5. psychopomp1

    Possible to change DNS on Freesat Humax HDR-1100S?

    Hi, Does anyone know if you can manually change the DNS server settings (wifi connection) on the Humax HDR-1100S? This would allow me to watch Netflix from other countries (i have a unblock-us.com sub) like I can do on my Nvidia Shield box. I suspect the answer is "no" but thought I'd ask as...
  6. I

    Answered DNS, LAN and personal website domain

    Hey all I suspect the answer to this question will be "professional hardware/software" but here goes... I have a privately owned domain, lets call it example.com. On my LAN, I have a router which points WAN traffic via a few ports ports to a LAN server that hosts a few services (plex...
  7. themediaman

    DNS cant be reached......

    Dont know if this is the right place but I would imagine there may be network engineers in here.... and I think my problem falls under such expertise..... basically my internet connection keeps going down and the diagnostic reports that the DNS cant be reached.... I can say with some...
  8. Jazz Monkey Jr

    QNAP DNS issue

    i am having issues with qnap and trying to scrape info. I have been playing with the DNS settings as I got a warning from the qnap. Here are my settings, not sure if they are correct.
  9. Nobbler

    Question Vodafone Connect - how do I allow devices with alternate DNS to connect?

    OK so I made the mistake of my life today by changing my ISP from Sky to Vodafone. A friend of mine who lives 5 doors from me changed to Vodafone andd somehow it upped his fibre speed from 25meg to 60Meg. Enticed by doubling my speed, I went in and signed up to their "Ultrafast" service. I...
  10. Pokey800

    Netflix to block overseas access to their service via DNS and VPN servers

    Official statement from Netflix https://media.netflix.com/en/company-blog/evolving-proxy-detection-as-a-global-service
  11. camelot1971

    Watching UHD Netflix via DNS server

    Has anyone been able to get 4k Netflix from a region other than the UK via a DNS service? I use UNOdns and can watch UK Netflix 4K at that quality (my Samsung app tells me the quality if I use the info button). However, swapping to US Netflix I generally can't get above 720p streaming on any...
  12. S

    Question Changing The DNS On A Smart TV

    Friends told me about this Forum and suggested I ask my question here, it’s my first post so be kind I’ve decided to buy a new TV in the sales. It will be for general TV and watching Netflix. I’m not into sport and certainly don’t want to make Murdock any richer. There are the three TV’s that...
  13. ocelot20

    Can't connect to internet (DNS issue?)

    Hello, Ok so this is a problem I have never had before. Yesterday morning we had a power outage. Which lasted about 5 minutes. Ever since the power come back on I can't connect to the internet at all. Wifi or wired. My phone or tablet or my PC's can not connect to the internet. Now here is...
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