1. J

    Panasonic DMR BWT 740 tuner broken?

    Hi, My DMR BWT 740 has lost all channels. I've run a scan and it finds nothing. I've checked for the latest firmware (it has it). I've carried out factory reset ("Shipping Condition") and still nothing. The blu ray still plays discs and stored recordings still play. Prior to this happening, it...
  2. D

    Problems with panasonic dmr ex75 HDD recorder

    Hi All, I'm new to the forums and in need of some advice/help. Having owned several panasonic hdd/DVD recorders over the years I know all to well the problems of the U81 and No freeview tuner problems. Steve on ebay has fixed a few for me in the past. Now when one of our machines just died the...
  3. P

    Panasonic DMR EX95V help needed

    My trusty DMR-EX95V collapsed into the 'please wait' state. No error codes displayed. Inspection found the two 680uF caps bulged and u/s so I replaced them but still in 'please wait' mode. Then removed and tested all electrolytic caps on the power board and all OK. If I monitor the 12V and 5V...
  4. P

    DMR EZ48V

    Working on a Panasonic DMR-EZ48V combo unit. Everything seems to work but the VCR will take the tape in, the tape will turn but will not load around the recording head. Anyone have any experience with this?
  5. K

    panasonic dmr bwt740 maximum recorded titles

    hello, i am having panasonic dmr bwt 740 and i am using it for about three years. i have about 140 pages of recorded titles (7 recorded titles for each page , about 1000 titles). i don't like to record my titles to dvds or BR dvds, i prefer to use external hdd. The internal hdd is not full, i...
  6. salamanda

    Question Panasonic bluray DMR PWT550 remotes not working

    We have a panasonic bluray DMR PWT550. The remote control it came with has always been hard to use and very slow to respond. Recently it stopped working for most of the buttons. The on off power key worked and for a while the channel keys. But we couldn't use the recording section. Finally...
  7. I

    Finalise DVD to play in DMR EX79

    I have recently captured some video on my Windows 10 computer using OBS software. I burned this to a DVD-R using Ashampoo (free) and finalised the disc on the computer. I inserted the disc in my DMR EX79, intending to play it, but get the error message "unsupported". The disc will not play in...
  8. batman60

    Blank Blu-ray Discs not recognised on Panasonic DMR BTW700

    My Panasonic BTW700 will no longer recognise blank Blu-ray Discs for recording. Says put in a suitable disc. Get message BD-R needs formatting then ‘cannot format .... may be scratched or dirty’. They aren’t. Have tried BD-R and BD-RE makes both of which previously worked. Commercial recorded...
  9. S

    Question Panasonic DMR HWT150 - recording playback progress

    Hi there. Does anyone know how I can see the progress/how far through I am when watching back a recorded program on this Panasonic free view box? Thanks
  10. greenline

    Question panasonic freeview recorder to pc?

    sorry if posted in wrong place. just something i was just old ps3 console has no problem connecting wirelessly to my panasonic freeview recorder and copying shows to the ps3 hard drive but i am having problems trying to do this on a windows computer. is it possible to transfer...
  11. B

    cannot play live tv on LG from DMR-PWT550

    Hi all, new to this forum and living on a boat. i have an LG 49UJ630V linked to my home wifi network and also a DMR-PWT550 recorder. I can access the DMR from the LG on the list of inputs, and can see all terestrial programmes, (The LG isn't connected to an aerial) however when i select one to...
  12. B

    LG tv cannot play titles recorded on DMR-PWT550

    Hi all, new to this forum and living on a boat. i have an LG 49UJ630V linked to my home wifi network an also a DMR-PWT550 recorder. I can access a list of all programmes i've recorded on the DMR and can play them on the LG. BUT..... If i stop a programme part way through, the next time i try...
  13. M

    Panasonic DMR EH50 - Total loss of sound

    I have a Panasonic DMR EH50 which has no sound being output whatsoever - whether from feeding through a tv signal or simply playing a DVD. I'm pretty certain it's not simply a connection issue, or even a particular issue with a specific output connection as I've tried connecting via scart and...
  14. B


    Would anyone be able to advise or help with the following issue. My Panasonic switches on, shows HELLO, followed by PLEASE WAIT and after several minutes shows BYE and switches off. I am unable to eject the DVD tray or the VHS tape. Has anyone else experienced this?
  15. M

    Question Panasonic DMR- BWT 720 Blu-Ray recorder Front Display stopped working.

    Hello hoping someone can help me here. I have a DMR-BWT 720 Blu-ray recorder which I have had since 2013 from new. Never had any problems with it and been very happy with my purchase. Went away for few days last week and when returned noticed we had had a power cut while away. On turning on the...
  16. L

    Apps available through Panasonic DMR HWT 250

    Hello! Can anyone advise me about the Panasonic DMR HWT 250? It has Freeview Play with the basic apps like BBC iPlayer etc. Through DIGA marketplace there’s Amazon Prime and Netflix. I have tried to research but just wanted confirmation I’m right that that’s mostly it, and the only way to get...
  17. djkrasikn

    Panasonic DMR ES30V

    Hi, I couldn't find such a topic. I have a Panasonic DVD / VHS. DVD works have picture and sound. There is no digital display on the front of the panel and it does not work VHS does not accept cartridges. I have a circuit I checked the power supplies look good. please help
  18. S

    panasonic DMR ex 773EB not recording using the timer

    I have a message "all timer programmes are now occupied" when I try to record a programme using the timer. I do not use a disc in the recorder, just recording straight into the television memory. I currently have no recorded programmes saved. I have a panasonic DMR ex 773EB.
  19. A

    Panasonic Dmr bs780 locks up

    just to bring peoples attention to the problem I’ve had this morning with this machine & a solution. I mainly use it to get 175 smithsonian hd. I was scrolling through channels and selected 174 bbc Scotland, the picture flashed up and then blank screen and unable to change channel. Had a similar...
  20. J

    Time Display on DMR -EX99V in Standby.

    I have just joined AV Forums, and would like to know if it is possible to turn the time display off in the standby mode on the DMR-EX99V recorder. I have had a look in the operating manual for this model, and I am unable to find anything relating to turning the display off in standby.
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