1. S

    Advice on stripping/prepping wall

    Hi guys, I'm stripping the ceiling of a bay window that has suffered from damp, but is now fixed. I've stripped what I can with just a wallpaper scraper and most of the paper came of easily. But my issue is there is also another layer of something that has come off in parts but isn't budging...
  2. C

    Question TV: Handsfree control; play/pause, rewind/ forward on Prime Netflix YouTube Disney Spotify? when cook, fitness, declutter, DIY, Docu/ Edu/Note taking?

    TV: Handsfree control; play/pause, rewind/ forward on Prime Netflix YouTube Disney Spotify? when cook, fitness, declutter, DIY, Docu/ Edu/Note taking? Via Far Field Mics present on: * In built on some TVs * Linked Fire TV Box / Alexa/ Google Asst Speakers? I find a lot of times I am watching...
  3. Saalty

    Question 2nd DIY sub amp advice

    Right, so I currently have an FI Audio HT1 being powered by an NX3000 amp. I'm adding a second driver soon and am wondering whether I'd be better just buying another NX3000 to power it or selling that and getting an NX6000 to do both. The downside is that the driver is 2ohm so I don't know if...
  4. B

    DIY Wall mount for turntable

    All, I would like to install my turntable (= Denon DP300F) on a shelf on the wall for two reasons. 1) This should isolate my turntable from floor fibrations (I have a wooden floor). 2) We have a relatively small living room, thus a "floating shelf" looks much lighter than a bulky piece of...
  5. thehomecinemaengineer

    DIY acoustically transparent screen HOW TO IMPROVE BLACK LEVELS?

    Im looking to improve the clarity and more importantly the black levels of my screen. Right now I have a DIY white spandex screen. but I want deeper blacks!!! EDIT 1-7 i guess i need to be more clear I mean better options then spandex to get deeper blacks and clarity. I already have dark gray...
  6. S

    Wilmslow DIY cabinets

    Hello, I am seeking advice on Wilmslow DIY LS cabinets. I am asking if there were any difficulties encountered during construction and the quality of the finished cabinet. Thank you, Steve
  7. antakar

    Question Good enough stereo setup for Small Home Office use + small room treatment using DIY

    Hello dear friends, These days many of us moved to WFH, and some of us are lucky enough to have a spare small room that can be used as an office space. As were at home, there is no reason to treat ourselves with good music while hard(ly) at work. I would like this thread to become collection...
  8. sjackson

    DIY Speakers for Music (DIYSG?)

    For the home cinema I'm running and trio of DIYSG 893's and four Volt 8's. All is well apart from the kids puncturing some of the woofers and mids so I have replacements on order. It's got me thinking about speakers for music. Has anyone built any of the DIYSG kits for music? The likes of the...
  9. MartinH32

    DIY Projector Masking Ideas

    Ok, I'm looking to manufacture something to mask a 16:9 to cinemascope screen. Hit me with your ideas, recommendations and solutions please?
  10. T

    Sound issue/Bulkhead DIY advice

    Do these need filling with insulation? If so, why? And what type? Thanks!
  11. maxbrooker

    Modular DIY Equipment Rack on a budget

    Long story short... keen to save my hard earned cash for new equipment I decided to build my own equipment racks as a stop gap until I can afford some decent ones. Super pleased with the results, especially as I managed to build all of this for £400, chances are that these will become a...
  12. Zandana

    DIY Binding Post wall plates

    Hi, been digging around on the internet and trying to figure out which binding post wall plates to use for surround in wall wiring. I've found these that I could put in some blank wall plates to match our sockets but can't figure out the connection type...
  13. Dazzathedrummer

    DIY Home cinema set up with vintage speakers - awkward back speaker placement.

    Hi, I'm in the process of putting together a 5.1 system using vintage speakers and a Sony amp. I'm starting small and relatively cheap but will most probably upgrade along the way. To start with I've got two pairs of Bang & Olufsen Beovox S35-S's from the late 70's - they already sound great in...
  14. V

    DIY 5.1 atmos vs soundbars

    There seems to be so many problems with top soundbars that I'm considering DIY in comparable price range (around 1500€). I would still like to see the review of Klipsch Cinema 1200. What are the advantages and disadvantages? I use speakers for 70% watching TV series, 10% watching movies, 10%...
  15. W

    Conformal coating substitutes

    Hi guys, im new here, and new to drones. I recently bought a fpv tinyhalk II freestyle, and i want to give it a good protection against moisture from wet grass, but here in Brazil i was not able to find the so caled silicon based conformal coating, i just found some acrilic based ones, i dont...
  16. G

    Norseal advice please

    Hi Guys, I have been searching the net for advice on soundproofing interior doors and this would seem to be the place. Unfortunately I am not able to build a room within a room dedicated cinema like some of the impressive projects here but was hoping you could share some of your knowledge. I...
  17. jason shep

    Question Which diy screen material?

    Hi all, I’d appreciate some advice/suggestions for diy screen material, the current PJ is an Optoma HD27e, (I’ll upgrade in the future but I’m happy with it for now) It’ll be in a living room with blackout blinds but a white ceiling & will also be used for casual daytime viewing, aiming for...
  18. JudgeDredd2010

    What Colours does Tetrion Filler Come in?

    What Colours does Tetrion Filler Come in? The reason I am asking is that I need to fill in some small cracks and one quite large hole in the side of a concrete door step. I was thinking of buying the above filler for this. The door step is a light sort of grey colour. Unless I have missed...
  19. J

    New to DIY. Help with Rega Planar 2 RCA replacement

    Hi, hope you can help with what is probably a stupidly simple question ... I have inherited a Rega Planar 2 turntable (nice) but the RBS phono plugs have been snipped off. I was going to just attach new plugs (solderless) but I'm stuck. The two wires coming out of the turntable seem to be just a...
  20. William D Williamson

    Advice for DIY Drone build

    Hi all, currently building my own drone and finding my own way through it all. Always felt the best way in learning and doing it yourself n building it and see how it all works. Specs of what I've got so far is : Naza Lite Flight Controller with OSD Tarot MT4008 330kv motors Tarot 650 Iron Man...
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