1. B

    DIY: Anyone had cabinets resprayed & would this patio door look better in white?

    Doing the kitchen up, couple up things. Has anyone ever had their cabinets resprayed? Thinking of getting ours done to white from cream. Also thinking of painting the patio door frames inside white to match rest of room now its decorated and grey laminate put down, don't think dark wood goes...
  2. P

    who makes/supplies bungs / DIY bungs

    the foam bungs are missing. ive emailed the manufacturer last month but no response. is there any company i can source bungs from? failing that, I'm thinking of makiy my own but im not sure where i can buy the material from and how to cut it into a perfect cylinder shape to exactly fit the...
  3. Ugg10

    Little DIY Project

    Thought you guys may be interested in a little DIY project I have been building. Minidsp Nanodigi DSP, Digital input (Optical, USB [XMOS U208, added extra switched into SPDIF port], Toslink) with 4 stereo channels using Khadas Tone Board DACs. Initially this will be used for Room EQ (see...
  4. Liammonty123

    For Sale Dual B&C 21's DIY 18HZ Ported

    For sale here are my dual B&C 21" Ported boxes that I built a few months ago. Due to a room layout change these will no longer fit and so will pass on to the next person lucky enough to hear these in action! The dimensions are 88wx80hx60d cm so they are huge. This is a collection only deal and...
  5. musicman653

    Yamaha R-N602 - Adding RCA pre-outs cause damage to receiver?

    Hi everyone, Looking for someone with experience with circuit diagrams to tell me if adding pre-outs without adding anything but wires and RCA's to my Yamaha R-N602 will cause damage. I want to run an external amp. I love the features of the Yamaha but it will not do my KEF LS-50's justice, it...
  6. M

    Question DIY subwoofer in an IKEA cabinet?

    Hey all! I have a large ikea Platsa cabinet below each of my left and right channels. They are pretty large and I am considering building a DF subwoofer in each. Internal dimensions when taking into account the door hinges is 76cm x 36cm x 46cm This is frame the enclosures would need to fit...
  7. T

    Is this enough for home theater system DIY?

    I am a beginner when it comes to Home Theater DIY. I was wondering if these are the correct set up for a 7.1. I know i might not have the perfect setup for 7.1 but i wanted the back speakers to be up in the ceiling. Are the ceiling speakers good enough for the surround sound? Are there any...
  8. G

    DIY Anamorphic Lens

    I am looking to build an Anamorphic lens for my Benq w1070. I have made a screen 240cm by 100cm. Currently using zoom and light spillage is good but after reading many threads I believe people have made these over the years. The reason for asking now is most of the threads were from 2002 -...
  9. J

    Ultra-quiet DIY AV component cooler fan

    A recent re-organisation of my cabinets to accommodate some power amps and a mini-DSP has left some things a bit closer than I would normally like. I needed a cooler to pull air stale warm air from the top of components and exhaust to the rear. I didn't just want to leave a fan dangling on...
  10. Incrediboy

    Mr Incredible's Subwoofer Build

    This is a brief summary of the build as I could not post updates in real-time due to it being a surprise. It all culminated in one very happy Dad. Back in late October I started to think about my Dad's (Mr Incredible) Christmas present. For a few years I've wanted to purchase him a SVS PB16...
  11. ssbib

    Good at DIY? Please give your opinion.

    A friend of mine has done me a massive favour today and installed an extra lock on my flat door. The area around the wall was amazingly thin so he had to cut a bit out the wall to install it properly. This has left a bit of a hole in the wall. What’s the best way to fill this? Also the plate...
  12. J

    For Sale Silk Devore Velvet fabric for DIY Screen builds

    I have for sale black silk Devore velvet. This is the top of the range fabric useful for covering screen frames etc. It completely absorbs light from projectors etc. The piece is 53cm x 440cm Enough to make a huge long screen. It would cost over £100 for a length this long. £50 delivered UK.
  13. PaulDavidThomas

    DIY Home Theatre Cabinet ( the rack version )

    Well, I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I bought two sheets of MDF and did a cut list. Screwed most of it together tonight ( MDF Screws ). Basically, I wanted AV Amp/Receiver to the left. Amps in the middle and Gadgets / Players to the right. Tomorrow I'll get the trim to make it look...
  14. F

    What else can you do with your drone? DIY: convert drone into cable cam

    If you are wondering about what else can you do with your drone, this is what I did DIY: Spend a week of converting my drone into a remote-controlled cable cam system. This is my first generation DIY cable cam. The second generation is under design :-) Your comments are welcome!
  15. i_raz

    For Sale Earthquake 10b (buttkicker) , M&A Platinum PLC350, XTZ S5

    Selling the following: 1) Earthquake 10b. Adds to the movie experience and really shakes your sofa. . Awesome upgrade for any home cinema. This will give you the equivalent effect of having much bigger subs. I used this with in addition to 2 x 15" and it made a big impact over the subs alone...
  16. J

    DIY sub to go with psa s1510 sealed

    Hi. Need some advise, have a psa s1510 I'm moving to a slightly bigger dedicated room in the new year. Atm my room is 4m x4. 5 m the psa hits rather hard in this room and sounds great. Not as loud in the 20hz region than my previous sub but better sound quality over all. The new room will be 6m...
  17. goatywoaty

    Wanted DIY 15" sub enclosure (sealed)

    Hi chaps, anyone got a sealed 15" enclosure sat gathering dust? Money is tight at the moment but I've got a 15" driver here that I'd like to use if I can get an enclosure for it :) Fingers crossed! GW
  18. Pretorian24

    From small Dedicated Room --> to larger Living Room Home Cinema = 😍

    History Earlier this year I had some spare time and decided to move my home cinema from a separate smaller room to my larger living room. Since I live alone with my kids in our house I could do what the F****K I want.... so I did. A note here: I could not even put up a painting on the wall and...
  19. F

    Step-by-step guide on DIY tree twig mini drone.

    With today's technology, one can build a drone by using nearly any kind of strong materials. Such as straws, reeds, toothpicks, lego pieces and even the tree twigs. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to DIY a tree twig mini drone. The drone does not look great but indeed fly very...
  20. S

    Question I've spent too much time here - now going DIY!

    Right i've finally decided to replace my 2 subs - Mono+ and SVSPC200 with 2 DIY subs. The plan was to wait until we move into new house mid-end 2020, but I can't wait that long.... I have looked at all the marty's but the size is a bit restrictive - I can't see myself housing 2 of these beasts...
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