1. U

    HDMI Distribution Problem - Edison vs Labgear

    I have an EDISION HDMI MODULATOR (single DVB-T) Full HD Distribution over Coax to distribute an HDMI signal to a Labgear LDU608G 8 Way Distribution Unit. The Labgear unit has a UHF rooftop aerial connected to it for general digital reception. Previously I had a cheap 4 way distribution box and...
  2. R

    Replacement for 10 YO deceased HDanywhere 4 x 4 TV matrix?

    Hi. Not sure if this is the correct forum, it's my first post here. Our 10 year old HD anywhere 4 x 4 TV matrix died today. Was used to distribute 2 x sky boxes & PS to 4 TV's in the house over single dedicated cat 5 cable to each point. Still working after almost 10 years so can't complain too...
  3. dazza1272

    Satellite splitter/distribution queries

    I've just moved into a renovated house, the landlords have put in aerial distribution but unfortunately put in a loft aerial (we're in a valley with weak terrestrial signals). So, Freeview is a non-starter. As such, I'm getting no free to air channels, apart from going into each broadcaster's...
  4. G

    HDMI Splitter (e.g. Amazon) as good as Pro Gear (Crestron/Extron HDMI Distribution Amp)?

    Big thanks to the user community here; helped me solution (I think) a handshake issue when outputting to two sources (TV & Projector) from a Denon X3700H. Tried asking Google but didn't get the clarity I wanted - I solved my problem with a "cheap" HDMI Splitter. Found it on Amazon for ~$25...
  5. A

    HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible sound bars

    HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible sound bars Is there a product to split out one HDMI source to 20 sound bars that have ARC or eARC support? I would like to use the HDMI out (ARC\eARC) on the sound bar. This is going to be used for a product display. Any ideas?
  6. A

    Question HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible soundbars

    HDMI Distribution to ARC\eARC compatible sound bars Is there a product to split out one HDMI source to 20 sound bars that have ARC or eARC support? I would like to use the HDMI out (ARC\eARC) on the sound bar. This is going to be used for a product display. Any ideas?
  7. jrf340

    Question basic tv distribution design

    hi there - not sure what to do & need some help, we have a sky+hd box in the lounge & a labgear hdu681 in the loft to 4 other tv's, all in coax. not really bothered about the remote side of things but would be nice if easy to do. the picture quality is reasonable but not great, also 4 out 5 tv's...
  8. C

    Question Earthing distribution amp

    Hi all I have a labgear hdu681 in the loft and noticed if I touch it and the combi boiler at the same time you get a tiny shock. I notice there is a 6mm earth terminal on the amp. Can I connect this to the earth terminal on the plug socket ? Mike
  9. Zak79

    Multimedia setup for whole house

    Hello all. This is my first post on this forum so would really appreciate and insight all the help I can get. I am doing a full refurbishment of the house and planning to run the cables as required for the following purpose: Sky HD with record/rewind facility Virgin Media Phone Cat6/network...
  10. P

    8X8 Matrix China Made

    Hi, I am looking to buy a 8x8 HDMI HDBase-T Matrix with 4K HDR support (4K 60Hz 4:4:4), I had been looking at the Blustream Custom Pro products but I have also seen some China made units that also have the HDR support at a considerably cheaper price point and they also come packaged with 8...
  11. D

    Question Aerial Distribution using Amplifier

    Hi, this is my first forum post here and i'm hoping that someone can help me. My current aerial distribution is quite complex but it has worked well for the past 10 years or more, until now! Just over 10 years ago I bought an aerial amplifier/distribution that is similar to a masthead setup but...
  12. J

    Around the house distribution advice please

    Hi all, First post for years so go gentle I’ve had a setup that distributes HDMI around my house for the last 9 years or so. I use a 4X4 HDMI matrix to distribute to 4 TV’s around the house. One of the TV’s is in the same room as the Matrix. All my other equipment is also in a cabinet in that...
  13. R

    New build house, loxone, AV distribution

    Hey everyone, I am currently going through a pretty major (for me) project. Bought a decent size house (3000 sq ft) back in September last year, managed to get planning permission to demolish the majority of the house - except the front and one flank wall- with a basement, double story rear...
  14. N

    Sky Q through RF setup help

    Hi guys, I've recently upgraded from Sky+HD to SkyQ and would like some help in the best way to distribute around the house. I had the Sky+HD distributed around the house using the two RF ports on the rear of the box. However, Sky Q no longer has these. I have attached a picture on the type of...
  15. sanjay789

    Question UHF /dab and sat distribution? What amp do I need?

    this Is a rather complicated one! I have separate uhf / dab and fm signals going to garage. (3 coax wires). On top of this I have the 4 spare satellite signals from the sky Q lnb (6 outputs / 2 being used for the skyq) going to the garage too. Around the house I have 11 tv points. These all...
  16. sanjay789

    Question Distribution amplifiers? Can I combine them?

    Getting a bit confused. I have aerial/uhf , Dab and fm coming down on separate aerial cables. I bought the labgear ldu608g, but I’ve realised that won’t be enough outputs. I need atleast 11 out. Can I combine this with another dist amp like the ldl216 (16 output), to get more outputs abs is...
  17. L

    Aerial distribution

    Hi, use to have sky hd with distributer in loft which was powered by RF out on box, worked fine and gave "grainy" sky feed and Freeview to all TVs. Now have skyq box which cannot feed the distributer so lost these signals. What are my alternatives? Couple of bedrooms have sky mini boxes but no...
  18. E

    Answered Freeview with a HD distribution system

    Hello, I am looking for advice on how to set up a BT YouView box with my existing HD tv distribution system. The system currently has a Sky+ box, but I have cancelled my Sky subscription and want to install a Youview box in it’s place. However I believe it may not be as simple as this! Here is...
  19. D

    BBC consults on distribution policy

    Part of the BBC is their streaming service, and the BBC as whole is doing a public consultation " The BBC has launched a public consultation on its new distribution policy. The BBC is required by its Royal Charter and Framework Agreement to develop a strategy and policy for distributing its...
  20. scrowe

    RF Distribution over CAT5

    Hi all, My Apartment is CAT6 wired, and has an AV Distribution board. Recently when setting up my XBox One I got really poor signal when setting up the USB freeview tuner. I also then checked the bedroom TV and saw similar degradation, poor reception, limited SD channels, and no HD channels...
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