1. Chumley

    QN95B Neo QLED: Bass Vibration Problem

    Took receipt of my QE55QN95B today and all seemed okay watching a bit of normal TV. However, whilst watching VIKINGS on Prime the back of the TV vibrates like it's full of Bees when the sound gets a bit 'Bassy', which it does quite often during Vikings! I thought whilst unpacking and putting the...
  2. K

    Panasonic sc-htb900 soundbar pop/crackle

    Hi, I have a fairly new (about a month old) panasonic soundbar, sc-htb900. The first blu Ray I listened to I thought every now and then there was a weird thing going on, like a stutter, but could be a pop/crackle. Wasn't sure if it was the soundbar or blue Ray player (that's new also, a...
  3. R

    CCD-VX1E showing white noise, distorted like. Seller told me i need to calibrate it, someone that could help?

    Bought a CCD-VX1E from a local market place (event), buyer told me i only need to calibrate it. But i got a feeling something else is needed to do. So there is some kind of noise, looks white. When i put in the battery there is a display for a split second. There is no tape in it, but i dont...
  4. E

    A Lot of distortion using Qobuz and Sonos Connect

    Hello, I am experiencing a strange phenomenon: streaming Qobuz via a Sonos Connect is very distorted. The chain: Android Tablet - Sonos 2 App - Qobuz - Sonos Connect - RCA out to NAD 312 - listen on speakers and STAX headphones. The end result is that it is un-listenable. To confirm this, I...
  5. A

    Technics 1210 turntable, distortion even after changing cartridge and stylus

    Hi, I have distortion when playing vinyl on my decks. They were ok with the old needles Stanton 505s and 500s, but they don't make them any more. The new N500S aren't as good and after a while this distortion started. I figured changing the styli and carts would solve the problem, i got Numark...
  6. A

    Distortion on centre channel after prolonged use - time to change receiver?

    Hi Edit - I appreciate I asked a similar thing a few months ago but after lots of research I am going around in circles a bit with this. I am weary about buying used AV amps due to head build up/reliability/complexity so new or ex-demo with warranty are the options. Ultimately I don’t want to...
  7. Johnboy 130

    Dali subwoofer distortion

    Hello After a little advice I have Dali ef9 and i appear to be be getting some distortion on certain parts of audio tracks and movies. The distortion is reduced/disappears when the subwoofer is raised. Could the distortion be due the air not having a chance leave the downward firing port? It...
  8. simon1967

    Monitor Audio GR20 distortion from bass driver. Repair or something else?

    I just sat down to watch a Saturday evening movie with the kids and noticed an awful flapping noise in the loud, action sequences. I traced it back to the left bass driver (lower one) which distorts heavily in loud parts. I can’t see any external damage to the driver and looking through old...
  9. davidR4

    Denon AVR-S650H + Jamo S 626 - tweeters distorted/crackling at certain frequencies

    Hello everyone, after I was able to learn a lot here by reading along, I have bought a home theater system according to my budget, consisting of: Denon AVR-S650H Jamo S626 HCS 5.0 I have the problem that the all the five tweeters of my speakers clearly "scratch" or produce a distorted sound...
  10. Tsukawa

    Question Inner groove distortion.

    I have a Rega RP1 with Rega Carbon cartridge, first 2/3 tracks on a brand new record plays fine then it’s start to distort and sound slightly broken up, the cart is aligned, Rega is pretty plug and play so the settings are left at manufacturers suggestions. Same with old and new records, digital...
  11. Tobarr

    Video speckles and distortion

    I am flying a Eachine EX4 and my videos have been having strange backgrounds and speckles on solid surfaces. How do I correct it? Do I need to get a new 3 axis camera? Is the software corrupted? I'm attaching a couple photos I took of the videos I took this afternoon. What do I need to do?
  12. Andiush

    Sony ps-hx500 sound distortion

    Hi all, After reading so may nice reviews just bought this Sony turntable and can't figure out what's wrong. As you can hear in this video sound is absolutely distorted! First thing I did is checked the connections. But it can't be the issue as both TT and amp (HK990) have internal phono...
  13. S

    Question BenQ W1080ST picture distortion

    Hello, I have a BenQ W1080ST. I've had it for 4 years now, almost 5. Replaced the lamp last year in June. I've had no problems with the picture, up until last week, when I noticed some distortion when light was shown on faces/skin. (was watching Coco when I noticed it) I've since played...
  14. Novus

    Question Sully -sound issues/high freq on Dolby TrueHD 7.1ch

    Hi, Watched the movie in the cinemas and just bought it on UHD bluray (incuding regular blu-ray). The thing is I experienced high frequency sounds (distortion) in several scenes through the movie. For example the fighter jet scenes: 0:40:52 og 0:41:51. Same problem at exact same places in...
  15. H

    Philips 42PUS7363/12 Latest Android update: "wide angle" distortion in Youtube/Vimeo/Netflix

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and I'm here to seek advice to a very frustrating problem. All help is highly appreciated. With the latest update (TPM171E _ – Date: 2019/03/04), I'm stuck with the unbelievably annoying image distortion effect where the sides of the image are...
  16. TheOne4Eva

    Need help with home audio setup

    Im just entering the home audio scene and I recently purchased a Yamaha RX-V683 and two Pioneer SP-FS52 towers. I ran the YPAO and the system works fine for tv and movies but listening to music does not get loud enough for my tastes. It gets loud enough for my wife but I like my music EXTREMELY...
  17. joner7777

    Xbox one s Atmos distortion

    When streaming Spotify or BR through XBox one and Atmos is on it becomes badly distorted. Tried good quality HDMI leads, reinstalling Atmos app,but it wont stop unless i revert back to 7.1
  18. R

    Funny picture distortion? On black screens?

    hi I bought a LG 65UK6500PLA 65-Inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play - Steel Silver/Black (2018 Model). From amazon. Big box. But I notice when on a black screen when I move the magic remote cursor. The cursor seems to affect the blackness. It follows it around. I’m afraid it’s...
  19. TwistedBlizzard

    Question Soundsticks III Distortion

    Hi All, I have been asked by a friend to repair his Harman Kardon Soundsticks III. The cable needed replacing which has been done. The second issue is a weird distortion that comes in a few seconds after the unit is powered on. It's hard to explain but I managed to get a recording. Here's the...
  20. LoganS

    HT-Z9F / ZF9 Soundbar distortion / crackling

    So I was watching Mission Impossible : Rogue Nation earlier and had the volume set to 32. While the sound at first was bold and powerful and sounded detailed, it wasn't long before I noticed crackling and from the orchestra scene to just about any scene where sounds get louder than usual I...
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