1. WeegyAVLover

    Multi-monitor display issue

    Hi, I have 3 monitors for my work and only recently got this setup. These monitors connect into a hub/dock that is connected via USB to my laptop. When I look at my display settings my main monitor in the middle is listed as 1|2 and the monitors on the side are listed as 3 & 4. It seems like...
  2. scarty16

    Default Display ASUS Zenbook - issue

    Hi All, I have an ASUS Zenbook Pro, the one that has the mousepad as a second screen. But it has developed an issue. The default screen when it turns on or restores from sleep is the mousepad. I can change it to the main laptop screen, but I can't change the default behaviour. I have tried...
  3. M

    Question Panasonic DMR- BWT 720 Blu-Ray recorder Front Display stopped working.

    Hello hoping someone can help me here. I have a DMR-BWT 720 Blu-ray recorder which I have had since 2013 from new. Never had any problems with it and been very happy with my purchase. Went away for few days last week and when returned noticed we had had a power cut while away. On turning on the...
  4. M

    LG C9 OLED HDMI Issue - No displays. Bandwidth problems!

    Wondering if anyone can help? I’m having issues with the HDMI on my OLED 55” C9 TV. It was working fine but now almost everything I plug in to it has no signal display. The only thing I’ve managed to get working is Xbox One X in 640x480, 1080p @ 120hz and 1440p @ 60hz and my Sega Mega Drive Mini...
  5. designforge

    Cambridge Audio CXR120 twin display not working?

    Does anyone have any experience in getting the mirrored HDMI outputs working on the CXR120? I have HDMI OUT 1 connected to my TV, HDMI OUT 2 connected to a projector in the same room (hence no need for the CXR200 Zone 2) - HDMI OUT 2 doesn't seem to output anything - is there a setting I need...
  6. F

    Some way to display sports scores

    I have two TVs mounted on the wall. I’m trying to find an app or website that scrolls through the scores of sports games going on that day. Sort of like the scrolling ticker you see on ESPN but that fills the whole screen. That way I can watch one game on one TV and see the live scores of other...
  7. evebill8

    Question My Yamaha RX-V685BL does not display Dolby Atmos

    Hi folks, I just bought a rx-v685bl. I have 2 questions. 1) I set the configuration to 5.1 (not 5.1.2). The only option is to set the front speakers as bi-amp. My front speakers are JBL Arena 180 tower speakers, but they are not bi-amp. Is it okay? 2) My surround decoding is always DD+...
  8. CaptainJames

    Display Technical Specs

    Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but looks like a mine of information. Mods please move if appropriate. https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/model-display/fd7d1d15
  9. danialsharma

    Is this IPS glow or backlight bleed?

    I recently bought a 4k led ips TV and did a backlight bleeding test of the display but can't find whether it is bb or just ips glow
  10. arifroni

    Question AVR with dual display output

    hello i am looking for an AVR which has two display out. one will be 4k hdr all the good stuff(to my tv) , other doesn't need to be same, any resolution would be fine (will go to raspberry pi via a hdmi video grabber). but simultaneously i need both display out. i read about some avr has two...
  11. F

    LG C9 / Arcam AVR 550 - no sound on "display"

    So I've got a LGC9 (4.80.03) and an Arcam AVR550. Suddenly TODAY, I assume an LG update since the Arcam can only be updated via USB the sound from the LG to Arcam stopped working. Specifically the sound from the Apps on the LG (Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc.) stopped working. Reset the TV...
  12. U

    Question Display resolution help

    Hello, new to the forums and not really sure if this is the correct place to ask the question but here goes: I have an LG OLED65CXPUA TV plugged in to my Yamaha RX-V683BL receiver (both devices less than 6 months old). My Xfinity X1 DVR is also plugged in to the same receiver. All devices are...
  13. M

    How well do 4k tv's display 1080p signals ?

    Hi, Thank you for looking at this question, I have read online that a 1080p can look fuzzy on a 4k tv, is this true for all 4k tv's The reason i ask is that i would like to use a 43'' tv as a monitor so that the text is larger (problems with eyesight) and the computer i currently have can only...
  14. chavo

    Question What’s TV technology is used in pub display screens?

    In pubs, doctors surgery’s, post offices etc you often see a tv behind the bar. The tv displays a live feed showing the news, pub promotions and other things on a rotation. The TVs are connected via an ethernet cable which makes me think that the technology is all built in to the tv and it is...
  15. U

    Question Display Resolution Help - LG OLED65CXPUA TV

    Hello, new to the forums and not really sure if this is the correct place to ask the question but here goes: I have an LG OLED65CXPUA TV plugged in to my Yamaha RX-V683BL receiver (both devices less than 6 months old). My Xfinity X1 DVR is also plugged in to the same receiver. All devices are...
  16. terids

    For Sale Oppo HA-1 Headphone Amplifier with Oppo HA-1 Display Stand

    Oppo HA-1 Headphone Amplifier and Pre-amp, with the official Oppo HA-1 Display Stand. Beautiful unit in great condition. Takes around 15 minutes for the left channel to warm up. Hard to find these now but are highly praised and still supported by Oppo. Comes with original remote, power cable...
  17. Don Dadda

    Naim Unitiqute faint display

    Hi all i have the 1st gen Naim Unitiqute which I bought s/h almost 6yrs and its going great without issues and functionally its fine but the last couple months the display has become very faint. As of the time of this post, the display has become barely visible. There is no brightness...
  18. B

    LGCX 65" PC gaming at 120Hz, & HDR...is it possible?

    I have some questions regarding the LG OLED CX 65 inch TV. My computer is setup for gaming in 1080p at max graphics settings. All i gotta do to game well in 4k is to upgrade my GTX 1080ti Graphics card to an RTX2080ti or an RTX 3080 when the video card gets released this year, but i want the...
  19. P

    denon avr-x3600h display output hdmi behavior

    am trying to run 2 tvs off this unit - display 1 hdcp 2.2 port main tv 4k - display 2 arc/earc port projector 1080p i connected the 4k tv directly to display port 1. then used a down converter 4k>1080p on display port 2, connected 1080p projector there. display port 2 only gets an image if...
  20. Cy Berman

    Question Blu Ray Player with Track Display

    Can anyone recommend a BD player that displays the track number, as well as the elapsed time, when playing CDs? I recently purchased a Pioneer BDP-180 Blu-ray player, chosen particularly because of its ability to play SACD as well as handle High Resolution Audio. When a CD is playing, the...
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