1. O

    Panasonic 65HZ1500Z display panel question

    Hello everyone, I own a Panasonic 65HZ1500Z model which was replaced with a new one this week. I was happy it was replaced and loving the TV. One thing I've noticed while me and my wife watching on it. The panel seems to be much more brighter and vivid albeit it has the same color...
  2. MahaRaja

    Atmos Soundbar recommendation- front display can be switched off

    I'm looking for an Atmos Soundbar for mainly Movies & TV shows where you can hear the dialogue clearly and above all, the front display can be switched off for night viewing without any distractions. My budget is around £500-600 pounds. All in one or with a wireless sub. All in one would be...
  3. MahaRaja

    LG SN9YG switching off front display

    Hi all, Just purchased the above soundbar but I can't anywhere to switch off the display on the front of the soundbar. It constantly shows E-ARC, though faint but still quite distracting when watching TV in a dimly lit room.
  4. B

    For Sale MicroBerry - Raspberry Pi 4 8GB + Grey Mesh RGB Casew Case + RGB Fan + OLED Display

    Raspberry Pi4 8GB + Grey RGB Mesh Desktop Case & OLED Display with 16GB MicroSD & Raspberry Pi OS - Overclocked to 2Ghz Custom Grey Micro Desktop Mesh Case with RGB Fan & Tinted Intake & Exhaust Cut Out Design OLED Stats Display, LEDShim with RGB Rainbow Pattern NeoPixel Ring with12 Led's...
  5. DrPepper

    For Sale XP PEN Artist22 Pro Pen Display

    21.5" Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet With Stand Display in excellent condition. Boxed with all accessories(check pic)
  6. T

    For Sale NEC 65 inch display screen

    I am selling my old 65 inch display screen, its in fully working order no problems at all, good image, has hdmi input aswell as dvi the model number for this is : v652 I am selling it due to I no longer need it and it is taking up some space feel free to make me a offer the asking price...
  7. A

    Can I play different display and audio on Samsung TV

    Hi, I want to display the screen of one laptop on a TV using HDMI and play the audio of another laptop on the same TV. I want the TV to not output the audio of the display laptop but only the audio of the other laptop. Is this possible? My TV is Samsung model#UN50MU6300FXZC version# DB02 Thanks,
  8. I

    Monitor Audio GSW12 Display Error

    Hi i am new here, ive tried to search for a fix or replacement. I have a monitor audio gsw12 since 2009 and its been great, few months back i notice the display is malfunctioning showing me random characters so i am unable to see my setup or anything for that matter. Has anyone had this issue...
  9. OllieWilko83

    65PUS8535 Extended Display

    Morning everyone, new poster here! This is driving me mad! I want to project my work laptop to the tv as an extended display, I’ve been looking all over through manuals, Google etc etc. and no joy! This was so simple on my old LG tv with the built-in app. PLEASE can someone give me a resolution...
  10. L

    Discoloured display - Anybody experienced this? 55PUS7334

    Good Morning All (Or afternoon wherever you may be) I've noticed another issue recently with my TV. I have a 55PUS7334 which has a large area on the screen where it struggles displaying colours correctly. For example, light greens are dark, reds appear orange, blues....who knows. I've...
  11. F

    Display panel instead of a TV

    Hi All I am trying to decide on a large size TV / panel for a living room project - projector is not feasible for many reasons but I do want to try and get close to the dimensions I could achieve with a PJ. My question relates to display panels vs normal TVs. I don't actually need all the...
  12. B

    pioneer VSX-D814 display not on.

    hello. my friend has a pioneer AV receiver that has the buttons lit up but the display and the ON/STAND BY button isn't lit. he tried resetting it but couldn't see the display as it wont turn on. he did say that his roommate left it on for 16 hours or so and it was hot but the display was...

    Marantz NR1200 Spotify Connect display cycle

    I have the Marantz NR1200 with Dali Oberon 3 and I am very happy with this. When playing from Spotify Connect to the receiver, the display on the unit shows "Spotify". However, when pressing the status button on the unit, I can cycle through artist name, song name and album name. Apparently...
  14. T

    Cost of replacing display NAD M12 preamp?

    I have the opportunity to buy a second-hand NAD M12 preamp but there's a pixel error in the display which results in an irritating line right across the screen. Apparently this is fairly common in NAD displays. Can anyone estimate how much a replacement display might cost to supply and fit?

    Display on Samsung HW-Q70T Soundbar

    I get that the display on this soundbar shows what source is selected (HDMI, TV ARC, etc.) and also when the signal is either Dolby Atmos or DTS X. But what about other signals? It seems like a waste not to display info when it's getting regular Dolby Digital, DD+, DTS, etc. I have a 15 y/o...
  16. kielson

    MSI MPG X570 no display from GPU when PCE_1 @ x16

    Few moments ago I was convinced that the whole PCI_1 is dead as there was no output from several different GPUs. Cards output fine on the next PCI. By chance, I've changed the speed in BIOS from x16 to x8x8 and the card works in the top slot. Any ideas? *I've cleared the BIOS several times...
  17. plaver

    JVC X9000 Display Issue

    This is a bit of shot in the dark, any JVC projector owners ever had this issue, see images
  18. H

    Watching tv-program with Yamaha RX-V477 display in the screen

    Hello, This may be easy question for many of you. A very small but practical issue: how to watch tv and see the audio receiver (here Yamaha RX-V477) display in the tv-screen at the same time? Yamaha display shows e.g. the radio channels or Spotify source used. I have hdmi connections, the ARC...
  19. S

    Display port to hdmi not working

    I had an old laptop for work which used a docking station and had 2 display ports so i ran 2 cables from these to the display ports in the rear of the monitors. I then changed my laptop for work which didnt come with a docking station but i have a spare i use for personal use. Slightly different...
  20. S

    Samsung HW-Q950T display issues

    Hi all, it was this forum that had me nab not 1 but 2 Samsung soundbars. I read that Rtings isn't too consistent with their reviewing metric regarding different people having a difference of opinions, they almost put me off buying both the Q70XY and Q950. 2 things I hate about the 950 is the...
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