1. M

    Disney+ HDR on Samsung

    I have been having some issues with HDR (HDR10) content on Disney+ being way too dark. In my searches for a proper solution I have found a number of other people talking about this, although none very recent. To describe it, it is kind of like if you leave a PS5 game on pause for a while, it...
  2. Drax1

    Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation (Disney+) 5th August 2022

    Trailer for the latest Lego Star Wars animation has just landed. https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/trailers/1227514-lego-star-wars-summer-vacation-trailer-disney
  3. Martin00

    The Patient (FX on Hulu/Disney+)

    http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2022/05/13/fx-sets-summer-slate-premiere-dates-745115/20220513fx01/ Premieres on FX on Hulu on 30th August, coming soon after on Disney+
  4. Drax1

    Wonder Man (TBC) Disney+

    The character is new to me, but Wonder Man is set to get his own tv show on Disney+. He was originally introduced as a villain, but has been part of the Avengers lineup too. Apparently he was due to make his debut in Guardians Vol 2 before things changed...
  5. T

    For Sale Disney + 12 Month Code

    Disney+ 12 month code. Code will give you 12 months of Disney+ access. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal accepted. Code will only work on new or inactive accounts. Redemption at disneyplus.com/redeem. No offers
  6. J

    Philips Android OLED, Disney+ such spinning wheel

    48OLED806, all up to date. Suddenly D+ just sits on the spinny wheel. Restarted the app, cleared the cache (they make it difficult!) nothing. Eventually reinstalled the app but good grief what a mess it all is. Android on my phone is easy, on the TV it's horrible. Is there a better fix? Do...
  7. S

    Disney Plus 12 Months Subscription £29.51

    https://www.gamivo.com/product/disney-plus-1-year-uk Use code: DISNEYUK to bring the price down to £29.51
  8. ntemples

    For Sale 12 months Disney Plus Code

    Got it with one of my recent phone purchases. £45
  9. D

    Some Disney+ shows not playing on all speakers, others fine.

    I’ve been on a Star Wars animated binge recently and have watched all seasons of The Clone Wars, and just moved on to The Bad Batch. However, I’ve noticed that it only seems to be playing on the front three speakers (possibly only in stereo, didn’t check at the time). The amp shows it’s...
  10. gavinhanly

    Young Jedi Adventures (Animated, Disney +)

    For the younglings, really.
  11. Uruloke

    Disney+ via Firestick on 1080p non HDR Projector = rubbish

    I got myself an Optoma 145x projector, and have been really blown away by it despite it only being 1080p and output at 92". However, I got myself a Firestick Lite because I wanted to watch Disney+content on it (like the IMAX versions of the Marvel movies), but the quality for the Disney+ content...
  12. gavinhanly

    Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (Disney +)

    Couldn't find a thread for this. Hits Friday on Disney + and looks very promising. Quite Roger Rabbit-esque, and comes from the Lonely Island team. Reviews promising: https://www.ign.com/articles/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-review-disney-plus...
  13. MikeFTD

    For Sale Disney Mickey Mouse Steamboat Willie Lego Set Sealed - 21317 + Lego Superstar sealed 10282

    Doing some clearing out and forgot I had bought these Still sealed - Box in great condition, couple of small marks £85 delivered Lego Superstar - sealed 10282 £40inc
  14. O

    Disney Plus on Hisense TV (UK)

    Hi there, I am struggling to get Disney Plus on my TV. I don't seem to be able to get the app by going through the app store on the TV and none of the mirroring apps seem to be working (or at least the ones I've tried!) I believe the model is EN3G39 Can anyone recommend the best way to get...
  15. D

    Disney+ 4K, really?

    I’ve got an LG C1, recently got Disney+ and everything so far is 4K, Dolby Vision & Atmos. What I’ve seen so far I’d hardly say it’s 4K, if I watch something on Netflix like Blue Planet then I can tell that’s 4K easily. Does anyone else have the same? I’ve only watched Marvel stuff pretty much...
  16. shodan

    Google TV, Disney+ Options and Settings

    Hey folks, Firstly Mods please move this to the most appropriate place, I couldn't decide... So, I have the Google TV which I think is great and I've been loving using it. I recently went to use Disney+ to watch a Marvel Movie with Imax Enhanced (my AVR has Imax Enhanced) and I went down a...
  17. johnnyvxr

    LG un8500 Disney plus app, DV keeps going purple

    Hello all, question for you, I have the 75un8500 and whilst using the Disney plus service, the Dolby vision films keep turning purple and green. Had any body else had this? And does anybody know of a fix, please?
  18. neilrlsmith

    No Atmos on Disney+ on Firestick Max but....

    Really weird. So I have TV eArc to Soundbar Arc. I also have Firestick Max plugged in to TV although the problem is there even if I plug the FS directly in to the Soundbar. All platforms/content where applicable play Atmos to my Soundbar from the TV's apps including Disney+, HOWEVER - on the FS...
  19. bilbosmeggins

    Malcolm in the Middle - Disney

    I’ve been trying to source MITM for the longest time to no avail. Just discovered that the entire set landed on Disney+ in December. I wish someone would have said. I’ve been putting off a D+ subscription for a while now, but looks like I now have a pretty good reason 🙂. Bye-bye Apple 😂
  20. raigraphixs

    Daredevil Reboot Series MCU (Disney+) TBC

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