The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an American diversified multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate headquartered at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. It is the world's second largest media conglomerate in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Disney was founded on October 16, 1923, by brothers Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney as the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, and established itself as a leader in the American animation industry before diversifying into live-action film production, television, and theme parks. The company also operated under the names The Walt Disney Studio, then Walt Disney Productions. Taking on its current name in 1986, it expanded its existing operations and also started divisions focused upon theater, radio, music, publishing, and online media.
In addition, Disney has since created corporate divisions in order to market more mature content than is typically associated with its flagship family-oriented brands. The company is best known for the products of its film studio, Walt Disney Studios, which is today one of the largest and best-known studios in American cinema. Disney's other three main divisions are Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Disney Media Networks, and Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. Disney also owns and operates the ABC broadcast television network; cable television networks such as Disney Channel, ESPN, A+E Networks, and Freeform; publishing, merchandising, music, and theatre divisions; and owns and licenses 14 theme parks around the world. The company has been a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average since May 6, 1991. Mickey Mouse, an early and well-known cartoon creation of the company, is a primary symbol and mascot for Disney.

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  1. snerkler

    How do I remove Disney + Profile/account from a TV?

    I've just given my father in law my old Samsung Q9FN TV and I can't figure out how to remove my Disney + account from it so that he can sign in with his own Disney+ account. If I go into my profile on the Disney + app it just says that I can't delete it as it's the primary profile. I've deleted...
  2. Drax1

    Once Upon A Studio (15th October 2023) Disney Short

    New Disney short film that is being released as part of the 100th Anniversary Celebrations. Its said to feature 543 characters...
  3. raigraphixs

    Lego Avengers: Code Red (Disney +) 27 October

  4. snerkler

    Question Sky plays Disney+ content in 16:9 rather than 2.39/1.85:1?

    Out of habit I normally watch Disney+ via Sky Q but halfway through watching Avengers Infinity War today it starting playing up so I switched to watching it via my TV and noticed that my TV played the content in 2.39/1.85:1 whereas on sky it was much closer to 16:9, only having slight black...
  5. raigraphixs

    Goosebumps (Disney+)

    Friday 13 October
  6. Casimir Harlow

    The Little Mermaid (Disney+) Movie Review & Comments

    Disney's live-action train continues, swallowing up fan-favourite The Little Mermaid and churning out a frequently bloated and bland effort that is, at best, decidedly average. Read the review. Write your own review for The Little Mermaid
  7. DrapedInDarkness

    For Sale Some DVD's to clear.

    WCW Best of Nitro : Vol 2 (Region 1) £2 WWE Wrestlemania 29 £2 Disney : Escape to Witch Mountain £2 Disney : Return From Witch Mountain £2 Jackie Chan : Chinese Zodiac £2 Angel : Season 1 : Bible Edition £3 Buffy : Season 5 : Bible Edition £3 Dr Who : Series 6 £3
  8. SgtHowie

    Series specific judder on Disney+

    This is a weird issue, hopefully someone can advise... Tried watching the new "Ahsoka" show on Disney+ and the 4K picture skips frames or gets juddery. Have to switch off after a couple of minutes, it's unwatchable. Odd thing is, if I switch to a different Disney show, that plays fine. Tried...
  9. Martin14

    Culprits (Disney+) - Autumn 2023

  10. raigraphixs

    Untitled F1 Docuseries with Keanu Reeves (Disney +) TBC

    Apple are doing a F1 film with Brad Pitt, so Disney are doing a F1 docuseries with John Wick 🫢 https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/keanu-reeves-formula-one-docuseries-disney-1235316739/
  11. G

    Disney+ to introduce adverts

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-66454314 Disney are going to bring adverts to the UK, Europe and Canada in November. It's a bit vague as to whether it will be a lower tier subscription or not.
  12. I

    Question Samsung Q80b grainy picture

    Having trouble with the in built Disney were the picture is not very good in 4K hdr it seems very grainy and lacks any real colour or pop seems the same on the fire stick tried movie and filmmaker mode, any ideas.
  13. Drax1

    Tangled Live Action (TBC)

    Yet another animated Disney flick is set for the live action treatment - now it's the turn of Tangled. https://comicbookmovie.com/disney/disney-moving-forward-with-live-action-tangled-movie-but-josh-gads-hunchback-of-notre-dame-has-been-scrapped-a204838
  14. K

    Disney + Picture Quality

    Watched Guardians of the Galaxy last night, which it says in imax, thought Picture Quality was not as good as it used to be, have wired connection and 250mb but i am sure films i have watched in the past were far better Picture Quality wise.
  15. Wobag

    Club Lloyds Disney+ Benefit

    Has anyone taken up the 'free benefit' from having a Club Lloyds account that gives a years Disney+? If so can you explain how it works, specifically if you get a code that you can redeem when you like for a free year starting from then OR Are are you basically getting a years D+ that runs...
  16. Casimir Harlow

    Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken Movie Review & Comments

    Swimming around in a dangerous pool of sharks - Disney's Elemental and Sony's Spider-Verse, and now Turtles jumping on board - Universal's Teenage Kraken pretty much sunk without a trace, landing on Premium Rental whilst the echoes of its last theatrical showings die out. Read the review...
  17. Ian Collen

    NEWS: Disney set to end Blu-ray and DVD distribution in Australia 7 comments

    Disney's Guardians of the Galaxy 3 release is set to mark the end of an era Down Under, and could it be a sign of things to come? Read the news.
  18. Buckster666

    Disney ditches Physical Media in Australia.

    Disney are ditching physical media in Australia, they have already ditched the Asian market, apart from Japan and have closing the Disney Media Club in Canada. Given the bad financial shape Disney are in, physical media is an easy way to generate a revenue stream that they desperately need...
  19. WilliamTM

    Question Disney+ - Fake dead pixel / dark pixel

    I’ve just bought a new TV so I thought I’d finally get around to watching…Avatar 2 (don’t judge me). However…while watching it, out of the corner of my eye I spotted what looked like a dead pixel at the top right of the screen. Not what I want on a very expensive new TV. But…it isn’t. It seems...
  20. raigraphixs

    Gargoyles live-action (Disney) TBC Kenneth Branagh directs

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